Nail art designs for beginners with step by step pictures

I got this nail are idea when I was browsing some nail are designs pictures.Nail art is simply fun and a stress buster for me.To tell you the truth I don’t have pretty hands .My hands got severely burnt when I was a kid but still I try and make them look beautiful with nail art Smile
I did this without any nail art pens in fact I always try not to use any nail art tool because I have hardly seen girls buying nail art pens.I have used a nail art trick which helps in giving a perfect diagonal to the nail paint so you don’t require much skills while trying this nail art design.
Here goes the nail art tutorial.I clicked many pictures I hope you will stay with me till the end Razz

Easy pink and white nail art tutorial

Step1-I applied a pink base nail polish but it took so long in drying that I removed it.But if you want you can do this.It gives a better finish.

Step 2-Take any stripping tape and cut it into 2-3 inch pieces.You will need five pieces of these.

Step3-Apply them diagonally on all the fingers.(When I was applying the stripping tape my base coat was getting messy that is why I removed the base nail paint.If you can wait for like half an hour then go ahead)

Step4-Apply pink color nail polish on the tip of the nails as shown in the picture.I used revlon electric mix nail paint.

Step5-Wait for five minutes for the nail polish to get dry and then remove the tape.You will get perfect diagonals.

Step6-Now take a ball  pen which is not working(I didn’t have any ball pen which was not working so I used the running one only.This is why my dots have bluish touch too Razz).Take out some white nail paint and dip the ball pen in the white nail paint.

Step7-Apply it on the tip of your nail as shown below and complete the nail art with a transparent top coat so that the nail art stays for long.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial

P.S-Big shout on Friday !!!

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  1. Beautifull and really creative Anamika

  2. Anamika Sureka says:

    This is easy Tanz..u got to try it..phlleasssSmile
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  3. Anamika Sureka says:

    and Thanks for liking my nails Smile
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  4. Hey Anamika, this looks really nice, I kind of like everything that looks like polka dots. I even thought that the blue color was part of the nail art Smile! Will try this for sure!!

  5. shoppingaholic says:

    Know what!! I thought that little blue dots were also a part of the NAil Art. I loved the tutorial. and would try myself… when? yet to decide!!
    My recent post something that I lost in my own house!!

  6. Anamika Sureka says:

    He He…and i thought u people are going to kill me for my clumsiness Grin

  7. Anamika Sureka says:

    Ha color as a part of nail paint came as a surprise ..i too love polka dotts reminds of 80's fashion..loved that time..wish could be born in that eraSmile
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  8. Anamika Sureka says:

    Thanks Darling ..i m glad u liked it.Smile

  9. Your nails look very pretty Anks – like a ladybird beetle.. I am very lazy when it comes to nail art, but u r tempting me now Smile

  10. Anamika Sureka says:
  11. Hey Anamika, this looks really nice, I kind of like everything that looks like polka dots. I even thought that the blue color was part of the nail art Smile! Will try this for sure!!

  12. well i use a tooth pick or small round stick instead of penn… n it serves the same purposes =]

  13. n@ughty ang3l says:

    hey, that’s really easy and nice ,thanx…………………………….

  14. This was so simple and easy to do

  15. i loved the way of teaching Smile : you made this really easy

  16. jessie sunstream says:

    Lipstick Tap Dance i loved your designs u should more up or better yet start ur own shop i know i would pay up to $20.00 to get that done professtionaly

  17. preety colll!!Big Smile

  18. this tutorial is great & easy to apply on nails…… looking forwaed for more designs which are simple and formal……..loved ur tutorial anamika……… Smile
    Big Smile Tap Dance Yes

  19. really gud work… awesome… am goin to try it nw dear…

  20. shaveta vig says:

    Hi..anamika….i really enjoyed the nail art…it was so easy and simple…thks

  21. Grin. Love it !!! Simple 2 do nail art! Cool Cool

  22. Dance Left Right Rock n Roll Lipstick Yippee it was awesome

  23. Hey Anamika ,

    Thanks for sharing it and with pictures is really helpful..i alwz want a nail art but hv to do a lot of hectic work and finally the result is i washed it looks so messy..

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