5 Best Skin Toners

I realized  the importance of toner pretty late but it is better to be late than never Razz .After using green tea toner mask method no. of  times and seeing difference in my skin texture I started using toner regularly.I am yet to review many of them but thought of compiling the best five toners which I have used till date.

Reason I am more particular about toner now is the difference which I see when I skip them.Toner reduces the skin inflammation and helps in removing the last trace of makeup beside toning and firming the skin.My pores opens up without toner and skin doesn’t look fresh enough Frown this is why using toner is a must have for me now.

Here goes the list of my favourite five skin tonersSmile

Body Shop Toner

I like this toner as it has no preservatives, artificial fragrance and contains aloevera.It has no alcohol in it and is suitable for most sensitive skin.Price of the toner is steep (Rs545) but 200ml quantity of the toner and healthy ingredient present in it  justified it.Regular use of the toner soothes the skin and more of all body shop states that aloevera used in the product is of highest quality aloevera.It is hand collected and hand washed and hand prepared.All this quality makes this toner best of allSmile

Body Shop Aloe Calming toner review

Patanjali Rose water

This is the purest form of rose water I have ever come across.I use this rose water in my face packs,in bath water and what notGrinGrin.I think I almost land up using like water only Razz Razz.Organic rose water fragrance suits most sensitive skin.No alcohol content is there and is 100% herbal.Cost is just Rs25 for 120ml and this rose water is kind of must have for me.


Patanjali rose water toner Review

Fab India Tea Tree toner This toner is best suited for acne prone skin.It is harsh but   effective.It controls acne because of the presence of tea tree oil I believe.Long use of the toner is said to  help in removing blemishes which I haven’t done  so can’t really say on that aspect.It cost Rs 125 for 200ml .All in all it is a good toner to be used in summer if one is having oily and acne prone skin.

Fab India tea tree toner review

Lotus Herbals Basiltone cucumber and basil toner – If you have oily , acne prone skin and you are living in  city like Delhi which has worst of climate in summer than this toner can be your HG.Toner doesn’t rip of the moisture from the skin and comes in a spray bottle which can be re used later Razz .It is alcohol free and cucumber and basil fragrance made me love it.It won’t show any exemplary performance in case of pores tightening but will help in letting the summer pass by in peace by relaxing the skin.

lotus herbal basil toner review

Shanaz Husain Sharose date enriched skin toner

I purchased this skin toner after Mamta’s recommendation.This toner keeps skin refreshed and smooth and khajoor extract helps in retaining the moisture.Fitakri present in the toner helps in reducing acne as well.It cost Rs 400 for 200ml so I placed it last on my list because if I compare it with its price it is not that great aleit this toner is going to suit most skin type.

shahnaz Rose Water skin toner Review

This ends the list of my top skin toners list.Smile

Do you use skin toner? Which is your best  skin toner till date?

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  1. says

    I love the tea tree one… i got it after reading abt the mask treatment on your and rads blogs… loved the toner… Smile i think tanveer too had recommended it… i agree abt it being harsh! It did nothing to my blemishes though Frown these days i am using khadi rose water… it is herbal, without additives and has a lovely fragrance…. i use it for kuhu too Smile

    patanjali has some great products but they are so difficult to find na??? Frown next on my list is the lotus toner Smile

    • anamika says

      yup patanjali is difficult to find ..and then there is always so much of rush at their center.wow Kuhu us so lucky..she is using toners now ..Smile

      • says

        i love fab india’s lavender toner. In Love but sometimes fab india’s spray bottle is such a pain to handle. even though i have dry skin i use a toner and then apply a moisturizer on my face immediately..

  2. says

    This is a great list. However, I have never used a toner. Guess, it is really important.
    Which one should I go with, If I have oily acne prone skin?

  3. Tanaya says

    nice review bt wht abt d poor gal like me??? Cry i hv combined skin with oily T-zone.body shop and shahnaz r too costly yaar.cnt efford Frown and patanjali is nt available here i think.which 1 shd i use di?? Razz

  4. Tanaya says

    jst i hv to put d sliced cucumber on my face Shock n nothing else??for how long?wl it b btr if i use d cucumber from freeze?? Smile

  5. Heena says

    But tea tree hasn’t helped me at all in reducing my blemishes.. I ‘ve used tea tree facewash n even tea tree oil.. none works Cry Cry

  6. says

    Haha..It never occurred to me to put it in a spray bottle. silly me ROTFL ROTFL
    btw, anamika my comments are taking a long time to display on wiseshe today.. Big Frown Big Frown

  7. Rinni says

    Most of the toners in indian market make my skin really sticky..i tried d rose water of lotus and nivea’s toner bt it didnt help!

  8. Sanya Rai says

    Hi… Same with me, Anamika! Frown Even I realized the miracles of toner quite late. But now I’ve started using the toner on daily basis. And I’m quite happy the way it shows on my skin. I’m an Oriflame’s Pure Skin Face Toner user. And ever since I started using this one, my skin issues have been at bay.

  9. bhavika says

    hey! i am 20 years old and i am struggling big time with this acne and acne scars problem.. i have been looking for some good products..i am confused which toner to use vlcc astringent, fab india tea trea toner, or any other? i want a toner to suit my combination acne skin and reduce blemishes..please suggest me? and a good herbal acne cream amd cleanser? please i have tried many products and i really need to find good products for my skin! please help? Smile

  10. Neha says

    Hey guys I have used fab india tea tree toner for 1month and that led to breakouts on my skin. There were no other changes apart from that. I stopped using and my skin is slowly clearing now. I read parabens causes this effect. Anyone else who had issues

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