Top 10 Make Up Essentials For Bridal Makeup Kit

Hi every one,
Our dearest of friend Rajat and Anushree are going to get married in few months .Anushree has asked me to help her out in making her bridal makeup kit and also to teach her some basic make up.I have prepared the list of  wedding make up essential.I wanted to share it with you people so that you can add your must have too so that she can choose the best.
Anushree is not too much into make up so I am not going to include bronzer or an eye brow setter.
Here goes the list
I am thinking of recommending her some of the must have from MAC such as compact and foundation where the possibility of choosing the wrong shade is minimum.

1. MAC studio fix powder plus foundation Rs 1580

2.MAC studio fix for full coverage Rs 1580

3.MAC select cover up concealer

I also advise her to go for MAC fix+spray but that will be optional from my side to her.

LipstickSome 5-6 lipstick shades .In which one red lipstick from Revlon color burst lipstick, some neutral shades of brown, peach and pink from colorbar soft touch lipstick.Peach lipstick from body shop and bridal make up lipsticks from lakme.Color bar lip gloss or Loreal lip gloss.

Eyeliner-Color bar eye pencil eyeliner for her daily use.One black eyeliner from chambor.I am really fond of black eyeliner and would advise it to every bride.It will be shahline eyeliner or maybeline eyeliner from myside.I have heard great reviews about body shop eyeliner too so will recommend that too.
I remember buying lakme bridal eyeliner which were quiet shimmery.I hardly used it so don’t know wether to recommend her or not
Mascara-Loreal Paris extra volume collagene waterproof mascara(Cost Rs 525).

BlushColorbar cosmic rose, peachy pink and Trace gold. If I would have been there would have picked all of them

-This shapener can sharp almost all types of pencil.

A nude lip pencil from body shop
Nail paints from colorbar and lakme with nail paint remover and a base coat too.

Foundation brush from body shop.I would have recommended mini brush set from Body shop too but I doubt if she will use them too.So will leave that to her.Eye make up-My favorite topic<

Shahnaz Kajal for sure
Colorbar shimmer bronze eye shadow and some eye palettes from chambor or Maybelline .I have asked her to choose the colors of her choice which she is fond of keeping in mind her skin tone.
QVS eyelash curler
Also Lakme sindoor which is available in many colors but my recommendation will be red for sure when you are just married.

As she is a working woman I also recommended her these

Ponds tinted moisturizer which she can use daily.
Fab Indian rose toner and aloevera body moisturizer and tea tree face wash.
Also a vanity case to keep all her make up and some basic items such as baby wipes, make up sponges,Q tips , blotting sheets  and make up remover.
Do you want me to add or remove something from the list?
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  1. sumaiya chougle says

    the post updated is awesome can u plz tell the price of the products and address of the where it is located.plz reply soon

  2. Karishma Newar says

    Nice post !

    When I get married , I’m totally going to take your help in choosing my makeup kit , nobody in my family really does anymore makeup than compact and lipstick and sometimes kajal ! I’m the only exception in the family RazzRazz

    Will you help?

  3. priya sehgal says

    hey guys..

    i recently got engaged. and got my make up done from kesar of Monsoon salon. must say she did wonder with my face. i have acne problem but with her art of make up she covered up my blemishes and made me loo so wonderful.. i got several compliment.. all thanks n love to kesar.

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