Ajwain ( Trachyspermum ammi) as a herbal remedy

Ajwain is known for its great medicinal value and is used widely in India. Its common name is Bishop’s weed. Ajwain is called omam in the southern part of India. Ajwain is generally used in stomach ailment but it has many more benefits.

Below is a comprehensive list of uses of ajwain which can solve many health related problem of your and make you lead a healthy life.

1. Take 1tbsp ajwain seeds (crushed) and tie them in a muslin clothe and inhale for few minutes. This will help in getting rid of congestion and will open up running or stuffy nose.

2.In Menstrual cramp take 1cup water and boil it. While boiling add 2 tsp of ajwain in it and ½ tsp of salt. Boil it for 3 minutes till the mixture become orange in color. Filter the water with a sieve and drink it little hot. This is a famous and considered to be a wonder drug.

3. For stomach ache and in upset stomach take 1/2tsp of ajwain and chew it .Drink 1 cup of water over it.

4.Soak 1tsp of ajwain in ½ cup of water overnight ,filter the water and drink it in the morning. Have it empty stomach. This remedy helps in curing all stomach problem and in indigestion. This is a very effective remedy in dyspepsia (In dyspepsia a person generally suffers from weakness, loss of appetite, mild depression and indigestion etc)

5.Taking 1tsp of ajwain with 1cup water helps in getting rid of hiccups.

6. If one is suffering from Kidney pain then mix and grind 1tbsp cumin with 2tsp ajwain and 1tsp black salt into it. Powder all the ingredients and add 1tsp of brown vinegar into it. Drink this mixture in frequent interval till the pain subsides.

7. Take 2tsp ajwain and add 2tsp honey into it. You can add vinegar instead of honey too. Try this remedy for 2-3 weeks. Stone gets removed through urinal flow with this remedy.

8. Women generally suffers from lumbago i.e back pain in their pregnancy, eating ajwain with jaggery(gud) helps in getting rid of the pain.

9. Take 1tsp of ajwain powder and mix it in 1cup of curd for two hours. Apply this paste on face particularly on black patches or spots. This help in minimizing black spots. This is a well know remedy used by many beauty parlor for face care.

10. Take 1tsp of ajwain with 1 cup of water when suffering from gastric trouble and spasms.

11.In Migraine or headache put ajwain powder in a thin cloth and smell it frequently to get rid of the ache.

Though previously Ajwain was readily used in India but it is rarely used by today’s woman.You can introduce ajwain in your kitchen and make it a part of your daily life through following ways:-

1.For seasoning of chicken and fish mix crushed ajwain with other spices such as cumin and coriander.

2.Ajwain can be used in flavoring curries.

3.Ajwain can me mixed with the dough and made into chapatis.

4.Powdered ajwain can be mixed with butter milk along with cumin powder and salt.

5.A pinch of ajwain while making rice add to the taste of rice.

6.While making coriander chutney it can be added to increase flavor.

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