Herbal homemade moisturizing lotion to lighten complexion, make skin soft and glowing

This natural home made moisturizer is one of old grand ma remedy which is rarely known to people. This lotion suits all skin type and is quite easy to make. It lightens complexion, make skin soft and prolong use of this lotion even slower the hair growth . Some of my friends told me that it even removed their skin spots .You can use it as a night lotion and see your skin glowing within 15 days. The effect of this lotion is long lasting.

Also if you start using it at the age of 14-15 then you will not face much of skin problem in your youth. So all those mom who do not want their daughter to indulge in chemicals before they turn 18 should make this lotion for their daughters. This lotion even delays wrinkles. It’s basically a miracle recipe for beauty.
Only thing which you have to keep in mind is that make sure you are not allergic to lemon, rose essence (gulab jal) and glycerin .Lemon generally doesn’t suit many girls. Rest two things suit almost every one.

1.Take around 9-10 lemon and squeeze them in a bowl.I have taken 9-10 lemon to make at least 2 month lotion which I will use daily.

2.Filter the juice with the help of a sieve in another pan so that all the lemon seeds can be removed.

3.Now take 500ml bottle of rose essense(gulab jal) and add it into the mixture.

4.Take 500 ml of glycerin bottle (available in any medical store) and add around 400 ml into the moisture.If you have dry skin then you can add whole of 500 ml quantity.

6.Mix the lotion and store it in any bottle.

In summers store in the mixture in fridge so that when ever you apply it on your body it will give you fresh feeling.If you feel its sticky on your skin then you can add more rose essence into it.Similarly you can reduce glycerin quantity if it feels oily or you can add more rose essence.

In winters add olive oil into it and apply it on your skin.If you are in those who just can’t resist their favourate mositruizer then you can apply this lotion at night on your body and face and massage it up a bit before going to the bed.

Don’t use this mixture before applying any make up as you might feel sticky.So for day application you can use your regular moisturizer for your face and at night you can use this lotion.You can apply it on your body any time.Lotion wont have any smell and can be stored till three months.

This lotion does enhances complexion but won’t make you kareena kapoor if you have kajol like complexion.Of course it lighten your complexion 2-3 shades.

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  1. Tanveer Parmar says

    So cool! I used to make something exactly like this when I was 18 – I used to take rose water & glycerine like you recommended and mix it with olive oil and aloe vera gel. It was simply marvelous and helped lighten my acne marks a lot. Really liked yr recipe. will def try it. Smile

  2. anamika says

    Thanks Tanveer…I didnt mention aloe vera gel as storing aloe vera for long is difficult.It might react with lemon.

  3. Monali Mishra says

    wow,very easy n effective recipe.I am a fan of home-made lotions.I knew about using glycerin and rosewater as a moisturizer and was using it since my school days.but adding lemon juice has really enhanced the benefits of this lotion.Thanks a lot for this wonderful solution.

  4. Shruthi says

    Hello my Friend,
    This is a very nice idea.. I am gonna try this for sure.. I too have some queries on this,
    > Will this be so sticky?
    > I have extreme dry skin. Generally, we say that Lemon will make our skin dry. So, will this lotion suit my skin type?
    > Will i be able to store it for 3 months time, since i live in chennai, Southern part of India.
    > Lastly, is this lotion suitable for day time application?

    With Love,

  5. Anamika Sureka says

    >yup this will be little sticky..to reuduce stickiness u can add more of rose water
    >yes it will suit yur skin type because it has glycerin in it
    >you can store it for 6-7 months easily.

    yes day night all the time.

  6. khaddu says

    hey anamika ….what if we add the contents of vitamin e capsules to this ? will it spoil it? is it a good idea to do so?

  7. Maha says

    Thanks for this lotion tip Anamika. I’m using this for 2 weeks now and I’m loving it Smile I use it in place of my night cream and it has lightened my skin color a lot! I’d rather continue this than any night creams with the fear of breaking out.

  8. pooja says

    whoa!!,, a perfect recipe, fr my daughter’s (7yrs.) sun burnt skin, Thnx a million Ana, it’s doing wonders fr on skin.i am so relieved, tht i can use it daily without having any guilty pangs of using chemicals. THNX AGAIN, God Bless. Rose

  9. Deborah says

    Thanks for sharing this information. I am having difficulty getting rose essence. I want to know if I can use rose water instead of rose essence. Thanks

  10. indrani says

    Hey anamika if i wanna use it in a day to day basis wat amount should i take to make a daily lotion that is the ratio of lemon juice ,rose water and glycerine??

  11. indrani says

    Thanks actually i was asking u, suppose i make the lotion everyday wat proportion should i use as in daily making the lotion and applying it n will this b suitable in winters?

