Shea butter and its uses for Indian skin

Shea butter is basically extracted from the seeds of Mangifolia tree which is found in Africa. Its a great skin stimulator and boost moisture level of the skin. With mositurization it is also protects from harmful ultra vilot sun rays.Shea butter is made without adding any chemical additives into it.There are en number of uses of shea butter. When ever Indian celebrities go to Africa they don’t forget to buy raw shea butter .Its one of the beauty secret of many old beautiful actresses who still can give competitions to younger ones.
Some of the uses are as follows:-

1.Shea butter is considered to be the best source to delays the development of wrinkles and helps the skin by not letting it damage from pollution ,dirt and oil.

2.She butter is a great source of moisturzation though out the year for dry skin.

3.Any skin related diseases such as skin cracks, sunburn, blemishes and eczema it is considered to be a natural healer with almost no side effects.

4.Applying she butter during pregnancy relieves you from stretch marks.

5.If your hands or feet’s are rough then it’s a great softener. Applying it on your hands and feet before going to the bed makes them smooth .You can easily push your cuticles after that. For best result wear pair of gloves and socks so that both absorbs the moisture instantly.

6.It is used for skin peeling and tanning in many saloons.

7.Skin rashes can be healed easily by shea butter.

8.In winters people generally have itchy skin as it loses its moisture .Applying shea butter makes it soft and helps in getting rid of the itching as well.

9.Applying shea butter after shaving gives a smooth and a silky shave.

10.Applying shea buttr on Insect bites gives instant relief from pain.

11.Helps in getting over fatigue ,aches and tension.

12.African women keep it in kitchen all the time and use it when there skin gets damage due to heat or while cooking.

13Shea butter moisturize dry and damaged hair from their roots itself .Applying them on hair tips repairs them.Hair absorb shea butter quickly and doesn’t block the pores which leads to re hydrating of the scalp.Its must for women who blow dry ,use curlers ,sprays and press their hair.

Please note-Use little amount of shea butter if you have oily skin and avoid using it on nose and eyes.Like many intensive moisturizers shea butter also clogs the skin pores if generously applied.

You can make your own shea butter lotion at home following way:-
Shea Butter
Lemon Fragrance Oil(Optional)
Distilled Water
Almond oil
Vitamin E Capsule
Iced Water


Take 6 oz shea butter which is natural and has not been refined and add 2 inches of distilled water in a pan and put it on the gas on low flame.(You have to use double boiler for it)
Slowly shea butter will start melting.Add vitamin E capsules and fragrance oil into it.
Make sure that the mixture is 4 oz in quantity and add 1tsp corn starch into the mixture.
Put ice chilled water in a big bowl .Take off the bowl which you had earlier put on the pot and keep it in the larger bowl, on the top of iced water. Do it carefully so that water doesn’t get mixed into the shea butter mixture.
With the help of a blender blend the mixture thoroughly.Let the mixture get cool and thick.
When the mixture appears like whipped cream stop blending. Now take out the shea butter into a steal container and store the mixture in a bottle and refrigerate it.This mixture lasts for months.

Awareness about shea butter is quite less in India .It is an expensive product but because of its multiple use ,benefits and excellent result it is widely used in the west.As it is expensive there are many companies which are selling fake shea butter products as well.It is best to use without any preservatives.In India VLCC sell shea butter which cost around Rs520(5gm).Still it’s better to order it online and make sure you get the original product by researching about it thoroughly.

If you know some good companies in India which manufactures shea butter then you can let us know so that it becomes easy for our readers to buy it.

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  1. says

    i have been using shea butter soaps and sugar scrubs(ordered online from a very good handmade soap shop) for a long time not knowing its so many good properties…i can say that she butter really makes my skin soft whether i use it in form of soap or scrub…..

  2. waseema says

    So true.. shea butter is indeed very good.. i use shea butter for my kids and it really helps them..

  3. Amrita says

    Hi girl!
    Informative article. I’m total impressed Grin and wish to buy shea butter. Can you please tell me from where to buy? I’m from Kolkata.

  4. says

    I also forgot to mention that our Shea butter is the East African Shea butter which is
    Higher in olein content. This healps in healing and has a higher therapeutic property.

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