Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream (Baba Ramdev ) (Product review)

I follow yoga but not regularly and thanks to Baba Ramdev I have developed a flexible body which I lost in between .We use to do yoga in our school and at home but when you grow up these things always look silly to you.Isn’t? Other day I was listening to his lecture and he said that all those companies who were selling aloevera at exorbitant prices have reduced their product value.This is because they have given genuine product to their customers and now Patanjali product are a  threat to them.

This is true I myself have observed this some 4-5 years back aloevera juice was available in Rs 500-600 in market that too off average company but now it is available in half the price.This is because of Patanjali.
Coming back to the topic which is the Patanjali Tejus beauty cream.You can read below the description as the per the site.The fantastic thing is they have mentioned each and everything and also how they have made the cream.This is honesty .I have never seen a company disclosing their manufacturing process .

Product Name: Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream

Category Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Composition   : Each 5 gm contains

Mfg Method: 1. Prepare herbal extract of all the ingredients

2. Prepare base with base material.
3. Mix both the phases.
4. Add Perfume.
5. Fill in lami tube/ HDPE containers.
Indications: Helps to Glow skin and reduces Wrinkles.
Dosage: Apply 2-5 gms externally on the affected area twice daily or as directed by the physician
Presentation: 25gm, 50gm, 100gm in lami tube/ HDPE containers.

Part Used
Quantity (Mg)
Page No as per ref. Book BPN
Indication as per ref book
Hindi Name
Latin Name
Ghrit Kumari
Aloe vera
Leaf juice
Skin disorders, Sankochak
Holarrhena antidysenterica
Stem bark
Antiseptic, skin disorders
Rubia cordifolia
Root ext.
Skin disorders
Hemidesmus indicus
Root ext.
Twak Dosh har, Varnya
Santlum album
Hear wood ext.
Shital, Twak Dosh har, Varnya
Daru haldi
Curcuma amada
Rhizome ext.
Anti septic, Skin disorders
Ocimum santlum
Leaf ext.

Base Material:- Stearic Acid- (10-15), Cetyl Alcohol- (0.5-1.0), Wheat germ oil (0.5-10), EDTA (0.05-10), DC-200-(0.1-1.0), TIO2/ Mica- (0.1-1.0), KOH-(0.1-1.0). LLPO (2-15), Glycerin-(5-15), IPM- (1-3), Carbapol-(0.01-0.1), Soya peptide (0.5-1.0), Vit- A/Retanyl palmitate (0.05-0.5), A2 Plus (0.3-1.0), Rheam exodi root ext. (0.1-0.20) Javitri oil (0.05-0.1), Borax (0.1-0.5), Asphatik Bhasma (0.05-0.5), Perfume- Dove (0.5-1.0), Water-Q/S.

I don remember the cost of the product and the price was written on the wrapper but on ebay it is of $3 so probably in India it will not be more than of Rs 100 or max Rs 150.

My experience with the product:-

1.I used the product some 4-5 times and it made me feel heavy.It never broke me out but it gives such a greasy feeling that I was not able to use it more than 4-5 times.

2.The smell of the product is like a shaving cream and for sensitive nose it wont work at all.

3.The cream is super heavy but it still didn’t break me out.I was shocked to see that.

You can see how thick is the cream and went I applied it on my skin I was so unhappy and as far as wrinkle are concerned I can not say much about it.Frown
This product can work well for those who have super dry skin .Also you must be ok with its smell also.
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  1. Anamika Sureka says

    Rakshanda dear as far as i know there is no product by patanjali which is a face wash..please do the review so that we can know which product you are talking aboutSmile
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  2. Harsha Jain says

    yes anamika,even i used this cream.. it is very heavy for oily skin may be work in winters… the cost of the tube is 70/-… even i didn had any breakouts but yes as u said skin feels heavy and sticky……. and cant use especially in monsoons due to humid weather….. bt yes all the ingredients are great…..

  3. Anamika Sureka says

    As our skin needs lot of moisturization when it gets wrinkled therefore it has been made keeping that thing in mind…probably woman in there 30s with dry skin can try it out..

    Thanks for the price..all baba ramdev products are quiet low in cost in India. so this is one of the great benefitGrin

  4. Anamika Sureka says

    I will try it in winters..might work that time…i think it wil be good as a night cream that time..lets c ..not sure about it though..what u say?

  5. says

    hi anu,
    hope you had a good week end…yes…even i tried the above cream…its pretty thick and when
    applied leaves a fine layer on the face…the ingredients are great…you can review patanjali's
    anti wrinkle cream also…i have bought it but not used it 'coz i feel, this cream is also quite thick.
    My recent post Hair pack -mask for greasy hair

  6. Anamika Sureka says

    I didnt have a good week…I missed my hubbyFrown

    Nims..I hardly have wrinkles on my face so how will I review itFrown…?

