Best Face Pack For Oily Skin

By Radha,

I have super oily skin and I am looking for any HG face pack which you have used.Please suggest

best face pack for oily skin


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  1. says

    Radha I would suggest you to use either Himalaya Neem Face Pach if you have acne problems as well, otherwise Himalaya Fruit Pack which would hydrate, remove tan yet keep your skin in good health. I have super oily skin too

  2. Rashmi says

    Hey radha, i use the following the pack and it does wonders to my skin..
    Multani Mitti + Chandan Powder + Rosewater + 1 drop glycerin = Glowing Skin

    Gram Flour + Haldi + Rosewater = Squeaky Clean Skin

  3. arti says

    well use ubtans after trying zillion of products i think our very own daadi ma ke nukse is the bestttttt !

    so here is my receipe:
    2-3 tablespoon of besan
    2-3 tablespoon of gramflour
    2-3 tablespoon of powdered moongdal (green daal)(powder it in blender)
    1-2 tablespoon of sandalwood powder
    1 tablespoon of amma haldi or plain turmeric powder
    1-2 tablespoon of powdered neem and tulsi (u can sundry them and make powder or can purchase them )
    1 tablespoon of grounded almond powder
    1-2 tablets of camphor or kapoor

    mix it and take put in the container whenever u wanna apply it mix it with rosewater and rawmilk ……its great for superoily skin….apart from this try alum on ur skin just rub gently slum after washing your face it absorbs excess oil and even prevents acne……but do a patch test

    if too lazy u may purchase packs from forest essentials or ayur sandalwood pack or neempack or tulsi pack or mint pack according to ur skin need!

    take care

  4. arti says

    tanveer alum is phitkari easily available at any grocery store ……its an astrigent and it has been used in various skin treatment since 15 th century ! it is used as water purification coz it attracts the dirt particles thus is effective for oily skins and prevents acne but cant cure them
    its used as natural deodrant by its efficient in fighting bad odour
    also alum works as mouth freshners add pinch of alum in little turmeric and warm water
    can be used after shave also

    anamika do try the pack and tell me how did it work

  5. arti says

    anamika the pack i mentioned is for oily skin u may add rose powder milk cream and few drops of essential oil if u have combi or dry skin

  6. says

    I have tried gulab jal with multani mitti twice a really works.
    one should definitly use she is proned with oily skin…

  7. Mark M says

    Hey there, I have combination skin (T zone) as well.. The moisturizer I use is from Shielo.. It’s called Shielo Complexion AntiAging Moisturizer .. I don’t know if you’ll find the similar one where you stay.. But this moisturizer from Shielo is for oily or combination skin .. I really like this brand.. It doesn’t cause me any break outs.. Hope this helps!!

  8. Devika says

  9. nidhi kumar says

    i too hav oily skin…so i usually use mixture of multani mitti+neem powder+lil bit of turmeric+mash all d ingredients with rose water. This really works for acne and pimples by providing clear and fresh skin. Rose

  10. ritu sharma says

    hiii all Smile
    i read everyone’s reply Grin

    u know after using manyyy thing…
    now i use Aroma calamine face back
    and it is fantasticccccc..really
    i use Aroma’s neem face wash

    & from last two months i have been applying aloevera Smile
    natural Smile
    its best for oily skin Smile

  11. vishnu vardhan says

  12. Himanshu says

    Hi can somone tell me i’ve oily skin n which got tanned i want to get it removed and fairness plzz suggest me.

  13. sunny pandit says

    i have many pimples on my face which are very painful so plz plz plz suggest me to pervent it. Thank a lot in advance dear plz!

  14. aiswarya says

    Tap DanceRETINO-A .05%is very good for skin with pimples..even i have tried dis… and u cant believe my face well clean now without any acnes and marks

  15. anu says

    Hi i have a oily skin with 1 or 2 pimples! during my monthly cycle I tend to get more pimples especially on my chin, so please suggest me something which can make wonders on my skin. I have a mature skin. And I have done several homemade recipes with riceflour/turmeric/lemons/carrots/baking soda/ chandan list is too long!! it has worked but for short time, again it starts! and i totally avoid fried foods, stopped eating sweets, maintaining my skin internally as well as externally! How to get a flawless skin? do anybody help me out!

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