Giloy benefits , its medicinal uses and how to use it

Giloy has recently become quiet popular when it was said that it can cure swine flu.In Ayurveda literature it is described as Amrita because of its innumerable medicinal properties.We have two giloy plants in our home and my father who is an arthritis patient has benefit a lot from it.Giloy is anti-arthrtic, anti periodic, anti pyretic , digestive, anti inflammatory , blood purifier and has number of uses.

Various name of giloy in India

Hindi Name

Giloya, Guduchi (Hindi)

Bengali Name


Telugu Name

Tippaatigo (Telugu)

Tamil Name

Shindilakodi (Tamil)

Marathi Name:

Gulavel (Marathi)

It can be used in chronic fever, gouts, vomiting, cardiac debility , skin diseases, anemia, cough, jaundice, seminal weakness, leprosy.
It belongs to the family of Menispermaceae and is a vigorous climber. Its English name is Gulancha Tinospora. There are about 40 species of Giloy which are found throughout the world, comprising parts of Africa, Southern Eastern Asia, and Australia. Out of 40 species only 4 species have been found in India.
Nowadays market is full of giloy tablets as well. If you don’t find the plant which I think you can if you are living in a place which has warm climate and because of its popularity many nurseries too  have it now.
Few of its medicinal uses are
1.If you are suffering from any kind of skin diseases if giloy juice is taken with neem and amla it is very effective. You can see the result in fifteen days.
2.In piled its juice with butter milk is very useful.
3.Its juice is considered very effective in removing both exogenous and endogenous toxins.It also cleans out the brain toxins that disturbs mental function.
4.My father is an Asthama patient and he started chewing its root and bark every day.This has helped him a lot .Giloy is effective in respiratory troubles particularly in asthama. My father took it every day weather he was having problem or not.

Giloy in my home

5.In Diabetes it juice is taken in high quantity regularly.
6.Its steam , leaves and root can be used in excessive bleeding during menstruation  or if one have bleeding after abortion or delivery. 5grams of its leaves are crushed together and its juice is extracted. Its juice is taken in 2 to 3ml in half cup of water and given to the patient till its condition improve.
7.Used in malaria and other fever too which is taken with honey.(The stem of the plant with pipli(piper longum) is taken).
8.During indigestion  the juice is taken or the paste of the leaves is given with butter milk.
Giloy Dosage
Powder 1-2 gm. up to maximum 5 gm.
Decoction 50-100 ml
Extract 1-2 ml
Giloy in my home.Looking pretty toAngelI am going to take it every day to remove toxins from my body and skin.
The taste of the juice is not that great but the kind of result and benefit which it can give to our body is phenomenal.

You can go watch this video of Ram dev ji to know more about giloy

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  1. Radhika says

    Grin just assumed you are from H'bad. My parents are from Kerala, but I have never really stayed there – am settled in Bangalore now.

  2. Radhika says

    You should post pics of your plants too sometimes…I loved the green – I think half the magic in the plants is their greener Grin

  3. Anamika Sureka says

    It gives such a soothing feeling when ever I look at the plants…I am going to post many plants now when i am house is all about greenry..

    do u like growing plants at home?

  4. Radhika says

    I do..tried my hand at veggies too. Of late, I have just let them fend for themselves though, kind of busy with my work Frown Your post was almost like a wake-up call for me to get back to my plants.

  5. Radhika says

    Grin just assumed you are from H'bad. My parents are from Kerala, but I have never really stayed there – am settled in Bangalore now.

