Soft Skin – Home made skin softener and body glow oil (Do it Yourself)

Soft skin oil (DIY)
We all think 24/7 even when you will be reading this post there must be something else which will be going in your mind..Tell me if this is not true Grin. A relaxing oil massage is something which we all look for and if we get this at the convenience of our home with some additional benefits then there is nothing like it.
After my Aroma pedicure I thought of making this oil again which I used before my marriage to soften skin and bring the glow to my skin.Regular massage of this oil not only makes your skin soft but relaxes your body as well.
I read about this oil in Nirogdham which is a popular magazine of herbal remedies. As the oil is pretty easy to make I immediately tried it and with in one month result was apparent. If you use this oil for whole  winter then it will make your skin fairer.
So now with winters knocking at the door its time to make this skin softening oil.
Ingredients required :-
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/ 2aloevera lead
2tsp amla powder
2 tsp shikakai powder
any essential oil of your choice.(optional)

Step 1 - I got this  Amla and Shikakai packet. These are easily available in supermarkets nowadays.You can use powder also.
As I didn’t get shikakai powder here I powdered it  in the mixer and mixed both the ingredients together.
Step2 – You have to take aloe vera leaf and scoop out the gel.To know how to take out aloe vera gel from the leaf click here.If you are really lethargic which I am not today then you can just cut the whole leaf  with its peel on and cut it into pieces.
Alo vera is the ingredient which is going to make the skin soft
Step3 -Take a pan and add coconut oil in it and let it simmer for one minute.(You have to use extra virgin coconut oil.You can use the one which we use in cooking.I am using Patanjali coconut oil .
Step4 – Now add the shikakai and amla powder in it.
Step5 - After one minutes add aloe vera gel in it.
Step 6 - Bring 2-3 boils in the oil and switch off the gas.
Let it cool down for a while.Filter the oil with the help of a sieve and pour it into a clean bottle.Your natural skin softener is ready to be used.
Massage the oil half an hour before taking bath.You can do this on weekends as well and wash it off with luke warm water.Use mild soap or shower gel in removing the oil.
When you are using the oil make sure you cover your hand, feet as well. If you can ask some maid of yours to massage it on your body for 15- 20 minutes then there is nothing like it.

Enjoy the benefits of herbal beauty remedies with this oil  and let your skin glow.

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  1. This is so handy….thanx..will surely try it…btw Anamika…you havnt mentioned when to add the essential oil…?

  2. looks time Im in India..I will definitely pick up shikakai powder..and try this..thanx Smile

  3. Oh wow anamika – what a remedy! I have a month off before my wedding, gonna do this everyday! If only I can find aloevera gel in Delhi Thinking

  4. Anamika Sureka says:

    u can find aloe vera plant nay where in Delhi Ki..

    and if u do it u your skin will be like butter.(.don do it every it alternate day..

  5. jiya arora says:

    Anamika…… I heard amla powder makes skin colour dull… Bcz it is only fr hair…..' is it true…??

  6. Anamika Sureka says:

    Jiya..i am not aware about this but this didn;t make my skin dull at in fact brought the glow into it.

  7. Okay thanks Smile

  8. Anamika Sureka says:

    Grin Grin and i am sure some body is going to get lot of attention after this Wink

  9. looks time Im in India..I will definitely pick up shikakai powder..and try this..thanx Smile

  10. Anamika Sureka says:

    Natasha is doesn;t look good at all but yes is effective ..

    which part of world r u in?

  11. I didnt know shikakai and amla is gud for skin too!I thought they r to be used for hair only!

  12. Anamika Sureka says:

    I came to know this 2- 3years ago only Humaira Smile

  13. skyiseternal says:

    amla does not make the skin dull…it is rich in vitamin C so it actually brightens the skin.
    My recent post What do you know about warts

  14. skyiseternal says:

    I did really not know that shikakai is good for skin too… btw this oil can double up for both hair and skin Smile
    My recent post What do you know about warts

  15. beautydiva says:

    i will try it out asap. thanks for sharing Smile
    My recent post DIY Peachy nailart

  16. Anamika Sureka says:

    its one of my fav hope u try it out toAngel

  17. Can this be used on the face?

    This sounds wonderful, I am wondering how to fit in the application of this 30 mins before bath into my crazy schedule, become I really want to use this.. Frown Frown
    My recent post Fall Beauty Trends 2010

  18. Anamika Sureka says:

    I use to do it on weekends still worksSmile

  19. but is it fine if we use is on face too….

  20. Anamika Sureka says:

    I avoid it using on my face but it was mentioned in the book that u can..

  21. thanks dear…

  22. Can we use whole amla and shikakai?

  23. yes u can but it should be dried..

  24. It actually works!my bottle is finished1my grandmother also used it.every1 told her she has turned fairer Grin.
    my body skin is so soft and smooth!

  25. Anamika Sureka says:

    i am glad…i have used it for 2 months and i feel the difference toAngel

    i am so happy to use thisSmile

  26. khaddu21 says:

    hey anamika ..long time Smile ..hey can this be used on face ?

  27. khaddu21 says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin….. my pik is finnaaly showin…! i was so depressed ki its not showin ..i stopped commenting onli…! now again ill resume my routine of askin questions …am so full of them…! GrinGrin ..yaaaaaay

  28. khaddu21 says:

    i was right here darling …! Grin ..but depression ki my shakal is not seen Grin ..and also my PC was kharaab am using some baba adam k zamaane ka pc … but still no problem …Grin Grin Grin..! how r u ?

    • anamika says:

      oh gosh u were not commenting because yur pic was not showing ..Shock

      i can very well see u now….and u look so younge..r u in college or what?

  29. khaddu21 says:

    haan yaaar it used 2 show some makdi macchar ka pik…! Razz irritating know…! Frown ..!

    hey am in final year masters in engineering ..! so yes coll Grin..! cant wait to start working ..mainly cos i want to buy all the super enticing cosmetics u review .. ! Grin hee hee ..ill also but then ill also review them in a few months ..! Grin

  30. khaddu21 says:

    ill also buy *

  31. khaddu21 says:

    hey thanks ..! ur no less a beauty queen urself …! Grin Grin..! hey am already placed in an MNC … bus kaam shuru karne ki dayree hai .. ! Grin

  32. Disorichu says:


    Do I put the concoction in the referigerator or just in my restroom shelf. The lotion looks light brown in color and after few days it has a weird smell, as if the coconut oil has gone bad.

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