Mooli ki sabji recipe/Recipe of mooli ki sabji with pictures

Now when I know that demand of my mom cooked dishes is increasing ever day I am trying my best to learn every dish possible from her.My hubby yesterday called and said “See , didn’t I tell you there is nothing like “Sasu maa ke haath ka khaana”Grin”He has even asked  my mom to cook some Rajasthani sabji and send it with me and mom is like on seventh heaven

I am not that fond of eating reddish but I like eating this sabji.When the mooli(Radish) is boiled the taste of the radish becomes mild so it doesn’t taste that pungent to me.

Here goes the recipe:-


2 radish(mooli) (Peel the mooli and chop it leaves also.Take the tender small leaves and not the large one)
1/2 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)
1/2 tsp carom seeds(ajwain)
1/4tsp asafoteida(hing)
baking soda(a pinch of it)
Ginger and green chilli paste(2tsp)

1/4tsp turmeric powder(haldi)
2tsp coriander powder(dhania powder)
1 tsp chilli powder
1tbsp Kachari powder(this is a must)
2tbsp. of oil 

Salt according to taste

Method and preparation:-

Step1-Boil the radish and the leaves in water and add some soda-bi carb in it.Boil them till they become tender which will take approximately 7-8 minutes.Filter the water with the help of a sieve and keep the mooli aside.

Step2-Take a pan and add oil in it.Add cumin seeds, ajwain , asafoetida and ginger -green chilli paste and saute them for few minutes.

Step3-Add the cooked mooli and all the masalas(Turmeric powder, corainder powder, chilli powder, kachri powder and salt).

Step4-Mix well and saute for 4-5 minutes.

Mooli Ki sabji is ready to be servedSmile

A small raddish tip- Raddish serve as a great zest and color to the salad.If you slice or cut the radish into strips it works well in stir fry too.

Happy Cooking guys!!!

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  1. Anamika Sureka says

    Hey Renuca,

    Thank u so much for liking my blog and welcome to wisesheSmile

    Katchri Power is made from a small brownish-yellow melon indigenous to Rajasthan. It is used as a tenderizer, but also adds a tangy flavor. Katchri Chutney is a tart condiment (one of their trademark dishes).

    As In Rajasthan tomatoes were not available people use to use Kachri..I don know where u can get that..U can try amchur but i m not sure how tasty then it will come out..


    DRY MOOLI UNDER THE SUN FOR 2-3 DAYS AND THEN ADD THEM IN WHITE VINEGAR.They should be swimming in vinegar.Put them in an airtight container and then close the jar for few days.

    iT TASTE TANGY AND QUIET POPULAR IN PLACES in Haryana where sirka wale pyaaz are famous..u know na Onion in vinegar..that red color one which we get in dhabaas as well.?

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  2. Renuca says

    Hi Anamika, you have a wonderful blog here, was very excited to see a radhish recipe as thats one vegetable I have not been able to cook successfully (read as tastily).. I was wondering what is Kachari pwd and where can I get that?
    Also how do you make mooli in vinegar, would love to try that too..Im thinking I could use beetroot and carrot same way too?
    Thanks Smile

  3. Anamika Sureka says

    Which dishes u use vinegar ? I don use it much actually i don knowSmile
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  4. Renuca says

    ok cool, will try with Amchur..thx__for the tangy mooli, will have to wait for the sun again I guess, I love vinegary stuff Grin

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