Glyecerin and its 10 uses for beautiful skin and hair

We frequently hear a lot about glycerin .It’s a neutral sweet tasting product which gets dissolved into water or alcohol but not oils. You might come across many soap advertisement claiming themselves to have glycerin in it. This is because glycerin is a wonderful moisturizer for all skin type. There are many uses of glycerin and is used by companies in their skin care and hair care lotions. Especially suited for sensitive skin it makes your skin look healthy and soft.

Glycerin is available in many sizes from 250ml to 1 kg. This is because everyone uses it according to their requirement. Some uses it as year round lotion where as some use a bit of it as a moisturizer.

Below here are comprehensive uses of glycerin which you can adopt according to your convenience.

1. Take 3 tbsp of glycerin with 3tbsp of rose water and store it in a clean bottle. Use it as a moisturizer whenever required for your face, hand and feet. You can alter the ratio according to your requirement. If you have oily or combination skin then add 1 lemon juice into the mixture. This will tighten your pour too. Also, always shake the lotion before applying as glycerin generally settles down at the bottom of the bottle.

2 .You can make a acne lotion by using glycerin. Take 1tsp glycerin, 1/2tsp Borax powder and camphor lotion (available in chemist shop),1 cup distilled water and mix all the ingredients well. Apply it on your face .When dried wash it off with lukewarm water. Wash your face again with cold water after few minutes. You can reuse the lotion by storing it into the refrigerator.

3. Take multani mitti(Fuller’s earth),almond powder and glycerin .Keep the quantity of almond more in the mixture. You can take the mixture in 1:2:4 i.e. 1tsp of multani mitti,2 tsp of glycerin and 4 tsp of almond powder .Make a paste of it by adding water and apply it on your black heads. When dried you can rinse the mixture a bit and wash it off with cold water.

4. Mix 1tspn of Vaseline with 1tsp of glycerin and apply it on your face and body overnight. This is for dry skin.

5.Take 1tspn of vitamin E oil ,1tsp of Vaseline and 1tsp of glycerin .Apply over face and body for half an hour and then take a shower. This too is a good moisturizer for all skin type.

6 Take 1tbsp of castor oil and beat it well. Add 1tsp of glycerin and 1tsp of cider vinegar .Mix all the ingredients with a mild herbal shampoo and apply it on the roots of your hair for half an hour. Your hair will become shiny, strong and healthy.

7. Take 3tsp milk and add 1tsp glycerin into it. Apply it on your face and keep it over night. Wash it off in morning and have a clean and moisturized skin. You can apply this on your hands and feet as well.

8Take water and glycerin in the ratio of 10:1 and apply it on your skin and hand before going to the bed for soft skin

9 You can keep glycerin by your wash basin and use it whenever you wash your hand to keep your hand soft and moisturized all day long. Just mix it with little water and apply it on your hand as a hand moisturizing lotion. Mix glycerin according to the requirement.

10. Most herbal product based companies’ claims to use glycerin soap but the reality is quite different most of the time. You can make your own liquid soap at home easily from your left over soaps. All you have to do is collect all the thin little pieces of left over soap which you generally throw away .Crush these pieces. Put some warm water into these pieces and 2tsp -3tsp of glycerin into it according to your skin requirement. Pour the solution into a bottle and have a liquid soap without much of an effort.You can add your favorite essential oil into it if you want.

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  1. Tanveer Parmar says

    hey, really nice tips!I use rosewater infused with a few drops of glycerine as a face mist during the day Grin& I have heard tht it can be mixed with lemon juice and used on the lips as a lightening lip balm Smile

  2. anamika says

    Yes you can mix the three and use it as a body lotion in summer and add olive oil into during winter….great for skin lightening and softeningSmile

  3. Amritha says

    my goodness ..i thought i was the only brilliant one using glycerine to make my own make up mix
    hehehe ROTFL

  4. Sidica says


    Can i use glycerin with honey n use on my face ? i have acne scars on my face, can u plz let me know will this be useful to fade those acne/ pimple scars. Smile

  5. olayinka says

    I lov ths page,came across it today nd I lov wht I am readin here. A great post. Pls,I want to knw d amount of lemon to add to my glycerin nd rosewater inorder to giv me smooth nd flawless skin. Thnx

  6. Angie Vic says

    Gals I mix glycerine in every lotion I buy n it makes my skin better. I have a very dry skin but glycerine has been my best discovery. I mix it in ma baby’s cream too n she has very much improved.

  7. says

    I have a problem with my face,its oily and has some rashes can i use glycerine to remove the rashes?If yes,with which type of facial cream?

  8. shweta says

    Can i use glycerin with honey n use on my face ? i have acne scars on my face, can u plz let me know will this be useful to fade those acne/ pimple scar

    • sharmistha says

      hello. Smita u can do one simple thing, just mix 1 tsp pure honey, 1 tsp glycerin and 1tsp aloe vera and use on face every evening. After 30 mins wash with cold water. Do just regular 1 week and see the different n i am sure u love to use this for long time.

  9. dhriti says

    u can mix glycerin wid honey! dey both hv healing capacity. apply and leave it for 15 mins and rinse with cold water. u cn get rid of acne and scars.!

  10. dhriti says

    add rose water to the solution becoz….as both honey and glycerin are thick liquids it becoms hard to apply on ur skin. honey can give u glow….so it may also help u to gain fairness!! gud luck!

  11. khan aroz says

    i have a dry skin n my hands are more darker n dry then my face can u give me some goo Cry d tips to make it even with smooth skin

  12. Divya says

    Tap Dance i am using rose water+vinegar+glycerin…. its really like magic. my face and hands become soft and light in color….

  13. says

    SUNNY Hug n Makeup

  14. Cinderella says

    Use honey,oatmeal and olive oil too..its best for skin..or you can use baking powder,red grapes,honey and olive works wonder on the skin.

  15. lakshmi pillai says

    my daughter is 15 yrs old. she is having shoulder length hair and wants her hair to grow more. can u suggest some idea for the beast growth of her hair.

    • jojo says

      Use a camouflage makeup …there are so many available. I would suggest Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse ..just pat it on lightly..don’t try to rub it in…use your little finger to has less pressure than your index fingure.

  16. jojo says

    Sorry, but spelling is so bad..!! Your do not have ‘pours’ on your skin, you have ‘pores’. I use glycerine on many parts of my body..There is absolutely NO NEED to mix with vaseline. The good thing about Glycerine is that it does not leave grease marks on your clothes or your bed linen ..and that is why l LOVE it. If you start to mix with vaseline you will get this problem. Just use the liquid glycerine from the need for vaseline. Great for dry skin and for feet and for face. Do it overnight.

  17. santhoshi says

    hi frnds… I am having oily and very dark complexion… how can I get fair skin fr my body and face…. will glycerine helps me t become fair

  18. dammy says

    Hi frend can any one tell me what to use on my elbow and knee cus it very black. And were can i get the rose water

  19. Jyoti says

    Hey…i have a normal skin type & have some dark spots on my face so can I use glycerine rosewater & lemon if yes than in how much quantity….

  20. mirage says

    I use lakme milk moisturizer at my oily skin along with rose water.can I use glycerine along with rose water instead of dis lotion??kindly reply me

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