How To Plan A Trip To Andaman And Nicobar Island

How To Plan A trip To Andaman And Nicobar

Just back from Andaman and can’t explain to you guys how much fun I had! Andaman still looks as if it is undiscovered, covered with dense forest and exotic flowers, clear water and virgin islands. An ideal gateway to spend your time by doing nothing and just relaxing. If you’re looking for disc, gambling or late night parties then it’s not the place for you. People sleep by 9 pm and get up at 4-4.30.

Only reaching Andaman is expensive, rest everything is pretty reasonable. From food to stay one can easily cover everything comfortably in the price of their choice.

There are two ways to reach Andaman islands – one is by ship which take three days (as heard) to reach there which is going to make a common person sea sick only. Another is by flight from Chennai which takes two hours. In total it costed us Rs35,000 (2 ppl, Hyd-Chennai-Portblair) to and fro.

I saw mostly aged people above 50 in my flight so initially I was shocked Razz but reaching there I realised that it is such a peaceful place that people of all age groups can enjoy there.

After reaching Port blair and checking into the hotel  we visited

Corbyn’s Cove It was my first beach and so peaceful .There is a small changing room there which was of no use and little scary so we didn’t swim there. In the whole beach there was just one more couple. No plastic, no cold drink bottles .It is a good beach to visit on the first day. With this there was no one who was selling anything and no water sports either. You are almost on your own on the beaches.

Chidya Tapu It is some what similar to Corbyn’s cove but little more beautiful.One can see sunset here.

How To Plan A Trip To India

It was 6 in the evening and our driver told us that one can travel till 7 only in Andaman as all of them have to report to their owners.It was difficult to believe that people sleep at 9pm there.

In all hotels be it five star or three star, tea or coffee are served by 7 in the morning – if you missed it then sorry Razz Breakfast is available till 9am.We managed to get ready by 9am and when we reached for our buffet at 9.05 they refused to serve us. It was incredulous and we thought that we got into the worst of hotel but then afterwards we realised that this is their normal lifestyle.

Day 2- We took a cruise to three islands which was Ross, Viper and North bay though our travel agent( had just made our travel plans for North bay only. I wonder why they didn’t do it because all the islands are 10 minutes from each other and it cost just Rs 300 more to visit them.One can cover all these three islands in six hours.Anyways we purchased our own ticket and visited the three islands.They are a must see .Ross Island has a great history.You can see the ruins of church, tennis court, swimming  pool and many other things which Britishers  did there. One can get a guide in Rs10 so do take them you will enjoy the history of the island.Viper island had nothing much just a house which has a jail that was used by British to imprison convicts.

Trip To Andaman

After this we visited North bay which is a small island and one can see coral reefs and swim there. There is a small changing room and tea stall. For snorkelling we were charged Rs 200 per head for 20 min. and it was an amazing experience. Seeing all the corals , fishes under the water with the glasses and inhaler was an experience on its own.

Cellular jail

After this we went to Cellular jail(the infamous Kala Paani) and watched the sound and light show which too is a must watch. It was moving to see the jail where Vir Savarkar were imprisoned and to grasp how badly prisoners were treated and how they stayed is  something beyond imagination.

3rd Day Havlock

We reached Havlock Island (yes this time we were ready by 7 and got used to of getting up at 6:30amRazz) boarded  the steamer which costed Rs 650 (included in our plan btw).We reached hotel  Symphony palm beach resort which is a sea facing hotel if you stay in their ‘lagoon’ rooms. It has nice sea food too. We went to radhanagar beach (beach no.7) and trust me if you love swimming you are going to Love this beach. Just awesome! The water is so clear that even if you go neck deep, you will be able to see your feet and that’s not an exaggaration! Don’t forget to have your food  in Barefoot resort on the beach. You can also take massage and do meditation and yoga too. Changing rooms are also clean.

We read on Wiki that hotel white sand is famous for pizzas and pastas so we walked down half a km to have some fresh pizza but unfortunately there cook was not available but later on we were told that restaurant doesn’t work there.


Nicobar islands

Our tour organiser had just made one day booking in symphony palm and I wonder what were they thinking. We had to vacate the room by 9 and after wards we had nothing to do as the ferry for Portblair was to leave at 4 pm in afternoon. Our guide from travel guru told us to just relax for more time on the beach .One can not swim on symphony palm beach because for kms water is just 3 feet.

At 11am our driver took us to kala pathar beach. Andaman has around 30’ of temperature and sun is at its peak between 11 am to 2 pm there. After 3 is the ideal time to relax or swim on the beaches – before that one will just boil himself up .When we reached there we asked the driver to take us to radha nagar beach again which was 12km far from that place which he refused. So we were kind of stuck. No hotel to stay and neither a good place to relax.We came back to the hotel and sat on the beach and started reading again and waited for the steamer to take us back to portblair.

