Patanjali products( Baba Ramdev) haul

First of all thank you guys for liking my reviews on Patanjali products.I believe in their products and have got real benefits from them.Patanjali products for woman were started just a year ago  .This was because Baba Ram dev took  initiative to reduce the price of organic products on which we woman don’t hesitate to splurge.
Before I talk more let me share you my haulSmile
I have been planning to buy these things since 2-3 months but as I recently shifted to Hyderabad it took time in settling down and various other things which comes along while settling down which all married woman must be knowing.Smile
I bought all the things thinking there will be no tomorrowGrin It has Patanjali Tejas coconut oil, 100% alcohol free rose water to add to my bath, various patanjali organic soaps, Divya Badam Rogan(Almon oil).Some herbal remedies books and a yoga CD .Ohh yaa!!! I also got anti wrinkle cream for my mother.I am going to try it on myself as well to know about the consistency, texture , suitability for my skin and all.Result will be given by my momGrin as I don’t suffer from wrinkle problem.
Organic coconut oil, Anti wrinkle cream, 100 % pure almond oil, soaps(Feel like trying the soap today itself!!!)

                                           Anti wrinkle cream and the yoga CD

               Then some books and herbal remedies which I am surely going to share with you peopleSmile

These are Patanjali Ojas Mint -tulsi Soaps, Haldi chandan soap which has Neem, Pure Suhaga, tulsi, Amla, Manjishtha, and the Mogra Soap  which has aloevera in it and used in removing roughness of the skin.

Patanjali Tejus 100% coconut oil is claimed to be made from fresh coconut and non bleached,non  refined and non deodorized unlike RBD coconut oil which uses chemical process of extraction.This coconut oil can actually help in hair fall .I will tell you how soonSmile

Cost of the products are as follows:-
Ojas Mogra Soap-Rs23
Divya Badam Roghan Almond oil-Rs100
Patanjali Somya Haldi chandan soap Rs 12
100% Organic coconut oil Rs 100
Divya Parataik Gulab jal Rs 25
Tejus Anti wrinkle cream Rs 150
Yoga CD Rs 60
I didn’t buy the aloe vera gel as it is there with me in abundance albeit I still wanted to buy one more gel bottle but restricted my self.
Go Organic and have a healthy life and skinSmile
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List of Centers where you can buy Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products
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  1. Shagun says


    I have open poers on my cheeks which doesnot luk gud, I am going to get married in the next few months. pls. suggest something to reduce them permanenetly.


  2. t.sailaja says

    i got opertion thattime onwards . i was sufferings from hair fall. ple suggest. how will i control my hair fall.

  3. t.sailaja says

    i got opertion thattime onwards . i was sufferings from hair fall. ple suggest. how will i control my hair fall.

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