Office Hair Style For Long Hair With Pictures

By Prerana Sharma,

One can look different without much of effort by adding just a few twist in their hairstyle.This is what I tried.Made a cute pony tail and here goes the step by step tutorial.Smile

STEP 1. Make a high pony tail and make sure that the  hair band from which you tie the piny tail is extremely tight

Pony tail hair styles

Step2 – Take a small section of hair from the    lower side of the pony tail and make a normal braid. Tie it with a black elastic rubber band.

Office style pony tail

STEP 3. Wrap it up around the black rubber band at the base of the pony tail and fix the end of the braid with the help of two juda clips. The thin braid should be wrapped up around the hair band in such a manner that the rubber band is not visible..

Ponytail band

and we are done Smile

How To Make A cute Pony Tail

My special thanks to my sis-in-law Karubaki, who patiently sat with me without moving and allowed me to experiment with her lovely hair…Love you karuSmile

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  1. Maha says

    Prerna, everyone in your family seems to have awesome hair Hypnotized Sadly I can not experiment with mine coz neither does it have length nor volume Frown

    • Maha says

      Oh! Ok a friend of mine had thick hair until she was in kolkatta and lost half of it when she shifted to chennai. At least we should give you the credit for maintaining your hair so well Smile

      • says

        so can u too maintain, follow these tips :-
        1. shampoo twice a week
        2. do a hot oil treatment before your every shampoo wash
        3. after shampoo, apply deep conditioner & leave it on hair for 5min, then wash
        4. when washing hair, give lemon water rinse (ie., last rinse)
        5. always air dry hair, avoid hair dryer as much as possible
        6. apply hair pack as per hair type once in 15days
        always apply hair serum B4 stepping out of home to save them frm dust

    • says

      ya sure u can do it on yourselve, it is super easy!! Smile Smile
      for your oily hair, i must tell u, i too have oily scalp Big Frown but for that u will have to shampoo every after 2days, ie., mon-thu-sun-wed and so on…
      and skipping conditioner is strictly NO-NO, (and i think everybody knows- conditioner is to b applied on hair, not on scalp)
      for hair-fall, do u know we lose 100 hair strands per day, it is normal(ask your doc if hv doubt) if hairfall is more than this, take Biotin tablet after consulting doctor..

  2. khaddu says

    hey anamika and prerna ..i want to ask…can u tell me how to shampoo hair correctly ? like a step by step procedure. i feel i always Cry end up using too much shampoo ..and it kind of makes the hair frizzy after the bath. this happens to me always . Cry Cry please help me !!! Frown Big Frown Question

  3. Adivaah says

    Prerana nice tut! Your sis in law is such a nice girl, look at her hands, she sat like obedient child with folded hands Wink

  4. says

    @ khaddu, sure i will do that for you..shampooing has really got a technique ie, diluting with water n all..

    @ Aarthi, thanks, will convey her the compliments..

    @ Adivaah, yes u r right….she sat almost 2 hr without moving and let me do my work…she is really adorable sis…

  5. khaddu says

    hey yes thank u so much…please write a post on it itself with pictures and all..! it will be really helpful for ignorant people like me…! Big Frown

  6. Sneha says

    Lovely style Prerana, n so quick to do also. I wish I had so much thick hair!!!
    Well, could you please also do a tutorial on Sagar choti Cute
    It looks so awesome, I asked so many friends of mine, searched on net, but could not find it anywhere Frown Thanks Smile

  7. says

    is there any herbal remedy option of serum …………………???????????????
    to apply before going outside becoz serums r quite expensive…………………………….
    and cheap ones are not good yaar Big Frown

  8. shrilata says

    Wow Prerna lovely hair style……..I tie a pony daily need to try that second part…will keep you posted how it went Smile

  9. says

    Thanks Prerna, I do wash my hair every 2nd day and sometimes daily too ..but I dont use conditioner ..perhaps I should start doing it ..and ya I know about the 100 hair fall Wink..thanks for the tip

  10. ceenu says

    Looking awesome,

    I hv a que. In my mind for my hair that my hair is either not striaght nor curly . These style not suits me, but i want ds________

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