  12. indrani says

    okey dokey anamika
    if i apply almond oil on my face leave it overnight in the winter months will that do and can i use rogan shirin coz i have not yet located the patanjali centres in kolkata .The day i locate i plan to buy the almond oil coconut oil n aloe vera gel until then can i use the rogan shirin i have heard almond oil is good for dry skin so i can use ur home made lotion n almond oil alternately

  13. says

    hey this seems sooo nice… why didn’t I see this post before buying a night cream Thinking
    Nevertheless I’m still gonna try it. Wanted to ask 2 things:
    1. In your instructions, you have written “Mix the lotion and store it in any bottle”. By this you mean the mixture created by lemon juice, rose water and glycerin, right? Or we have to mix this with some cream?
    2. For how long can this be stored?

    • anamika says

      u r right ..the mixture which u create has to be stored in a bottle and not mix with any cream

      i have stored it longest for 6 months ..u can keep it in the fridge it will stay fresh much longer.Smile

  14. anu says

    I am going to get married in end of June.
    I need some beauty tips for glowing skin.


  15. jyoti says

    hi anamika…. you know i am in two minds pls help…somewhwere i read that lemon is a very potent source of vit c and it makes ur skin photosensitive so its a must to apply sunscreen n one shuld not exceed the maximum dosage which is 20% and then i heard that fresh juice of lemon dosent contain much vit c it mostly contains citric acid which is of no use to skin.if u culd pls help me out

  16. babita says

    hi anamika
    i have 2 duaghters one is 4 and another is 8 can i apply this lotion to both of them.
    i am having very oily skin can i also apply this.
    pls reply

  17. mahi says

    hi..thnx fr d tip..
    i wanna ask u hw come i can know k lemon is suitable fr my skin or nt..
    n if its nt den shd i use nly rosewater n glycerine mixture or shd i add smthing new..?

  18. Ujjwal says

    I am very happy to see tis post. Can i use this lotion as i am 20. And I have oily skin. And can i make 100 ml of gulab jal,glycrin and 5 lemons? Tell me plz.

  19. Dee says

    Hi Ana. I have very dry skin on my body and oily skin on my face. I normally use raw Shea butter and raw coconut oil as a body moisturizer. Is it okay to mix the raw she butter and raw coconut oil with the lemon, rose essence and glycerin? Cause I have acne and acne spots and discoloration on my face, chest and back. Looking forward to your response thanks Smile

  20. Aayushi says

    Other sites recommend equal quantity of lemon.
    wouldnt that be too acidic ?
    or this little quantity of lemon juice you suggested would work effectively for skin
    Lightening ?

  21. Charanya says

    A big thanks to u Smile i wanted something chemical free n
    was searching for homemade lotion
    n found urs. I made this ( 1/2 d the recipe got 500mls)
    its wonderful. with just 3 ingredients n 15 min to
    prepare it. V r all using it. My son loves it, thanks again,

  22. Sarah Lenon says

    Hi, I’m 17 years old. 160cms in height and weigh 67kgs.. I’m quite insecure about my looks since I’m dark skinned and a LOT of acne marks on my face. My arms are pretty flabby, waist broad, and thighs are quite flabby too so I can’t wear sleeveless tops or shorts. I wish I could achieve a slim and well toned body as well as get rid of my acne marks so that I can feel a li’l confident about myself Frown Please help me Frown

  23. anu says

    I want to ask is the mixture of gulab jal,glycerin and lemon could b applied on face.
    I have an oil and acne prone skin so can i apply it on my face??
    plz answer..

  24. misti says

    anamika plz tel me kya jo humane mixtur bnaya h wo with time rakha rehne se uska effect kam ho jata h kya bcoz muje starting me bhaut acha response mila but with time itz response get deccrease plz tel me the reason or plz suggest me ki if i add sumthng in it to enhance itz effect??? i mean littl bit more lemon juice etc…. my complexion iz wheatish bt it bcom little bit 2 shade less n i want a glow fair pinky skin which i hd earlier so plz plz plz give me your advice,,,

    • anamika says

      You can not be pinky fair with anything dear…this will lighten your complexion but then give it a break for a while and then get back to it again..

    • sheelu says

      hi…..i m a clg student i hve combination skin
      my ques is hw cn i remove my tan aftr come back 2clg….nd which cream nd which homemade remadie gud fr me nd make my skin little bit more fair….
      hw cn i take cre of my skin. winter and summer….plzzzzz tell me…..Smile

  25. says

    hi…i m clg student i have combination skin .. my ques is hw cn i remove my than
    after come back to clg .. and which cream and which home made
    remadie good for me and make …
    my skin litle bit more fair… hw can i take care of my skin ….
    winter and summer plzzzzzz……. tell me…

  26. Meha says

    Hey Anamika, great work!! Thanks for posting it. I already used it twice and it feels great. My skin appeared glowy and clear. I can’t afford to give it a miss even for a single day. Smile

  27. sh says

    hey dats gud m using dis lotion since i was in skul……m nt havng any single pimple…….i use it overnyt and morning i wash it using himalaya or sometimes fairglow soap….nw m dng engg til m nt havng any pimple orany other skin problem

  28. julie. says

    hi Annamika,
    i have read this post and am going to try.
    am a ugandan, can this lotion work for us in tropical conutries?

  29. Jasmine Ritchie says

    Hi can I use limes as a substitute for lemons in this recipe? I have blotches on my face skin due to photosensitivity

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