Best Sunscreen For Dry Skin

By Shruthi,

Pls suggest a good sunscreen lotion for me.I have dry skin.I have to be out in d sun.Plus I am going to a coastel area for vacation

Best Sunscreen for dry skin

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Dry Skin Remedies


    • annika says

      Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock is not good product for Dry Skin, because of its matte finish the product is ideal for Oily Skin.

  1. says

    I like using neutrogena sheer touch spf 55 – but it does tend to feel a bit drying at times.. Coz of the matt finish.. Neutrogena fine fairness lotion spf 30 is moisturising – but it leaves a white cast Razz

    • anamika says

      not tried it..ingfact i have just used 2-3 joves product and didnt like u have any of yur favorite which u would like to recommend?

      • says

        i think it is not that difficult to find a sunscreen for “Dry skin” as it is for “Oily skin” coz majority of sunscreen makes oily skin greasy Frown Frown
        Well Shruthy u should try out Olay sun block with spf50 as u r going to coastal area whr sun rays are much intense..

  2. reddy says

    Just buy neutrogena ultrasheer dry touch sunblock 50+ spf.( i spent 425/- )

    I got a dry skin too and my hunt for the perfect sunblock ended with this neutrogena beauty. no matter how many brands i tried they would form beads of sweat when out in sun. in exasperation i refused to try anymore till i was suggested this Smile

  3. Mitra20 says

    Melagard 50+ SPF from Piramal Healthcare is a good derma prescribed it. Its non-comedogenic and water resistant too…

  4. Raj.... says

    Hey Girls…
    Which one is good for Men and dry skin ….
    please help me also im too searching from long time …

    Thankx in advance …..

  5. sneha says

    ok guys. i hate to brake it to you but neutrogena ultrasheer dry touch sunblock 50+ spf is not all that good for the skin. i dont mean to offend anyone but its main component is oxybenzone which is toxic for the skin. higher the spf, more are the chemicals hence, more damage. best is to stick to spfs till 30 unless you engage in outdoor sports or on a holiday. atleast thats what my derm told me. so stay safe

  6. sneha says

    anytime Smile btw anamika, i just came back home for the summers and realised the extent of my tan..real bad.. can u suggest something for de-tan ? oily/combination skin and acne prone, and most sunscreens also lead to break outs Frown

  7. Dhanu says

    hi Anamika,
    how are you? after a long time actually…am reading this post today. Yes, i agree to what sneha told …..more spf = more chemicals, result –> your skin will get damaged. Do you remember i was checking with you rigorously about the sunscreen some days back…i still did not find any. When i was discussing about this to my friend, she too told the same way, Sneha told. Not to use SPF which is more than 30 coz the more high spf factor you use, that much chemicals will react on your skin and its bad. so am still going slow on my sunscreen… first tube bot from Fab India, vitamin E sunscreen spf 30 is still there and am using it miserly. So i just waiting to tell this to you so that other ladies will also be aware of what they will be using on the skin.

    Anu, in my recent visit to Health & Glow store, the SA highly recommended VLCC’s Surya Sandal Sunscreen SPF 30. Initially she suggested Neutrogena Dry Sheer, but then i told it has too much of chemicals..she too agreed and told why donot i try something herbal…then she showed me Lotus Mattee (tinted) sunscreen…since i was not keen in trying lotus products…i told NO…so she came up with this product from VLCC….is it possible for you to review them for me?

    • anamika says

      Dhanu i will try reviewing the way u can try Lakme also..i am finding the lake range nice..and it has SPF 30 only and in some creams it is less .right now i already have too many sunscreen with me so it will take some time but i will do it..

      also now i also have started showng my doubt abotu the SPF factor if not on body but atleast on faceSmile

  8. Dhanu says

    Thanks for your prompt reply Anu. Yes, i do understand, no worries, take your time in reviewing it.

    I will try the lakme ones!!

    Yes….i want all the ladies out here to be aware of this fact as well.

    • anamika says

      yes but the ones who go outside every day in harsh summers(marketing jobs and all) they do need that extra SPF na?

  9. sri says

    hi girls.. can u tell about olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer SPF 30 – Sensitive Skin. is it available in india and also the cost?? its non comedogenic and also has physical sun block zinc which is good.. im using tretinoin and in search of sunblock. thanks for reply

  10. Neha says

    In Love HI Girls please help me out with the sunscreen which does not cause heavy sweating and tanning when applied and which suits to beach weather as well

  11. Ash says

    Hi girls, i have checked all the above comments, i liked it. im going to coimbatore for 2 days, i have dry skin, im confused with whether to buy Lotus anti tan sun screen or Lotus sun block. kindly suggest.

  12. charan says

    i used almost all the suncreens netrogena, lotus,boat all of minimum spf 30 nothing felt good the best was imported SEBAMED 150 ML 1000 RUPEES SPF 50 AND THE BEST IS BIODERM PHOTO DERM SPF 30 40 ML 1200 RUPEES IS AWESOME IS AVAILABLE IN reputated medical shops

  13. kuky says

    Dance Left Right Tap Dance i love lakme sun expert spf 50 pa+++ Grin try that with a l’il moisturizer(oil free like garnier) before 30 minutes of going out in the sun. i personally love it and also it is non-comedogenic which means it does not cause any allergies or acne

  14. Khushande says

    Hey girls,
    I have been following ur conversation!
    Now am confused!!
    I need some sun screen for dry and sensitive skin… Which eventually makes me sweat!!!!
    Is it good to combine sunscreen n lotion??

  15. Jamsheed says

    Hi Friends…

    I noticed all the suggesion here and nw am confused..pls help me skin is getting darker… I want to help my dry skin from sun..Which cream is best…pls help me frirnds…

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