Nail art designs for beginners with step by step pictures

I got this nail are idea when I was browsing some nail are designs pictures.Nail art is simply fun and a stress buster for me.To tell you the truth I don’t have pretty hands .My hands got severely burnt when I was a kid but still I try and make them look beautiful with nail art Smile
I did this without any nail art pens in fact I always try not to use any nail art tool because I have hardly seen girls buying nail art pens.I have used a nail art trick which helps in giving a perfect diagonal to the nail paint so you don’t require much skills while trying this nail art design.
Here goes the nail art tutorial.I clicked many pictures I hope you will stay with me till the end Razz

Easy pink and white nail art tutorial

Step1-I applied a pink base nail polish but it took so long in drying that I removed it.But if you want you can do this.It gives a better finish.

Step 2-Take any stripping tape and cut it into 2-3 inch pieces.You will need five pieces of these.

Step3-Apply them diagonally on all the fingers.(When I was applying the stripping tape my base coat was getting messy that is why I removed the base nail paint.If you can wait for like half an hour then go ahead)

Step4-Apply pink color nail polish on the tip of the nails as shown in the picture.I used revlon electric mix nail paint.

Step5-Wait for five minutes for the nail polish to get dry and then remove the tape.You will get perfect diagonals.

Step6-Now take a ball  pen which is not working(I didn’t have any ball pen which was not working so I used the running one only.This is why my dots have bluish touch too Razz).Take out some white nail paint and dip the ball pen in the white nail paint.

Step7-Apply it on the tip of your nail as shown below and complete the nail art with a transparent top coat so that the nail art stays for long.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial

P.S-Big shout on Friday !!!

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  1. Tanveer says

    Your nails look very pretty Anks – like a ladybird beetle.. I am very lazy when it comes to nail art, but u r tempting me now Smile

  2. Uzma says

    Hey Anamika, this looks really nice, I kind of like everything that looks like polka dots. I even thought that the blue color was part of the nail art Smile! Will try this for sure!!

  3. jessie sunstream says

    Lipstick Tap Dance i loved your designs u should more up or better yet start ur own shop i know i would pay up to $20.00 to get that done professtionaly

  4. mouna says

    this tutorial is great & easy to apply on nails…… looking forwaed for more designs which are simple and formal……..loved ur tutorial anamika……… Smile
    Big Smile Tap Dance Yes

  5. chand says

    Hey Anamika ,

    Thanks for sharing it and with pictures is really helpful..i alwz want a nail art but hv to do a lot of hectic work and finally the result is i washed it looks so messy..

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