Baba Ramdev Patanjali – 100% pure almond oil (Divya badam rogan almond oil ) review

Almond oil – This is my second bottle of this oil  I have been using it since three months or so.The term Badam rogan means that it is a sweet almond oil  and  oil works as a skin lightener and skin moisturizer.
It is specially good for dry skin in winters .I combined the oil with olive oil and it softens my hair and bring good shine to them.Sweet almond oil is believed to reconstruct the dry and brittle hair too.


Price of Divya Badam rogan almond oil is Rs 100 for 60 ml

This is what the product claims :-

1 . Relieves tension
2. Strengthen brain power
3.Good for heart
4. Relieves constipation – (I swear I didn’t get it for this GrinGrin)
5. Fights Dandruff
6. Keep body warm in winter
7. Nourishes skin
8. Good for infants
9Prenatal/Postnatal care
10 Helps build stronger bones.

If you have dry and sensitive skin then try this oil this winter .100% pure sweet almond oil regulates the temperature by reducing the aging process and provide elasticity to the skin.

I like the colour of the oil and it is so clear that one can see the bottom of the bottle.I clicked a pic for you so that you can see how clean and clear it is.

I use the oil to remove my makeup too and it never broke me out in fact I used there coconout oil as makeup remover and that too never broke me out.
 You can use it as a bath moisturizer too by applying to on your damp skin after shower .Almond oil is believed to be good for baby skin and to get baby like skin you can give it a try.Those who have dark circles can apply it under their eyes before going to the bed.It helps in reducing wrinkles and under eye dark circles though one needs to take care of their diet and various other things along with it.
 For health benefits – Just add 5-10ml of this oil in 250 ml of milk and drink every day.
Some five year back I went to a Ayurvedic health care center in Palam pur the women who use to give massage to us use to drop 2 drop each of almond oil in our nose  and I tell you I use to sleep like a kumbkharan there.
That might be because we use to do yoga twice a day and many other things but she advised badam rogan to all who have  insomnia.
Al in all I find it a descent product which can be of various use.
P.S – I have not been paid by patanjali or any other concern to write about their products.My views on the products are completely honest.

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  1. shweta mahure says

    hey i have very dense dark circles how long this oil will take to reduce these circles they r really pissing me off….my face always look tired nd old because of those circles

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