How To Do Fishtail Braids (Side swept braid in Khajuri style)

By Prerana Sharma,

Khajuri style choti is also known as Fishbone  braid looks time consuming but it is actually quite interesting and a fun activity .Smile

so without further wasting much time I will go directly to the tutorial

Step1 -Comb and bring all your hair to one  side. In that side take little hair, roll and fix hair pin as shown in pic.


STEP 2. Make two equal partitions.

Hairdos fishtail pony tail

Step3 – Take little hair strand from right  and join it to the left parted hair strands.

How to style short hair

Step4 -Take little hair strands from left and join and join it to the right  parted hair strands.

How to do fish tail hair style

Step5 –  keep on repeating the above steps and you will get this pattern…



and we are done Smile

How to do easy hairstyle fishtail

Side swept braid with Khajuri choti..Smile

Simple Hair Style of fishtail


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      • Meenu says

        so you mean pak will defeat india???
        BTW its a record that till now pak has not won a single match against india in WC…. isnt that great Smile Smile

          • Meenu says

            if india didnt make it to final or semi final or anything that doesn’t mean it has to be defeated by all teams…..
            every india pakistan WC match resulted in inida win alaways…. Smile Smile
            it lost to other countries so coudn’t make it to finals bt always won from pak… guruma ki baat samajh aayi???

  1. says

    Anu, There is a correction in Step 4. It should be :- Take little hair strands from the left and join it to the “RIGHT” parted hair. (there instead of “right” left is written..)

  2. says

    AWESOME hair (prerna’s SIL) … and who was making the braid ???
    i am so happy to see this after so many days ..

    never ever tried .. i have short hair Frown

  3. Meenu says

    LOL! you wanna be chacha chaudhary??? ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL
    old taklu chacha chaudhary ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL
    i dont wanna b sabu i m from earth unlike sabu….

  4. Meenu says

    LOL! with hair … u wont be chacha chaudhary then ROTFL ROTFL
    now i wanna see viru’s batting… hope i got to reach hme timely today…. Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed
    arey leave aside compitition, india need to get its NRR high with this match coz other two matches are gonna b tough to win even

  5. anamika says

    Thinking Thinking I can be a moder day chacha chaudhary ..

    i think it is going to be a easy win though what ever i think nowadays in cricket never happens Razz

  6. Amritha says

    holy…that plait is amazing and the hair is wow. Heh i cud never do that even if my life depended on it. Worship

  7. says

    WOW WOW Grin me gng to try this on my hair .. btw u kw i tried your sagar choti all by myself :yay: .. thoda clumsy hua but came out good Big Smile love u for these tutorials Kiss keep up the good work Smile

  8. Maha says

    Good one Prerna ji Yes Yes And your SIL is really being pampered by you Big Smile And yeah she is a very patient model too Big Smile

  9. reddy says

    Beautiful !! Oh i so envy you girl !! Rolls Eyes

    Reminds me of that ad in tv. the guy comes over to see the girl. he’s not interested when he sees her full frontal. Now,she turns back,flashing her long plait and voila ! he’s all fida and smiles Grin

    Hardly we get to see such hair nowadays Grin .everybody sports a short hair keep. you eat a lot of sea food ?

  10. says

    Yup reddy, u r right…mostly girls are working now a days and so tend to keep hair length short to reduce the maintenance time Grin but my sis-in-law (the model in my tutorial) is a home maker and hence she gets plenty of time to pamper herself & her hair…
    And sea food… ROTFL ROTFL no dear, bengalis are more fond of different types of fishes…this is fish effect Eat Eat

    • anamika says

      yup because of the codliver oil it gives amazing hair…but yes prerana use many other things as well..they look very silky too Smile

  11. Adivaah says

    Prerana, I was planning to ask you to do a tut on this style but I didn’t know what kind of description I should give, but now I realised you guys also call this Kajuri choti, I will try this Yes

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