Oriflame VeryMe Peach Me Perfect Skinglow Review

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I have heard a hell lot of praise about Oriflame “Visions V Peach me Perfect Skin Glow” and initially I didn’t even have any idea what is it? Then I saw the product at one of my cousins’ place and got to know that its tinted moisturizer cum foundation thing. When I became consultant of oriflame, I never found it in the stock. Later I got to know that they have discontinued the product and Oriflame will re-launch “Peach Me Perfect Skinglow” under their new range of Veryme and in new different packaging. Some of you might already know that “Veryme” is the new low cost (or affordable  ) range of Oriflame which they are introducing in place of “Visions V*” and slowly discontinuing the Visions range. Apart from the Peach me perfect, Veryme has introduced liquid eye liners, lip stains, lip glosses, lipsticks, mascara and perfumes till now. So, coming to the point, when I saw the new Peach me perfect I was eagerly waiting Waiting for March coz that’s when it was to be launched. Finally, I got my much awaited product and here goes my lovely journey with it.

  • Product Claim: Bring out the best in your complexion. Tinted gel moisturizer with a lightweight finish that gives you a peachy, natural glow. Can be worn alone or with your favorite foundation.


  • Ingredients: Do you really want to see the ingredients list? Here it goes (but don’t be scared):

Price: INR 279/- for 30 ml and INR 209/- for 30 ml in March (on introductory discount) Grin Grin .
It is available in two shades Light and Dark. You can see the shades at the bottom (near the cap of the tube) in the picture below (the one on the left is dark and on right is light shade):

Oriflame VeryMe Peach Me Perfect Skinglow Review

  • My experience with the Product: Initially when I saw the product I was little disappointed because of the packaging. The orange cap which is looking very shiny in the above picture (taken from the website) was not so impressive. Take a look at the original tube and its size.



Oriflame VeryMe Peach Me Perfect Skinglow Review

Not that bad either hunh? But I found the previous packaging of Peach me cuter – white tube with silver colored cap In Love . Anyways that was the end of my disappointment Grin. I was happy that now its available in two shades because I, being dusky complexioned, wasn’t very comfortable in previous peachy tint, though the cousin’s earlier version of product didn’t disappoint me either. The product dispense through the punctured nozzle which controls the amount to be taken out

Oriflame tinted moisturiser review

The texture of the moisturizer is just like a perfect moisturizer making it very easy to blend…. In fact I can use it even with closed eyes without worrying about the blending part Dance . Here’s the swatch of the Peach me perfect Skinglow:


Oriflame tinted moisturiser review swatches

The moisturizer has very very tiny golden particles; actually they are too tiny to be called as particle, its kind of shine in the moisturizer. So, when blended, it gives a very nice shine to the skin (if you could notice the little shine on the second picture please note this also that I applied here like a miser Razz) which I loved most about the product :*. It also gives you a little coverage which anyone would welcome for daily wear without looking made up at all (believe me I am wearing it to my work every day now Giggle ). It has a mild fragrance of peach (obviously, the NAME!) which is not at all bothering for me. I haven’t used any other tinted moisturizer so can’t compare it with the much talked about ponds and biotique TMs. All I can say is I am loving it.

What I liked about Peach Me Perfect Skinglow:

–          Isn’t the name cute? “Peach me Perfect”- as if you are talking to the product Razz.

–          The texture is so easy and if I can blend it comfortably any one on this earth can (I really suck when it comes to applying foundation etc.Thinking ).

–            I love for the shine it adds to my face.

–          The staying power is pretty nice, even when I see myself in the evening, I can see the shine though faded….. but still its there.

–          It gives little coverage too but please don’t expect much it will give you more of a shine that coverage (which may be less than the ponds TM). So, I feel, you can use it over your foundation for the added shine on face.

–           Very small dots on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin works….. I even skip dotting chin most of the times still it comes out fine.

–          Light peachy smell- I like.

–          The packaging- its very tavel friendly.

–          Oriflame products are not tested on animals.

What I didn’t like about Peach Me Perfect Skinglow :

–          Again, the packing- I liked the previous packing more. Didn’t like the orange cap at all.

–          When not on discount, it can be costly affair for many (including me Razz) but then again comparable to other TMs available in market.

–          If I want considerable coverage, then it can never be the call.

–           Only two shades are available. Still I feel the dark one will suit most of the Indian skin tone. The light shade is same as of the earlier Visions V Peach me Perfect.


Will I repurchase it: I like it very much and I already have two tubes but after that I would like to try the Ponds and Biotique TMs.

But completely recommend it.

Wiseshe rating: 4/5 (-1 for sooooo less coverage and packaging)

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    • Meenu says

      i know yaar …. tension ho gayi bhayanak waali Suspense Suspense
      i dont know how many trips i’ve already made to the reception

  1. says

    I tried the older version and have to say I totally hated it.It was so runny and sweat and heat would make it melt all over my clothes.This one though looks promising.

    • Meenu says

      hi sonia, this one is not very different from the previous version (i have used older one a couple of times). n if that didnt work for you, i wont suggest you to go for this one Smile

  2. Rashmi says

    These days ‘Peach me perfect’ has become the hot favorite when it comes to tinted moisturisers…… all my friends have ordered this moisturiser for daily wear (and so have I.. Razz )

  3. Maha says

    Nice review Meenu Big Smile So many ppl have started raving abt this one! Is there anyone who can compare it with Ponds TM Question

  4. Sahrish says

    Hey. I have a wheatish complexion, so I had two questions in mind regarding this product:
    1) Since it is tinted, does it look like a bronzer making my face look tanned???
    2) I have oily skin…. I think it’d make it look more oily and greasy, isn’t it ???

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