Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber Lemon Grass After Sun Skin Lightening Mask Review

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber and lemon grass after sun skin lightening mask Review

Hi everyone!!!

I have been away from blogging since a week and seriously I missed it like anything.Blogging has become a part and parcel of my life and this was the first time I stayed away from it so long. We were at our inlaws place and were spending time with them and I did nothing other than eating , watching movies and sleeping Grin

Coming to the review Lakme recently launched Sun expert range is all over the market and it is so hot here in Hyderabad that I had to pick it up.My skin gets tan very easily ,even if I am out for half an hour I find my skin looking darker than before.

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Skin lightening Mask  Review

I have been using Lakme Sun expert after sun skin lightening mask since a month and

carried it along with my on my trip.

What the product claims – is an easy rinse off mask that easily helps lightening skin tanning and skin brightening.A soothing clay based mask.It acts to light sun darkening and lighten the skin with regular use.Specially formulated with cucumber and lemon grass extracts it also soothes and detoxify skin and leaves a tingling in fresh and clean feel.

Caution – Avoid contact with eyes.In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Price of Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Skin Lightening Mask =

Rs150 for 50gm

You can buy it from here

Lakme Skin Lightening Mask Review


Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Ingredients

It has a  thick white toothpaste like consistency and has  a  funny fragrance.Although I didn’t have any problem while using it but I will advise you to sniff the product before buying it.

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Skin Lightening Mask Review

Product spread easily and one doesn’t have to mix it with anything not even water.

Lakme clay mask review

After washing my hand which badly got tanned looks fresh and has a bit of brightening effect too.


Lakme Sun Expert Range Review

My experience with the product:-
Being clay mask it suits my oily skin perfectly.My skin doesn’t feel dry after using it and it dries with in 10 minutes unlike other clay masks which takes hours and hours .I sometime use it as face wash also before attending a party or a get together because it instantly brightens my skin.It does give a  bit of whitening effect but that is temporary like fair and lovely.GrinGrin Removing the mask is little difficult but is not a tiresome activity.

I especially like to use it when my skin is feeling hot and sweaty .It instantly calms and soothes my skin because of the presence of cucumber extract  in it.It is decently priced and travel friendly too and has a cute packaging.

One doesn’t need too much of product and 50 gm of the tube lasts easily for 2 months if used twice or thrice a week.

Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass Skin Lightening Mask Review


What I didn’t like about Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemon Grass After Sun Lightening Mask Face Pack

1. Contains Paraben

2. Clay mask though claims to suit all type of skin but might not work for dry skin.

Wise She Rating :

  • Packaging -5/5
  • Effectiveness 3.5/5
  • Value for money -4/5


Have you used any skin lightening mask ? Which one is your favorite?


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  1. Maha says

    I love how these ppl make our jobs easy Grin I will get this just for that instant brightening effect before going out Grin

  2. says

    along with face mask, can we use it as arm mask coz there is a visible black & white area on both of my arms due to sun exposure and make skin tone uneven Frown
    its so embarrassing to wear sleeveless now!
    will this mask remove the taning of arms as well Question

    • anamika says

      Prerana it wont remove tanning 100 percent but it will lighten it do try it..i like to use the pack on my hands as well..Smile

  3. Maha says

    Prerana one fool proof solution will be to stand under the sun with a sleeveless dress for few mins. That way the entire hand will be tanned Grin Grin
    See I am truly “Wise she” now Grin

        • Maha says

          Grin Grin First it was Mitra looking out for me and now Prerana Grin I better run away!

          But for a genuine idea, try applying yogurt every night before going to bed. Let it dry and don’t wash it off. It wont be sticky. I have been using this since I tanned a lottt (really a LOTTTT) after my outing last week. It has definitely helped me. Adn Anamika, I told you the eta tree face wash broke me out na. I have been using this on my face too religiously and it has stopped erupting Grin Now I have to wati for the chotu marks to vanish Grin

          • anamika says

            there is nothing like herbal remedies Maha..didnt u try the glycerin, rose water and lemon lotion that to helps in removing tan Smile

            • Maha says

              Oh forgot to tell you about that! It broke me out even more like I got even bigger zits. Apparently my friend’s theory is, glycerin doesn’t suit me any more Big Frown So I use it only for my legs and hands and even then I have to be careful I don’t rest my face on my hands Big Frown

    • Maha says

      Yes I think I’d better stay away Big Frown
      And I am watching neither Razz Whenever I watch Raodeis, these Rajiv and Raghu are there swearing the contestants. I feel they have no right to speak that way even if it may be for TRP. I think MTV is paying them only for this. I am just catching up on movies and sitcoms Grin

    • anamika says

      Hi Anju,

      Sorry the call got disconnected the other day. I was traveling that time..will call u back soon.

  4. says

    I have been hunting high and low for this mask. This season I’m so in love with masks now. Suddenly I realized that face masks apart from the neem one really work too!!! Razz

  5. yuta says

    Hey what is this whole Paraben thing? I keep seeing these posts that it is there and not on many products. I use St Ives and it doesnt contain that or the other “p” thing.. Sorry i forgot the name. Can you pls give me info on these two “p’s”!

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