Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Night Cream Review, Price AND Photos

Olay Natural white fairness cream

Katrina has been promoting Olay fairness products from quiet some time and the company  claims that Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Night cream nourishes skin and provide nutrient to it while one is asleep.To be honest I was more interested in the cream because of its claim of reducing the appearance of dark spots and dullness rather than fairness.

Olay Nautral white cream

I have been using this cream since 15-18 days religiously.As the product is just 50gms and I have a habit of applying too much of cream on my face before going to bed .Result?? I completed the jar with in almost fifteen days.

Price of Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness night cream is Rs299 for 50 gm

What the product claims:-

Nourishes your skin with nutrients while you sleep for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows.Olay natural white healthy fairness night cream is specially designed to give your skin, nutrients at night for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows.

Its formula with triple nutrient system-vitamin B3,PRO-b5 and  E nourishes your skin while you sleep to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness.Resulting in a healthy looking natural fairness that glows every morning.

How I used it  – I applied the cream after cleansing and toning before going to the bed.


My experience with the product

This night cream is really moisturizing and and made my skin feel smooth and soft in the morning.Thankfully I am using this cream in winters season where my skin still need some what of moisturization otherwise it would have made me feel greasy.

It comes in a plastic tub like container and therefore I always keeps a sterilizer on my table before putting my hand in the cream.

fairness cream

Likes :-
1. It makes skin feel smooth and supple and glides easily into my skin in spite of being thick in consistency.
2. Though it is highly moisturizing for my skin still it didn’t break me out.
3.Just pea size of cream is required to cover my whole face.
4.It has mild fragrance with which I am quiet comfortable
5. It has Cetyl alcohol which is considered to be good for the skin .It also has propylparaben which can irritate skin but it didn’t cause me  any kind of skin irritation.
6.It reduces dullness and helps in even out the skin a bit.

olay natural white fairness cream

1.Little expensive if I compare it with the quantity of the product.
2. Oily skin people will not like using it in summers for sure.
3.I don’t expect any fairness cream to make me “fair” but my dark spots were not reduced too.

Recommendation – There are so many of us who can not live without fairness cream no matter if they make us fair or not.If you are in one of them and have combination or dry skin then you can try this  at least it has healthy ingredients compared to others.I though won’t recommend this cream   to oily skin people at all especially during  summers season .Cream is more suitable for dry and combination skin.

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Product has been sent by company for consideration but still it has not affected my views in anyway

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  1. Prerana Sharma says

    I too was obsessed with fairness once upon a time but after trying a dozen of brands also, i didn't became fair! Now i have decided not to invest in fairness creams, rather i should go for best moisturizer.
    after all, our Bips too isn't fair, still she is sexy….!!
    My recent post Wise she Give Away cool artificial eyelashes

  2. Mannu says

    I think after reading that you finished off the 50 gm tub in a span of 15 days olay people might think of launching a 500 gm or may be 5000 gm tub hehehehe….Grin

  3. Anamika Sureka says

    hahahaa….no one will buy 500gm tub of olay for sure..because it is just a night cream and not body butterGrin

  4. Tanveer says

    I have the day cream in this – tiny tube – got it free with something. Just used it once coz I think I am allergic to something it contains. My face turned red within 30 mins of application.. Guess my skin was sensitive to something..

    But this night cream sounds decent Smile
    My recent post LUSH Babyface – Review

  5. sasmita parida says

    Its realy a very bad idea to use a fairness cream like OLAY natural white. Not working atall, bakwas Frown Cry plsz dont bios dammmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. suf says

    dear olay natural white is toooooo good am using it from 3 week its really make my skin tone equal, glowing and spot less i am using day & night cream both. its a little bit expensive but when i see result so i feel comfort that i am not wasting money & time.

  7. shab says

    Yes this product is a gud one…with in 3 weeks it reduces my under eye darkness and darkspot..it also make a little fairness to In Love o i like this cream.. Blush

  8. Ayesha Das says

    Hi I am Ayesha.I have a dry skin and looking for a cream that would moisture my skin for long time.Should i use it?

  9. dipanjali says

    i have been using this product both night and day cream for over a month now it really suited my skin..and made me a bit fairer too(as said by my husband)i have dry skin so probably it suited me well.

  10. Rohit nagar says

    Good resulhttp://www.wiseshe.com/wp-content/plugins/tango-smileys-extended/tango24/tap-dance.gift night natural white olay cream

  11. belinda says

    i had used this cream and my face is red n puffed up …it feels like its burning and there is itchiness …similar effects also on my neck… redness hasnt subsided even after a day

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