My experiences with Patanjali products (Baba Ramdev)

By Ishika,
Good Morning to all WiseShe readers. How are you all doing? After a hectic start to the weekend, I had a lazy and relaxing Sunday. So I sat down to share my experiences with the different Patanjali products which I have been using since past 2-3 months. Thanks a lot Anamika for introducing me to these wonderful products. Patanjali is an initiative by Yog Guru Baba Ramdev whose objective is to build a disease free world by improving and protecting the health of people. 
To achieve this objective, they have opened Patanjali Chikitsalayas in different cities which have a qualified doctor who gives ayuvedic medicines( to people for treating different ailments and also sell off their merchandise at a price which is absolutely unimaginable. Trust me the prices are such that you wont mind splurging at all. Even my husband is so fond of these products that he doesn’t mind any of my hauls provided they are from patanjali. All these products are not publisized at all hence most people are not aware. The gradual increase in awareness is only through word of mouth. So, let me also have the pleasure of promoting these products by sharing my experiences with you guys.

1. Patanjal aloe gel

 This was the first product that I started using after Anamika’s recommendation. I have an acne prone skin and there are very rare ocassions when my face looks clean. I started using the aloveara gel as my night cream and the change I saw was remarkable. It has a very soothing and lovely smell which added a glow to my face and also helped me in taking care of acne. I have even tried using it as a day cream. Applied in the morning and went to office. It is absolutely non-greasy and does not make your face look oily as most gel based creams do. Moreover the smell is long lasting and makes you feel fresh for long.

2. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair cleanser 

  I had got this product for my husband coz he is a firm follower of ayurveda and believes a lot in herbal and ayurvedic products. He liked it a lot so I thought let me also give it a shot. I was happy my try din’t go waste. It doesn’t have that typical smell as most ayurvedic shampoos do. The smell of orange makes it even more desirable. I have dry hair but usage of this shampoo makes them soft and smooth. It is neither too thick nor flowing like most shampoos are and can remove any kind of oil in just one wash. For long hair you might have to use it twice. My husband has been using it for quiet sometime now and it did help in controlling hairfall for him as the product rightly claims.

3.Dant Kanti Toothpaste 

 All the patanjali products that I have tried till now were after reading anamika’s blog and trust me was not disappointed at all. Once when I went to buy stuff, I saw lot of people buy Dant Kanti and decided to try it out.

The toothpaste has a deep brown color which I didn’t find much appealing. I have always been a Meswak fan and love the taste. Once I used this one, I was not too happy. It has lot of cloves in it which somehow doesn’t appeal to me much. The best part of this toothpaste is that it makes you feel fresh and refreshed for a long time. And considering the fact that it is completely herbal, I still continue to use it.

4. Aloevera juice (Aloevera liquid) –

I had been looking out for alovera juice since long but the outlets were running short of it. So I started using fresh juice form the alovera plant but it involved too much of hastle. On one of my visits to the patanajali store, I was delighted to see that they finally had the stock. The juice comes in basically three form: alovera+orange juice, alovera juice with fiber, plain alovera juice. It is basically meant for drinking and is known to give respite in number of diseases and ailments. I was suffering from hairfall problem and read on wiseshe that alovera juice helps in controlling that.

The juice has the color of vegetable clear soup and if flowing in nature so it keeps dripping and falling. Has a very light fragrance which is not bad at all. To be frank, I have been using this juice for a month now but haven’t seen much improvement in my hair fall problem but I guess it takes a little longer for results to show up.

5. Tejas Coconut Oil (Baba Ramdev coconut oil)

I have always liked to oil my hair wih coconut oil. Had been using parachute coconut oil till I started using this one. Trust me once you start using it you would realise it is actually very pure as claimed. The product is actually meant for cooking but I have been using it as a hair oil. Have been suffering from hairfall problem. So I warm the oil and apply it in my hair roots. It does help me. The oil bottle comes in a comfortable flip cap packaging and is neither too thick nor too thin like most oils are. The coconut smell is very pure and not too strong so doesn’t clog the nostrils. All in all a wonderful product.

6. Divya Kesh Tel (Hair oil for hair loss)

This is for those you can do anything to protect their hair. The oil is of flowing consistency and has a dark brown color which is not that appealing. It has a very strong and putrid smell which even if you decide to bear, the people around may find disgusting. So basically the product has all the features of a typical herbal product with an absolutely unimpressive packaging. I had bought it long back but could not make my mind somehow to use it considering the smell. But when my mom used it and liked it I decided to bear the smell considering the fact that I can do anything to protect my hair as I just love them. My mom felt that it certainly checks hairfall. So guys go grab it if love your hair and can goto any extent to protect them. If you can bear the smell then you have the right product. I have grabbed my share already.
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  1. ankur says

    wow……………….yaar ……………………..

    i just always used to think that these products r just money earning techniques of these types of organizations……………….. but u hav little changed my point of view…………………

  2. Anamika Sureka says

    Mine , Ishika and few of my friends experience have not been bad..they are good for the pocket as well…so u can give it a try…might work for u ..

