10 Uses of vitamin E capsules and oil on skin and hair

You must have come across ample no. of times many beauty products which will have vitamin E as their main ingredient in them. Vitamin E is considered to be as a wonder drug not only because it helps in treating circulatory problems such as heart disease, varicose veins and high blood pressure but it equally beneficial for your skin and hair as well. Vitamin E is also known as alphatocopherol.There are several different ways to use vitamin E oil and capsule which are available in any drug store. Below here are uses of vitamin E capsules and oil which can play a significant role in enhancing your beauty.
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Vitamin E Capsules  For soft skin:-


You can use vitamin E oil as a night cream once in a week for baby soft skin. Warm the vitamin E oil (Warm the bottle of vitamin E oil by letting it sit in hot water for few minutes)and take 5 drops of the oil in the palm of your hand and apply it on your face. Massage it for few minutes. Don’t forget to pat it gently under your eyes and massage it on your lips too. Wash it off with water in the morning. You can use vitamin E capsules also if you don’t have the oil. Apply this oil no more than twice a week as you may find it sticky and oil may clog pores.

Because of its antioxidant activity, vitamin e is vital on protecting skin cells and fights with elements which produce cell damaging free radicals.


Vitamin E For Burn wounds-


Vitamin E is considered to heal small burn wounded area. Don’t apply till the area gets cool. Apply the oil on the affected area and rub it very gently.


Vitamin E For  Stretch marks:-


Vitamin E is pretty good for healing scars and stretch marks. All you have to do is to just buy the capsule, cut them open and apply it on the affected area. Apply this twice a day until the marks gets faded. Of course it takes months and sometimes even a year to heal those terrible stretch marks but for pregnant ladies this is an ultimate solution after their delivery.


Vitamin E For Eczema and psoriasis

can be cured by applying the vitamin E oil twice a day to the affected area till it gets cured.


Vitamin E For Skin cancer-

This is very important for those who spend most of their time outside under the scorching heat of this sun. Vitamin E oil protects the skin from skin cancer. Just adds 4-5 drops of this oil on your sunscreen and then apply it on your skin.Also, read how to detan skin 

 Homemade Vitamin E oil-


You can make your own vitamin E oil by adding few capsules of vitamin E into a bottle and mixing one tbsp. of olive oil into it. Mix it well before applying. Massage your body with this oil and get glowing skin.


Vitamin E For shiny hair:-


Cut the vitamin E capsule and squeeze it in your palm and then massage it on your hair .Regular use of these capsules makes your hair shiny and damage free. It is believed that using vitamin E in your hair speed up the hair growth process as well.Read about home made hair pack for long and healthy hair .


Vitamin E – After sun moisturizer-


Vitamin E is a great after sun moisturizer. When you get out of the sun just take a shower and apply the oil when the skin is still wet.


Vitamin E For Hair repair:-


Vitamin E capsules cure dry hair and split end problem. Take 20 capsules (depends upon your hair length and damage) ,cut them and put the gel into a small bowl .Now apply on the end of your damaged hair and keep it for an hour. Apply the gel thoroughly on your hair. Rinse it off with shampoo as usual and see the difference with in a month or so. This is a wonderful remedy for those who color their hair or use curler and straightener frequently.


Vitamin E For Wrinkles & Age Spots-


Vitamin E oil helps in removing age spots and liver spots. Also, vitamin E oil helps in reducing the sign of aging by fading away wrinkles.

Vitamin E contributes in healthy circular system and aids in proper blood clotting. Vitamin E should be taken daily and best source of it lies in our kitchen. Instead of depending upon the capsules for intake you can include mangoes, papaya, avocado, wheat germ, nuts and pea nut butter into your diet.

Please note-

1. You can mix olive oil with vitamin E capsules as you might find it sticky.

2. Before using it on your skin you can apply the skin oil on your skin area to check whether you are sensitive to it. If you find some redness then it may not be suitable for you.

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