Bottle gourd/lauki juice benefits for weight loss and glowing skin with video tutorial

Bottle gourd has gained quiet a bit of popularity these days because of various reason.The  most important for girls and women is that it helps in weight loss and brings glow to the skin.Bottle gourd is 96.1% water and 100gm of serving of it contains just 12 calories .Therefore if you are keen on losing weight then include lots of it in your diet.

In India it is known as lauki,dudhi (दूदी) or ghiya (घीया) in Hindi,churakka (ചുരക്ക) in Malayalam,Jatilao in Assamese, lau in Bengali, Sora kaaya (సొర కాయ) in Telugu, dudhi-Bhopala (दुधी) in Marathi, sorekayi in Kannada, and suraikkaai (சுரைக்காய் colloq. sorakkay) in Tamil.(From

*Bottle gourd reduced hunger pangs as it is full of fiber and water.It is most effective if it is taken in morning with breakfast or in the evening before dinner.Bottle gourd has been given prominent place in the Indian Ayurvedic medical system and therefore was used by our ancestor in many things.
*Dull skin-In my previous article I discussed about the causes of dull skin and how one can get the glow back.Having bottle gourd juice every day or every alternate day can bring back the lost glow of the skin or enhance the color of the skin as well.
You can check out the step by step pictures of bottle gourd juice in this video.

Other benefits of having bottle gourd juice are:-
*Eating bottle gourd helps in curing urinary disorders by having the above juice.If one is suffering from high acidity or burning sensation then by drinking this juice one can combat the problem.
*Problems like diarrhea can be solved by drinking its juice.
*Drinking bottle gourd juice with salt keeps one refreshed and cool during summer.
* If you are suffering from any digestive problem or if one is diabetic then bottle gourd juice can help the diseased person.
*Dietary fiber present in the bottle gourd helps in constipation, flatulence and even piles.
*Juice of bottle gourd helps in breaking calculus (stone) in the body.

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  1. says

    Hi .. m 21 yrs old ..does lauki juice helps in increasing height? plz tel.. my height is 5 Frown
    actually i have heard dat it helps in increasing height bt just want to confirm.. plz repl asap

  2. meenakshi parab says

    My problem is that I try my best to reduce my body but thing helpe my weight is 65kg and height is 5fttell me how bottle guard juice help me

  3. Jina says


    i want to reduce my weight , if i take lauki juice will that help me .. i have started driking green tea in a day atleast twice and going to start with grapefriut as i heard that it also helps to educe weight. So will this all work for me to reduce my weight

    Do reply..

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