Baba Ramdev Divya Kesh Tail/Taila Review

I have heard lot about Baba Ramdev yoga for hair loss. Infact heard about baba ramdev hair loss medicines too but but to start with, I picked up their famous hair loss oil. In past I have used few of Baba Ramdev products like  aloe vera gel, Baba Ramdev almond oil, Baba Ramdev coconut oil, rose water etc.

Hair oil claims – Help in getting rid of unwanted hair fall, baldness etc.

Price of Divya Kanti Kesh Taila is Rs 70 for 100ml

PackagingBottle has a broad bottle neck therefore one has to be careful while taking out the oil.No matter how much one tries, the bottle gets dirty sooner or later because of its broad opening.


Baba Ramdev Divya Kesh Tail



I had high hopes with baba ramdev product but sadly it didn’t turn out that great as I expected it to be.Some say that oil didn’t worked because of bad eating habits but this is not true.I am one person who is a focus eater.I have fruits and milk products every single day and don’t like having any oily stuff.

Ingredients of the product are fantastic as I have dealt with grey hair problem so I have a bit of idea about these ingredients.It has Eclipta alba, Centella asiatica, amla, Rubia cordifolia(manjidh), symplocos racemosa, chandan and many many more ingredients which are considered to be extremely helpful  in hair loss treatment.

baba ramdev divya products

If you are not used to of bad looking products then colour of the oil might look scary to you Grin. It has a horrible fragrance which almost gave a headache to me. I still kept using it wishing of some miracle but sadly it never happened.It didn’t make my hair smooth or soft either.

I tried this oil in my hot oil hair treatment too ..yup I went this long with it GrinGrin

baba ramdev kesh tail

One really has to struggle and make up their mind while using this oil and I think results still are not exceptionally great.Hair oil is thick and makes hair sticky and it becomes a serious pain to wash it off.

Will I recommend it to others – Certainly not, I will recommend their coconut oil, almond oil and shampoo but not Divya kesh tail for sure Grin

Wise She Rating - 2/5

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  1. I have used this …same with me, not much of a difference..

    • i know an have uread the claim which it makesFrown and how did u manage the smell ??

    • hi,
      It Should be used with coconut then only u get effect.
      daily while sleeping
      i don’t find any bad smell..its a herb smell.strange u do negative marketing of baba ramdev.

    • I have been using the oil for quite a long time but do not see much improvement in hair fall.
      Recently I was suggested to use Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo by their salesman.
      It really makes my hair soft and shiny as it claims but the main drawback is I am losing more hair when I wash with Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo – my hair falls at the same time I wash whereas when I use other shampoo I never experienced this problem before so I stopped using shampoo after washing my hair for 4-5 times

  2. is baba ramdev’s coconut oil effective??? Question

  3. currently m using herbal oil which i bought from handicraft fair….it is really very effective….but the prob is they come only once or twice a year….is figaro olive oil effective????

  4. Yup it is effective ..what i use to do is mix 2-3 oils together..Figaro olive oil is considered to be the most effective Smile

    Although i am not using any oil right now and reason being it the heat…it is hot here and putting up oil puts me i use more of curd and eggs Smile

    • i apply oil only wen i have to wash my hair…..i dnt have patience to mix 2-3 oils as u have….will try figaro oil….my parlor wali aunty told me not to use coconut oil as it leads to grey hair at an early age… Confused

  5. I used the Tejus tailam…and the smell or fragrance whatever you call is so bad that it gives instant headache…you actually applied it on your hair is quite a commendable effort…I couldn’t even stick with applying the one I bought on the body…it is both hair and body oil….then I mixed that oil with normal coconut and other oils I had to reduce the smell…..and somehow finished it!!!

    • i was manage to do that Swati thought fragrance is really bad .but y did u added any essential oil drops in it ?

      • did or didn’t???I didn’t add essential oils coz I didn’t have one and it simply didn’t strike me Smile and I really doubt essential oils also could have overcome that much of smell coz essential oils have more of subtle and soothing fragrance!!!

