Review -Maybelline compact powder Vs Lakme perfect radiance compact

Lakme Perfect radiance multi – mineral skin lightening compact Vs Maybelline  whitestay UV fairness compact powder 
This post is for Poohkie  
Lakme perfect radiance is newly introduced in the market where as Maybelline have been there quiet a while here.As both products have been reviewed here it was a wise decision to compare both of them .
Some common thing which both the prouct claims and I found common in them
1. Both are same priced Rs 150 
2.Maybelline is a  fairness compact powder gives glowing finish instantly where as Lakme flawlessly blends into the skin and will make it look visibly fairer . So both claim to bring glow, brightness and fairness to the skin.
3. Both give same amount of SPF protection
4.Both are light weight and are mild on the skin
5. Both are easy to carry in bag and comes with  a compact size mirror.
6. Both don’t break me out but they don’t cover blemishes or dark spots.
hmm so kind of similar in many ways !!!
So now lets come to the differences :-
1. Maybelline compact has vitamin C which  brightens the skin tone instantly for visible fairness
where as Lakme has Vitamin B3 which is a skin lightening compound that visibly lightens skin tone and helps in reducing intensity of blemishes and dark spots.
2.  Lakme has four shades in this where as five
3.My skin remains more oil free when I use Maybelline compact .
4.Lakme compact gives more coverage to me
5. When I have to go in a party where I think I will be photographed then maybelline compact is a no no for me and Lakme one is a priority
6.If Maybelline is not used properly then it does give a whitish cast where as Lakme one doesn’t
7. I find Lakme compact better when I use it with foundation .
8 Even if I don’t use foundation Lakme gives me better coverage.
Going through both pros and cons I find Lakme perfect radiance compact  a better choice than Maybelline compact .
Hope I was able to do some justice in the comparison of both the products
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  1. Poohkie says

    Thanks so much for doing this Anamika! You've done a thorough comparison. I was very confused about these 2, but now I'm surely going to buy the Lakme one. One additional point is that Lakme packaging looks cuter with that flower design on the cover Grin Will be busy this weekend, but I'm surely going to buy this next week.
    My recent post What to do with harsh face washes

  2. Anuradha says

    I agree with Anamika..if I go for a party I always use the maybelline compact in 1 shade darker than my skin tone (i.e I use Fawn instead of marble)..else lewd comments on photographs assured [I am so scared of them now that I am not even trying out other compacts even from higher brands Frown ]..but reading this..I think I needa check out the Lakme compact

  3. Anamika Sureka says

    this works i photograph myself with this every day here Anuradha…and u like maybelline one so much that u got tooo Razz

  4. Anuradha says

    yaa..its soo difficult to get a foundation and compact that matches skin tone-gives good coverage-doesnt cakeup-stays long..thats why I now stick to my formula :
    [moisturiser+maybelline mousse+maybelline compact in fawn] x Vega large Powder brush= flawless finish.. Grin Grin..For everyday use I use revlon new complexion with maybelline compact in natural (sorry not marble Grin)
    And great review Anamika! I really love your blog Smile

  5. Anuradha says

    I am one big makeup much that in my last birthday friends decided to gift me makeup stuff Smile. I am from Kolkata..doin my Masters and aspire to go for research (dunno may end up writing papers on makeup stuff hehehe) ….however I treat makeup as more of an artists job than a just tool for making us look skim thru blogs and reviews to know more about them Smile Smile

  6. Anamika Sureka says

    lolz….that is funny Smile

    wow research sounds interesting ..which field u want to take research any ways? and how did u landed up on wise she?

  7. Anuradha says

    I always wanted to go for research electronic devices..however in my Masters I got an ISRO scholarship and currently I am taking a lot of interest in space expect to pursue a PhD on it Smile. However my dream job is to write for some good fashion house someday [what a contrast OMG Grin Grin]..wonder if they will recruit a space science person for writing on makeup hehehehe

  8. Anuradha says

    and I think I first found out about your blog from Addicted to Blush blog by Tanveer Smile since then this has become a must hit page for me Smile

  9. Anamika Sureka says

    ohk yaa tanz is a great buddy Smile and thanks for liking my humble adobe.

    and yaa quiet a contrast … i know many girls who r doing their research in US but none of them is in make up at all…kiddos to you Smile

  10. Anuradha says

    ohh!! same friend is in Ohio and she says.."Anuradha if u come here u wont be able to leave the shops" Grin Grin..whenever I get some gullible folk..I try my makeup skills on them and they actually start liking these stuff..however my introduction in this domain was totally by chance Smile and I am loving every bit of it
    and ohh! I am there in your Facebook wiseshe page Smile Smile I get your blog update reminders from there Smile

  11. Anamika Sureka says

    yaa US and UK and blessing for makeup lovers unlike India where it take ages for the brand to introduce something is not there fault also bec very few girls are obsessed with make up.

  12. Anuradha says

    hehe r8..still with brands like Oriflame and Avon, foreign cosmetics are reaching distant corners..but in everyday or even party makeup..people hardly want to go beyond compact kajal and lipstick Frown hot and humid weather may be a plausible reason which makes it uncomfortable to wear makeup here.. Frown

  13. bandana says

    hi. great post. was confused whic compact to choose for farewell (where lot’s of pics will be clicked).
    now i’ve made my choice. thanx.

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