5 Simple Ways To Detan (Detanning Skin)

By Gunjan,

We Indian woman do not enjoy tanning and the reason being that it rarely  looks beautiful on us.It doesn’t give any bronzy look which we women crave for. So if you are flashing those dark and light strips on your body because of harsh sun exposure then these tips can help you in getting rid of the sun tanned skin .These tips can also help you in your summer skin care

1.      If you have mild tanned skin then rub some peeled potato skin on the tanned skin. You can apply raw potato juice for instant relief.

Potato juice for detannning skin


2.      If you have severe tanned skin then peel off a cucumber and grind them in a mixer grinder. Take out its juice and add 1tsp of cold milk in it. Mix it well and apply the mixture to the tanned area. Wash off the juice with in twenty minutes and follow this twice a day. You can store the cucumber juice for two days to speed up the process.

cucumber juice for skin image source

3.      If you have dry skin then mix sugar, lemon juice and glycerine and use it as a scrub on the tanned area. Use it in circular motion and get yourself rid of the tan with in a week .

4.      Take one lemon juice and mix it with 1tbsp. of honey .Apply it over the sun tanned area. Regular application will lighten the skin and remove tan.

5.      My mom use to apply boiled mashed leaves pulp juice all over the tanned area but I found the process pretty complicated. If you are comfortable doing it then follow  the mash cabbage juice tip  daily for a week .

Cabbage leaves juice for skin

These are my few tried and tested de tanning tips. Do you have any to share with us?

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  1. roopa says

    Hi Gunjan,Anamika,

    I used to have afternoon timings during school and college and this has resulted in bad tans on my hands and to some extent my face. i still carry it even after 10 years. Cry
    Could either of you or both give me good tried and tested solution to get rid of the tan by using natural remedies.

  2. anamika says

    Hi roopa same happend with me and i still carry the tan..i have used many loreal packs and got the treatment done still no result..my hands are same..but i used this solutionhttp://www.wiseshe.com/2010/03/herbal-homemade-moisturizing-lotion-to.html it helped me in reducing the tan ..atleast i don have the bad tan on the face if on hand..

    a lesson learnt – i wont let my daughter go out in the sun without a sunblock Grin

    • Krupa says

      Please understand that it is most essential to go out I the son specially between 10am-1pm. You will be able to help the body synthesize vitamin d. Crucial for muscle health. Tan is okay over health

  3. Rebecca says

    Hey the cucumber step, is it the peels of the cucumber which you need to grind or the cucumber itself?
    Please reply asap. I need to start this face pack!

  4. kalpana says

    If u have tanned skin u can try this tip take basan, curd and cucumber juice mix and apply on face and hand wash after15 min .

  5. sadaf says

    the cucumber thingy
    i mean u apply the juice?
    U cant keep d juice on ur face i hope m nt sounding stupid

  6. Mamtha says

    Just try besan with curd and apply it on the tanned areas regularly yu will get your desired results. Simple and effective Angel

  7. Preeti says

    I went to a beach in summer this year and my arms have tanned badly..
    Please tell something for hands… which one of the above tips works best for hands. or anything new??
    how is the VLCC DeTan pack?

  8. says

    i have tried everything, , still its nt wrking,,.. pls help me out ,,, i hav got dark patches on my hands due to sun burn … ,, pls suggest me smthng wich is best … .

  9. Sheetal says

    I have to travel daily, Just suggest me what should be done on Daily basis for detan
    Means we can say Precaution is better than cure…


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