  7. says

    oh!!! sad….
    hey anu, i know dear you dont have any wrinkles….you have a pretty face. may be you can suggest it to someone and then ask for their opinion? patanjali products are quite good and are priced cool..
    hey anu, why dont you write a beauty regime for different age groups? you seem to be so informed about these herbal products..

  8. Anamika Sureka says

    yes Nims..that is a great idea..i can do that..

    i will ask my mother to try the wrinkle cream ..will get it tomorrow.Smile

  9. Anamika Sureka says

    Nims you come so often and it makes me feel wonderful to know thatSmile

    thanks a tonSmile
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  10. Anamika Sureka says

    Thank u so much Nims…u know even i wait for your commentsSmile
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  11. Jolly says

    Thanks for this review, i've been thinking of using it but its almost always out of stock Razz
    Mine is a very dry skin, i hope the cream would be good… Smile as my experience with the Dant manjan was really BAD!
    Thanks again!

  12. Anamika Sureka says

    Jolly i idnt like their manjan but i liked their tooth paste..may be patanjali products didnt suit you but it has suited many wise she readers..Smile

  13. Vivek vashisth says

    hi…..anu…..i used this product…tejus beauty cream… u said that it is thick but it really work on dry skin as i have…i used it after i shaved, and its never feel me dryness on my face….use it at night…..for best results…..

  14. chaitra says

    i used this cream and even my mom…i had worst experience ever..i started getting pimples on my forehead.. i never got it in my life..but after using this face became worse Frown Even my mom started getting pimples on her doesn’t suit any1..worst experience ever had

  15. INDRANI says

    Hi anamika wen i get the location of the patanjali store in kolkata i plan on buying the tejas cream as i have super dry skin as well as their aloevera gel n almond oil .This will b my winter care regime coz i think lakme lotus or aromamagic products r nt going to help me in winters.

  16. tanu says

    Hi I have been using this Tejas beauty cream for sometime now and I have never felt my skin heavy in fact there is a glow in my skin and there was a lot of pigmentations on my hands and arms they used to be so dark but my hands are now almost white as they used to be and arms have also become fair I am v happy with this product My neice was with me for a week and she used it and even on her face also there was a tremendous difference. MY sister her mother also felt the same. I and my neice have a normal skin whereas my sister has an oily skin. But it suited all three of us.

    • shweta chandra says

      in how much time did u see effects….i have pigmentation problem on my face nd it looks dull though m my body if fair….i want to use this…plzz tell how much time did it take to see results

  17. tarun agarwal says

    thankful for the information provided on the blog….
    basically i was here.. by searching some baba ramdev’s product and find the review by new…then i also review the same…and you are totally correct in the same

    kindly help me to find a suitable cream for my self
    i have oily skin aged 26 years…earlier i had piple problem as well…but know fine……some times in summer

    i used garnier oil free face cream for men..earlier i was using nivia;s men oil free….but both these was ok ok…not a perfect one

    kindly suggests a cream for men…for oily skin..specially for summers

    kindly help…

    warm regards and thanks
    Tarun Agarwal

  18. shresa says

    does tejus beauty cream work for acne??at first,i thought it was acne.But now after applying this cream my acne has increased..why is it happening??

  19. Nidhi says

    i just started using tejus beauty cream. my skin is bit oily and i have Wheatish complexion .just wanted to know is this cream will be beneficial for me?

  20. suchita says

    can tejas beauty cream be used for oily skin? is there any side effects if it is used by oily skin person?

  21. Manish says

    The product has worked for me.Its better and cheaper than Vicco turmeric.Also the face wash is better than ponds and is completely herbal.

  22. says

    I am using Tejs cream for one week, though cream is heavy and leave your skin greasy.
    I have notice a little shine one face .and hiding visible lines..but can’t promise it will reduce wrinkle just within a week at least we have to try for a month.

    Saundrya Facewash is amazing…I have been using top brands like Garnier Facewash and others. But this desi product is value for money.

    Alovera Gel …..I used it for throughout the month…and did not see any good result. May be it dont work on oily type of skin.
    Can we more latest review on Tejus cream??

  23. reema says

    i bought this cream today. it is not at all greasy like it used to b earlier.

    the strong smell is also not there in it.

    now the colour of the cream is white. it is not like the cream in the pic in this review.

    there is lot of change in the cream this year.

    in winters it will b drying the skin. it seems many changed have been made to the cream.

  24. archana badhwar says

    i hv oily skin,i used it last yr in winters only,i like it a lottt.i also tried anti wrinkle also bt this beauty cream is better(what i feel).i like aloevera gel & tooth paste also bt i hate its soap…..

  25. RAJVEER says


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