  6. pavani reddy says:

    hey anamika..u dint like a baba ramdev product Shock i m surprised…i use my homemade aloevera oil..i feel it very effective for hair loss Beauty Blush

  7. I am a big fan of their products..but this one was a disspaoint mentFrown

    Hi PrachiSmile

    is it hot in Delhi today?? Hyderabad is burningFrown

  8. Hi anny,
    3yrs ago due 2 thyroid I was suf 4m severe hairloss. my mom masg this oil 2ise a day. witin 1month hairfall stopped. gray hair became black.

  9. Is is true that patanjali products contain cow urine? I did a google search on it when someone told me about it and it seems to be true! Shock

    • yes most of them does as cow urine is considered to have many medicinal is even used in cancer.

  10. pavani reddy says:

    ya my mom boils the aloevera pulp in coconut oil till it reduces in quantity…it works Big Smile Smile

  11. Thanks for saving my money Anamika. Bcoz if I had seen all this hair growth thing, I would have definitely given it a try Razz

  12. pavani reddy says:

    cold Yes we make in large quantity n store it…

  13. i bought it once and the smell drove my husband crazy..he was about to throw this bottle in the dust bin!!!!!

  14. very useful oil Kiss

  15. should i wash my hair d next day with shampoo aftr usng kesh i read sumwhr writn by d administratr dat for betr reslt..d oil shud nt b washed off.. Snicker Go Away Foot-In-Mouth Worship :jittery: Lashes Lashes Giggle Question Drool Cool

  16. it is best

  17. Abhishek says:

    This oil is so bad that it doesn’t yield good results … i used two bottles of it ….and i am very disappointed as it proved a dumb product for me….

  18. i am using divya kesh kaala and people said it’ll stop hair loss and satart i use it with mixing other oil or no.
    shuld i rub nails as well to get hair regrowth?…………….

  19. Agree Smile
    Horrible smell and sticky exp with no result … Grin
    person like me who are hard core fan of Ayurveda can only tolerate Beat Up
    As you said i will coconut oil, almond oil.
    but Yes for most of the products… Clap

  20. I just received the bottle today and opened it…… smells soooo bad. The only good news was that I was overjoyed it did not cost too much. Just about all of the reviews said this product did not work, so I won’t even attempt a try. In the dipsty dumpster it goes! No

  21. maine aapka kaish tail
    or kaish kranti shapmu aaj 02-12-12 se use kara h
    muje isse per koi tablet market me mil sakti h
    jisse mere hair losses or whit na ho ………………

    yash sisodiya

  22. Even i tried divya kesh tail. Nd trust me it works frm d first application. It is sticky . For that u cn use nyle wala.. Nd warm the oil before applying.. All d best.

  23. Azad singh says:

    Devya kesh use devya karnu ya kesh kanti shampu…..for hair losses


  25. saeed ahmed says:

    hy I m saeed ahmed from Pakistan I m suffering from white hair and my shave white my age 25

  26. The Rockstar says:

    I’ ve never ever used such a product that belongs to Baba Ramdev, although I’ve been facing problems with my hair ‘s getting thinner and falling down for the last 1 year I have it thinner. After considering above comments from its users, where most of ‘em answered with “na” i ‘ll recommand not to use it to experience a nasty frangrace.

  27. this product is totally fake and harmful…my hair was thick and dense…but i had problem of gray hair…after using this dumb product my hair started to fall severly…plz plz dont ever use this…it has harmful effect

  28. Mel Stevens says:

    Why don’t you guys check out the pro naturals argan oil treatment! it smells great =)

  29. I recommend the pro naturals argan oil. It smoothes the cuticles and repairs split-ends!

  30. use onion extract! i agree its kinda weird but it actually works!!

  31. In patanjali haldi Chandan soap.aloevera soap and patanjali keshkanti soap contain cow urine? Plzz tell me

  32. massive hairfall coz of kesh tailaWinkFrown

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