  3. Mitra says

    Also they have an inhouse doc who does consultation for free!!!! he suggested that i take Amla Juice for my acne prone skin …you might wanna try out incase you havent…ATB

  4. Mitra says

    Also they have an inhouse doc who does consultation for free!!!! he suggested that i take Amla Juice for my acne prone skin …you might wanna try out incase you havent…ATB

  5. ankur says

    can the persons with dry skin which is not acne prone can use that aloe vera gel as night cream………………………..

    can this gel be benefical for my dark circlesNeutral

    or patanjali hav any special cream made only for darkcircles……………?

    do ans my both ques…………plz sweet ladies

  6. Anamika Sureka says

    he he..

    there is no creame for dark circles..u can try aloevera gel it does help but i m not sure wether this will help or not.

    avoid it if u have dry skin ..

  7. ankur says

    oh for dry skin it is not good thanks yaar…………………

    then which herbal cream or herbal remedy would u suggest me to use as night cream…………………..?

  8. രാമന്‍കുട്ടി says

    Dear, Thanks for the review. But I have some difference in opinion about ‘Divya Kesh Tel’, in fact I found it great in smell. The same opinion came from my friends also. I just started using it one week back, and quite happy with the results Smile Waiting to see the long term benefits. Wink

  9. Kevin says

    Hi am also interested in this products but i need some help about the hair loss, i lost so many hair and am just 25 and is there any product for a hair regrowth ………………….

  10. friend says

    hiiii,,,hello friends i used this product divya kesh tail but when i apply it to my hair just after bath i feel that it is not smooth to oppose my fingers to move freeely in my hairs.what should i do.i m suffering from hairfall and my age is 24 male .

  11. rana ghosh says

    i am using kesh tailo from 1 week.should I have to use divya shapoo or i can use any other shampoo with this oil.give sugesion.

  12. rana ghosh says

    is it possible to grow new hair from infront of my head?Is there any oil which could help me out from above problem?plz give me full sugestion as soon as possible….

  13. brahm says

    hello, i m 22 male..and suffering from hair it possible to have new hair grow on head? is there any product in patanjali organisation for it? or else please give exact suggestion what to do now.?

  14. sheena says

    Hi anamika can you tell me that honey can be used for weight loss and how to use it for weight loss and even tell me about aloevera gel can be used as a cream or only where dark circle be and also tell me can be used in evening nighT and both time aloevera gel

  15. sheena says

    Hi ishika can you tell me that honey can be used for weight loss and how to use it for weight loss and even tell me about aloevera gel can be used as a cream or only where dark circle be and also tell me can be used in evening nighT and both time aloevera gel

  16. sai says

    All the products of patanjali organization are really very good. but plz tell me any cream for under eye dark circles and which permanently remove dark circles,

  17. ritu marwah says

    how much time should you give to thse products to take effect? i have hairfall problem and i am taking thse products since a mnth now and my hair are still falling..

  18. says

    hi ishika ji,,,,i want to know pitanjali product are really effctive for us. is it really good?my problem is hair falling and i buy kesh kanti shampoo with milk protien and divya kesh will prevent hair fall.i buy some other product like amla juice,,,aloe vera gel.en products ka koi side effect hota hai,,,kya apne enhe use kya hai kuch log enke side effect ke bare mai keh rahe hai am worried about my health please tell me what is truth?please tell me kya kesh kanti shampoo or tail se hair falling band hogi ya nahi.thanku.

  19. dolly saraswat says

    Hello everyone….i m taking treatment for last 8 years as I m having worst acne….but after using Divya kanti lep…i m soooo happy,my scars r getting off…..plss u all try

  20. says

    I have been using Patanjili products(coconut oil, kesh kanthi oil & shampoo, alovera gel & multani mitti soap. But while using kesh kanthi shampoo my hair seems to be dry and i notice the hair fall). Please suggest me which oil i have to use & shampoo for hair growth. Also can you please suggest whether we can use multani mitti soap on a daily basis or we have use twice a week, also please suggest any other soap we can use for deodrant & body smel to be fresh for entire day. Please suggest…..

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