We reached port blair at 7 and then checked in to the same hotel.


There was nothing major arranged by the travel guru .They neither took us for a city tour or made arrangement for any museums to visits which were near by. Neither had they arranged for the cellular jail which is a must visit. We did all these things by ourself by reading Wiki and asking others.

Nicobar Islands

Only thing which was planned was Mount Harriet which is the highest peak on the southern island .We didn’t find anything interesting there especially in the heat.

After coming back we visited khadi store which has some really good small wooden and cane stuff to buy.


We were asked to vacate the hotel by 8 and fly in the sky Razz Our flight was at 1 :40 so had nothing major to do so we roamed around the city and read.


Though we had a great time relaxing on the beach, swimming, visiting the museum , doing snorkelling, jet sking but all that was done from our side and our on own expense.We could have planned our trip in a much better way with less money if it we had relied on ourselves instead of travelguru.


Still we had awesome fun it was our second anniversary and thank you so much to all of you who mailed me and wished us. Special thanks to Maha, Menu, Mitra and Prerana who kept the blog alive when I was away.

There are many comments to be replied and my Inbox is loaded with anniversary wishes and beauty and makeup related questions. Will reply them back and if by chance I don’t reply or miss them then re send the mail.

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  1. this andaman nicobar trip looks so exciting … the best part is it is a part of india which such lovely spots … my next trip will be andaman nicobar…thanks for sharing
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    • anamika says:

      Satya it is a must visit unexplored with peace unwind yourself it is a must visit place Smile

  2. Belated Anniversary Wishes!! So sorry abt that! Looks like u guys had a great time Smile Post some pics of yourselves Smile

  3. anamika says:

    Thanks Appu..will surely post my pic later…and yes we did had good timeSmile

    How u doing..have to cover up lot of reading of few of my fab blogsSmile

  4. Hi, babe….. Laugh Laugh had fun…. welcome back Kiss Kiss
    reading the post was so exciting… i cant imagine how good it must have been for you….

  5. wow, i just loved reading, read it twice Smile Smile

  6. anamika says:

    aaww thanks Rentu..Smile

  7. Hello Anamika

    I had been looking for a review on Indian beaches and this is exactly what I was looking for. I have been enjoying your beauty tips for quiet a while and now these travel reviews that you have started look great too. Keep up the good work.


  8. Welcome back Big Smile Big Smile Looks like you had an awesome time! Such a nice place na. Me wants to visit sometime.

  9. Hi Anu, welcome back…
    What a splendid trip u had…i’m super jealous…and all your pictures are just like magazine covers / picture perfect..

  10. And that nail art is perfect for the beach Big Smile Big Smile

  11. WOW….just WOW….the pics look amazing….and to tell you a secret i have always wanted to go to Andaman when i get married….my friends had gone there for a fun trip but i refused to go….cause its such a lovely place and wanted to experience it with my “Special SOmeone ONLY” Yes Yes Yes Yes

  12. Poor maintenance by the government and the people Big Frown It has become sort of a dumping ground. And the better ones are unsafe to go like kovalam and all. We have a long stretch of beach here and with good maintenance it could have been a good tourist attraction.

    • i know same is with mumbai and i hope soon it doesn’t happen with goa also..though chennai and andaman has the same temperature and share the same sea still people go to andaman is sad..

  13. Wow! Seems u had a splendid trip Smile Kind of your next honeymoon only Wink Belated Anniversary wishes Smile Smile
    And a good guidance, will certainly take this into account while visiting.

    • Thanks Sneha and how have u been doing..been days since i had a word with you Smile

      • Yeah, me doing gr8, thanks. Was wondering why u were missing, got to know now Smile

        • I too was missing blogging so much.I never realized that blogging has become such a big part of my life..saying hie every day to most of the regular visitor and knowing about there day has become a usual thing for me.Smile

  14. welcome back anu Smile glad u had a great time together …
    forgot to take my name Frown Frown dont worry .. just dont talk to me for 10 days Frown Frown Frown

  15. wow, such a great time u had. Smile well, i’m not going anywhere right now Frown, but it’s still fun to share others’ experiences. Smile and once again, happy anniversary. Big Smile

  16. Shrilata says:

    Welcome back Anu….and yes what a romantic place…my anniversary celebrations will be in Andaman this year I swear i swear..amazingly good In Love

  17. anamika says: post is going to be heavy on many husband pockets GrinGrin

  18. Shrilata says:

    I have already sent this link to my hubby…expecting his call any moment ROTFL

  19. anamika says:


  20. Belated congrats on your second anniversary!! I’m glad you had a good time. Andaman is on my list of must visit places in India.

