Shahline/Shahnaz Herbal Eyeliner review

After using Loreal , maybeline, lakme and many other eyeliner I thought of giving Shahnaz herbal eyeliner a try.I didn’t expect much from this eyeliner because Shahnaz in cosmetics is something which was new to me and as it was decently priced I thought of giving it a try.

About Shahline/Shahnaz Herbal Eyeliner:-

An antiseptic eyeliner containing herbal ingredients which helps to enhance and protect eye beauty and keeps the skin moisturized.

Active Ingredients -Indian Gooseberry, Myrobalans & Almond oil and camphor.

Price-I threw away the wrapper of the product but i think it is of Rs 300 or Rs350.  This product is the most underrated product of shahnaz in India I guess and that is why it is of this amount here.It is popular outside and if you order it from e-bay it cost around $12-$14 plus of course the delivery charges.I even went through some review of this product in some US blog and girl was all ga ga over it and I thought my gaawd!!! this product is so decently priced here.

My experience with Shahline/Shahnaz Herbal Eyeliner :-

* The first time I opened the product it smelled of camphor and I was so taken by it.I love anything herbal and the ingredients mentioned impressed me.My belief of all  herbal thing  not giving good result in cosmetics has been broken by this product.

*Whenever we review about any cosmetic we always are cautious about its itchiness and irritation but the benefit of any thing herbal or oragnic is this only.No itchiness or irritation infact this product gives a soothing feeling to my eyes.


   Winged eyeliner with Shahline herbal eyeliner

Cons of the product:-Shahline/Shahnaz Herbal Eyeliner :-

  • It has a long brush with a thin tip and by far this is the only eyeliner in which applying winged eyeliner is the easiest.
  • The price and the quantity of the product is fab .
  • Whether I want thin eyeliner or a dramatic one it fulfills all my desiresGrin
  • It dries of quicly and do not smudge at all.
  • Its herbal herbal and herbal guys .It just doesn’t itch my eyes.Even if I go wrong with my application I reapply it after removing it then too it doesn’t cause my any skin irritation.
  • It has a small inbuilt mirror which too is quiet handy to use.
  • 7Easy to remove.You can remove it by a moisturizer too and still it stays put whole day long.
Cons:-  Have been using it almost every day and I haven’t found any cons of this product.I hope it doesn’t get much famous in India too otherwise Shahnaz will raise it prices like she did for  her Kajal.Grin
Also , I wish there could be some herbal blushes .It will be wonder full to have herbal rose blush .I will apply it every day 24 by 7.
Like it, love it or lust it-I completely love the product and will recommend it too all who have sensitive eyes Smile

Have you tried Shahline/Shahnaz Herbal Eyeliner?


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  1. Anamika Sureka says

    Actually I have never tried searching for i don know..Grin but have heard lot about them:Smile
    My recent post LOreal Quickstick Balancing Foundation review

  2. Priya says

    I like their lipstick as well.. I picked up few based on Neha's review on IMBB.. We don't get Elle 18 all over the city. You can find them only in local grocery store or the imitation jewellery store.

    Overall I think they are pocket friendly and do a decent job…

  3. Star says

    Hey Ana, you have mentioned both COns and Cons, No pros.. I think its a spelling mistake? And is this suggested for water line?

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