  6. mahaveer jain says


  7. sb sidh ( SB GROUP FOR DIABETES) says

    people of new generation have no idea, what is “Giloy”.
    I have been using Giloy herb in my most of the medicine for diabetes.
    If I start writing benefit of herb “Giloy” then I will be needing full 300 pages or more to finish.
    Giloy creeper grown on Neem tree adds more benefit to it.
    It is true , if you have neem +giloy+amla , it is very good.
    Bcos this 3 herbs has 90 % of all vitamin which are needed by our immune system .
    But if you add Turmeric (haldi) to this 3 herbs , it is called golden remedy for any sickness.
    According to old script of ayurveda, Person who have this herbs regularly and in 7days if person takes drumstick soup 4 times , person can keep himself away from major of life threatening sickness.
    I want to guide my friends related to giloy powder. In market Giloy powder is available in 3-4 colors.
    mostly what is available in market is very light brown color, while some shops give powder which look like maida (flour),while some powder which are available in market is of off white color. This all powder are not pure powder of Giloy herb. According to my experience in 100 gm powder only 60 to 70% is giloy powder. Let me give idea how to check giloy powder. let giloy be of any color, You have to smell the powder keeping your mind very calm. You have to focus on your breathing while smelling of giloy powder. When Giloy is pure and when you smell and focus on your breath, you will notice that smell of giloy is sweet and you can feel the taste of giloy. Taste of giloy is totally different then its smell. It is bitter in taste. Basically when giloy is powdered and no other powder is added to increase the weight, you will experience the taste of giloy while smelling powder without putting powder in mouth. if you don’t get the taste while smelling then you can take pinch of impure giloy powder and taste it. Still it’ll taste bitter.

    • PARDEEP GUPTA says

      dear sir

      Pls tell me how it will helpful for diabetic patient…. and how we can use it…..whether it totaly remove this disease……….

      • Ratheesh says

        Anybody above the age of 5 years can have it. More over its absolutely safe with no side effects. Since its also an immunity builder people can have it regularly no matter they are facing any kind of problem or not. Some wise people have very rightly said “prevention is better than cure”

  8. sonu says

    giloy or amla ko kya combination le ? kya amla ka murba better rhega kis way se le empty stomach ya after meal

  9. sanyam singla says

    i am suffering from migrane,lower back-pain,mecular edema.once my sugar got low due to stearide.should i take giloy or

    • Dr.prahlad Sitani says

      you can have creeper from me without any COST. It will grow rapidly if you simply plant, in your kitchen garden or in flower pot.

  10. Giloya says

    Hi Dear All,

    I would like to grow Giloya plant and so I need details that how can I grow Giloya plant and where this is available?

    Thanks a lot for all your help.

    Delhi NCR

    • Jai says

      Follow these:
      1 Always sleep with head facing south or east direction. Never sleep facing north direction.
      2 Massage your head daily for 10 minutes.
      3 Avoid stress or tension.
      4 Have red chillies.
      5 Use 2,2 drops of desi cow ghee in both nostrils.

      • seema vishwakarma says

        eat apple( without skin) with little salt in empty stomach in the morning, put cow ghee in both the nostril to get relieve from migraine

  11. keshigambhir says

    I hv just started taking giloy juice frm ramdev shop nd feeling so good hd big sinus nd heat in d stomach much better will start growing in ky house will let it grow in neem nd wud like to supply free ihv a hugh farm where do I get this plant frm?

  12. says

    take 3 leaves of giloy, crush it and put in a pan to boil with 1 glass of water for 10 mins,
    put a ‘long’ in this hot water. take it after it is in warm position.


  13. uttam sarkar says

    I ve been using giloy tulsi for last 10 this short period it improved my appetite a lot.hunger also increased. I m a smoker still I recommend this must for all smokers who are trying to quit smoking. it also clears all toxic recedues from smoking and improves overall wellbeing.

  14. Twinkle Goyal says

    Hi Dear , Myself Twinkle

    Main apne ghar giloy ki plantation karna chahta hun , kya aap mujhe bta sakte hain ki mujhe giloy ka plant kahan se avilable hoga , or kon kon se asse plant hah jinhe main apne ghar main lga sakta hun or jo fayide mand bhi ho …


  15. D C SHARMA says

    Hoe to use giloy
    I am a healthy man of 59 years I dont have any health problem except mild hypertension. I have started taking Giloy since last 2 months I take about 4 inch of giloy stem cut vertically in four pices and put these in a glass of water over night and take this in the morning as my first intake…. Is it the correct mathod of taking giloy ? Is there any other better mathod ? Will it help in controlling my B P


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