Herbal homemade moisturizing lotion to lighten complexion, make skin soft and glowing

This natural home made moisturizer is one of old grand ma remedy which is rarely known to people. This lotion suits all skin type and is quite easy to make. It lightens complexion, make skin soft and prolong use of this lotion even slower the hair growth . Some of my friends told me that it even removed their skin spots .You can use it as a night lotion and see your skin glowing within 15 days. The effect of this lotion is long lasting.

Also if you start using it at the age of 14-15 then you will not face much of skin problem in your youth. So all those mom who do not want their daughter to indulge in chemicals before they turn 18 should make this lotion for their daughters. This lotion even delays wrinkles. It’s basically a miracle recipe for beauty.
Only thing which you have to keep in mind is that make sure you are not allergic to lemon, rose essence (gulab jal) and glycerin .Lemon generally doesn’t suit many girls. Rest two things suit almost every one.

1.Take around 9-10 lemon and squeeze them in a bowl.I have taken 9-10 lemon to make at least 2 month lotion which I will use daily.

2.Filter the juice with the help of a sieve in another pan so that all the lemon seeds can be removed.

3.Now take 500ml bottle of rose essense(gulab jal) and add it into the mixture.

4.Take 500 ml of glycerin bottle (available in any medical store) and add around 400 ml into the moisture.If you have dry skin then you can add whole of 500 ml quantity.

6.Mix the lotion and store it in any bottle.

In summers store in the mixture in fridge so that when ever you apply it on your body it will give you fresh feeling.If you feel its sticky on your skin then you can add more rose essence into it.Similarly you can reduce glycerin quantity if it feels oily or you can add more rose essence.

In winters add olive oil into it and apply it on your skin.If you are in those who just can’t resist their favourate mositruizer then you can apply this lotion at night on your body and face and massage it up a bit before going to the bed.

Don’t use this mixture before applying any make up as you might feel sticky.So for day application you can use your regular moisturizer for your face and at night you can use this lotion.You can apply it on your body any time.Lotion wont have any smell and can be stored till three months.

This lotion does enhances complexion but won’t make you kareena kapoor if you have kajol like complexion.Of course it lighten your complexion 2-3 shades.

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    • riya says

      Hi,saba u must use it at night only, if u wanna use it daytime,then u ‘ll have to remove the lemon component. Lemon darkens in presence of sun. And always use the sunscreen while outdoors.

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