  21. You had been to Andaman!!! wow! I’m not uch of a beach person becasue I can’t suim, I get tanned and a thousand reasons. But the photos make me wish t go there. Just wonderful!!!

  22. belated happy anniv Smile god bless you !!

  23. A very good review anu. great pictures too…
    i’m glad you two had this break and enjoyed it too…

    love you

  24. hi anamika, thanks for the detailed entry abt ur visit and even i want to visit andaman someday. and congrats on ur second anniversary. Smile am not posting much nowadays coz my internet connection is a drag in here at kerala. I need to get a new connection soon and start blogging again Smile

  25. Wow! Looks like u had fun…

    welcome back.. missed having u around Smile

  26. That’s such a nice place to go for anniversary celebrations, its looks calm & serene.I’m glad you took a nice break from the regular routine & came back rejuvanated Cool
    & yeah Prerana took good care of the blog in your absence with her humour. Grin

    • anamika says:

      sorry missed out on yur commentSmile

      yes we had great time there..u should plan yur honey moon there u will enjoy it too and take us along Razz

  27. I really want to visit these islands now Smile

  28. b v raval says:

    nice review..its a great help..can you guide us how to plan the tour for andaman? i mean how many days required for each place and which place should be kept as base point so that by staying there one can move around and visit many places around..? thanks again for nice blog..! hope you will answer in detail as i am planning to go in oct-2011 with my family and dont want to rely on travel agency as i dont want to ruin my vacation as andaman is very far from gujarat and wouldnt get another opportunity to go back there.. .thanks.

    • hi..
      you can stay in port blair and stay there for 2 can visit near by places by staying there only.good places to visit are ross island , coral and one more near can do snorkling there only..then move to havlock and stay there for 2 days and enjoy radha nagar beach..
      don go to kala pathar there is nothing on it.

      and in prot blair only you an visit the cellular jail .

  29. b v raval says:

    thanks a lot..!! & how about Baratang..? have you visited the place..??

  30. boutique city discount hotel new york says:

    Its so exotic be be at this place. Will plan a stay soon, hope I get a cool place to stay with discount.

  31. hiiiiiiiii dere
    even my experience ws quite like wht u said.we ppl knw nothin abt dt plc n taking us to wiper island dey kind of make our i hv heard dt dere is a place where tribal ppl live dts a good place dey say to visit bt dt ws nt included in our tour n ya snorkelling ws really good.evrybdy shd try it once..

  32. Hi Anamika,

    We are planning a trip 2 Andaman in Feb 2013 and need your help. Make my trip is costing us around 28k + 3.90% govt. taxes from kolkata. Where as we live in lucknow, so we’ll have to travel Calcutta for this trip. Are there any better options?

  33. Thanks 4 d quick response SmileMMT is not covering major tour spots like baratang, barren island and mahatma gandhi marine national park + its costing us around 57k for 2 ppl, so we are like its btr 2 b on our own as we have our Bank’s holiday home there. I just hope the place is safe. Could u tell me some must “skip” spots which hav nothing spcl and if 5 nights would be fine 4 d trip. The holiday home guy told us that he’l arrange 4 d permit etc. Also I heard that cobyn cove has nothing spcl. Do u guys went 2 elephant beach?

    • i don remember the beach names now but i am sure i didnt visit elephant beach.

      • Fariskhan says:

        Hi Anamika – This is excellent review..I have booked my flights for Andaman from Oct 13 – 19. I am also taking my 7 year old daughter and I am looking for good holiday packages, but with reviews like yours I am confused if I should take such your exp. they let you out in the morning and made you roam all the day without a hotel..(pain)..I dont want to be in such situation as we are going with our daughter.

        can you throw somelite on how to plan this? I can book the hotels..but the problem is other activities like ferry tickets, entry tickets, travel, siteseeing etc..
        are there any local guides who can help us with this?

        Thank you so much..

        • there r many local guides there so u don need to worry abt it..thing is one u leave in the morning for another island there is no point coming back to yur hotel in between.

  34. Thanks Smile

  35. i want to make my trip on my own by ship oneway and other by flight pls give me fare details by ship and return y flight from visakhapatnam-andaman

  36. Hi I am Amita,Awesome! Its in fact amazing Blog for A visit to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a memorable lifetime experience.there are still some conflicts on Andaman best time to visit, read more on Andaman packages

  37. Madhubani says:

    Andaman is a tremendously beautiful place..went there on 2011… Smile

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