Top 30 acne and skin pigmentation home remedies

By Harsha,                           Get rid of acne and skin pigmentation
At one stage of life everyone suffers from acne, pimples, pigmentation marks and various skin problems like dull skin, patchy skin etc.. be it in summers or winters….. To achieve beautiful, soft, glowing, radiant facial skin.. We keep trying different remedies sometimes advised by our friends, relatives, certain articles and various other sources….. Through this at times we are completely satisfied or can lead to serious skin blunders. So today I am going to sum up various remedies and dont’s to tackle this regular problem .All most of the below remedies are available in our kitchen and are very inexpensive.  This article is sourced from one of the articles of Patanajli Yogpeeth.(Baba Ramdev)

1)Take the cream from fresh milk, add few drops of lemon and apply on the face to remove pimples and acne. ( good for dry skin)
2)Grind 30 gm of thymol seeds (ajwain) in 25 gm of curd and apply on pimples and acne. Wash the face the next morning. This removes pimples.
3)Take equal quantities of holy basil leaves and lemon juice and apply on the pigmentation marks, dark circles or pimples. This is an effective medicine.
4)Add glycerin four times the quantity of lemon juice and rub the face to get rid of pimples. Massage the whole body to get the silky and soft effect.
5)Soak lentil dal in sufficient water so that the entire water is absorbed. Grind it and add it in milk. Apply this paste on the face twice daily. This removes pigmentation marks and pimples.
6)Grind the dried orange peels in water and apply the paste on the face. This removes pigmentation marks and pimple.
7)Rub Jaiphal in milk and apply on pimples and pigmentation marks. This gives glowing skin.
8)Boil cumin seeds and wash the face with that water. This gets rid of pigmentation marks, dark circles etc and enhances the beauty.
9)Grind Jaiphal and black pepper in raw milk and apply on the face at bedtime. This cures pimples and removes pigmentation marks and makes the face beautiful.
10)Take one spoon lentil dal, half spoon rapeseeds and two almonds – grind it nicely and add lemon juice. Apply this paste on the face. Wash the face when dry.
11)Take equal quantities of alum and black pepper and apply on pimples and acne.
12)Grind guava and banana and apply the paste on face.
13)Apply cucumber juice on face to remove pigmentation marks and pimples.
14)Add radish juice in curd and apply on face to get rid of pimples, acne and pigmentation marks.
15)Add honey in onion juice and apply on the face, this cures both the problems.
16)Apply multani mati on face and peel it when dry. Wash the face with cold water.
17)Grind black pepper and apply on pimples.
18)Add gram flour in castor oil and apply on face, this is very beneficial.
19)Mix rapeseed and rock salt in lemon juice and apply on pimples.
20)Grind almonds in goat milk and apply on pimples to get rid of pimples.
21)Rub the seed of date palm in vinegar and apply on pimples. Wash the face after one hour with soap. Pimples disappear within three to four days.
22)Take equal quantities of lemon juice, rogan badam and glycerin, mix thoroughly and store it in clean bottle. Apply this lotion on the face everyday, to make the skin soft and beautiful.
23)Grind chironji and add butter, apply this pack on the face and rub it nicely. This cures all the skin related problems.
24) Add lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities and apply on face. Wash the face after half hour with fresh water. The pimples are cured within 10 to 15 days. This gets rid of pigmentation marks and dark spots.
25) Rub the lemon peels on the body before taking bath and wash the face with lukewarm water, this is effective to get rid of pimples.
26)Apply blue oil (pour oil in blue coloured bottle and keep under the Sun for one and half months) on pimples.
27)Add onion juice, rock salt and honey and apply on the face.
28)Add lemon juice in Giloy juice and apply on the face to get rid of pimples.
29)Add black holy basil leaves powder in turmeric powder and apply the pack on the face before bath. This removes pimples.
30)Grind fenugreek leaves and apply the pack on the face, let it dry. Then wash the face, continue this for few days to remove pimples. This also makes the skin soft and smooth.
31)Add grounded onion seeds powder in lemon juice and apply on face; this is effective in case of pimples.
32)Apply sandal wood oil on the face to clean all the infection causing bacteria and pimples.
33)Take equal quantities of Jaiphal, black pepper, red sandal, grind it nicely and add it in water. Apply this paste on the face to get rid of pimples.
Acne- How to avoid acne  or to get rid of acne fast
1)Take enema of hot water with lemon juice.
2)Take boiled gourd or torai in meals. Eat the chapattis made with whole wheat.
3)Pat the face with water while taking bath.
4)Eat boiled vegetables or drink their juice.
5)Add Triphala and Moolhati and take 3 to 4 gm daily to cure constipation and get rid of pimples and acne.
6)People suffering with pimples and pigmentation marks should maintain a clean stomach. They should improve their digestive strength and keep the intestines clean. They should walk in open and fresh air and take proper diet.
7)Never pinch the pimples and try to break them. This spreads the pimples faster and causes permanent scars on the face. Take hot steam before applying any, pack for immediate results.
8)Take Gulkand with 25- 30 gm of milk everyday at bedtime.
9)Take avala marmalade to cure constipation    and   thereby pimples.
10)Boil the neem leaves in water and sieve it. Wash the face with this water to remove pimples.
11)Eat sprouted gram regularly according to the digestive capacity to cure pimples and pigmentation marks.
12)Eat ripe neem fruit to get rid of pimples.
13) Mix Triphala and Moolhati in equal quantities and take three grams powder with lukewarm water to cure constipation and thereby pimples and dark spots.
14)Take carrot, tomato, radish and other green salad along with meals everyday to removes pimples.
15)Avoid tea, coffee etc. This cures pimples and skin related problems.
16)Do not eat ice cream, chocolate, toffees, pastries etc. in excess quantity. Avoid constipation.
17)Do not eat food items made with spices, garam masala and acidic things.
18)Avoid hot spicy, heavy, oily and fried food items like samosa, kachori etc.
19)Do not eat things, made with horse bean, flour and do not use chemical based cosmetics on face.
20)In case of severe constipation and pimples, soak 6-7 raisins in water, remove the seeds the next morning and eat.
21)Regular consumption of radish is good for getting rid of spots, pimples and acne.
so guys you can go with any remedy from the above which you think easy and less time consuming for you and get rid of pigmentation and pimples and achieve soft, smooth and radiant skin……………….
P.S Even herbal remedies can be allergic to few people. Try the patch test first. The items which include the use of milk cream, oils etc… are good for people with dry skin and oily skin people should try the remedies other than this.

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