Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Review

Post by Heena,

Name: Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion.
Brand: Avon
Price: INR 225
Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Quantity: 250ml
What It Claims: It protects skin from darkening and enhances skin to its fairest white. In just one week, skin looks whiter.
Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Ingredients

My experience: I brought this product only for skin softening and not skin whitening. I am not at all into ‘Skin Whitening’ products. When I poured it out, ahhhhhh! The jasmine like fragrance…. it’s so nice! Grin

Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion

Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion

The lotion gets absorbed in the skin quickly. It’s light. In no way, did it make my skin oily or greasy. My skin felt more supple upon its application. Also, the fragrance remained for a long time which is a plus point for me since I sweat a lot.
I have been applying it for more than a week. No doubt, my skin has turned softer but there’s like no whitening, which I didn’t even expect although, but they should rather deliver what they claim.


  • Indeed, my skin turned softer.
  • I do not find it expensive.
  • Quantity is really good.
  • The fragrance is so lovely!
  • The lotion is non-greasy. It’s light weight. Perfect for summers.
  • It’s dermatologist tested.
  • You get a feeling of light coolness upon applying it.
  • It gets absorbed into your skin quickly.


  • It does not deliver its promise of skin whitening in one week!
  • You can get it only from Avon Representatives.

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  1. hi nice review, where did you buy it?
    Where is it available in hyd?
    And can you compare it with other moisturizers that you have used?

  2. Glad you liked it. I sometimes find Avon products’ smell to be very.. I don’t know the right term, medicinal? Grin

  3. i have used this range’s hand cream and liked it for its non greasy texture!!!

  4. Hi everybody…good morning Anu, maha, meenu, priti and all beauties Kiss
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    this is the time when a mom needs her daughter around the most Thinking now she is fine and in bed rest for 3 months..
    i have so many home works to do anu Thinking have to read all wiseshe posts.. Grin

    • anamika says:

      ohh i thought u r busy with yur studies..my mom also got operated because of this..Smile
      it has become such a common problem naFrown

      and u have been a true daughter to herSmile

      • ya busy to thi but in ghar ka kaam & all + mom ki post surgery dekhbhal…
        but now i have got my laptop with me so i will be available mostly every now and then in my wee hours Grin

        • anamika says:

          hmm SmileSmile
          good to hear that SmileSmile people were asking about you on every post of yoursSmile and some mailed me too GrinGrin

    • Prerana, your mom must have been very happy to have you beside her Big Smile Hope she will be completely alright very soon Big Smile
      And we missed you a lot Grin Good that you are back to the pavilion Bengal beauty Smile

      • anamika says:

        yup i am glad now daughters can be with their mom when ever they need them Smile time has changedSmileSmile

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  6. Happy buddayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Anamika!! Grin Grin

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  7. @Raz


    I’ve used two from Oriflame, used vaseline Healthy white body lotion , one from Aroma magic n If i’ve to choose I’ll go for this one coz it really does makes my skin softer and the fragnance too lasts long which is a plus for me since a sweat a lot!

    No idea about Hyderabad :-s

    I’ll ask from my sis n ‘ll let u know today or 2moro positively!Smile

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    • anamika says:

      wow wwww this is surprising …but good naa..u didnt have to be in kitchen for so looon gGrinGrin

      • na na , kitchen mein toh main ghoomti rehti thi Grin Grin

        Home remedies for my face ke liye Razz

        • anamika says:

          hahaha….yur mom never asked u to learn bit of cooking??

          • noi Shy

            D helpers which were dere in my home were veryyyy nice n specially obedient 2 my commands Razz

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              • Thanku Shy

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                • anamika says:

                  hhahhahaha…this is so cute …SmileSmile i just had chocolate cake and cookies GrinGrin and now i am worried about calories GrinGrin

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                    • anamika says:

                      hahahah i know i know….i love dogs i have a lebra…Smile what pets do u have??

  11. KN

    Really! Shock

    Temme which products u found medicine type.. I won’t buy them coz fragrance matters a lot 4 me! Grin


    Yea..it’s very light!Smile

  13. very nice review….will try it… Smile

  14. Thanx a ton!Smile

    me louuu ur eyes Cute

  15. shweta says:

    i am workin in a office always sit in A/C room still i have got sun tan in my hand as well as on my face.i have slightly oily skin. can u suggesty any lotion or cream for my skin .. Smile Smile Smile

  16. Hie Shweta,

    I’ve super oily skin and I use LOTUS ’3 in 1 Matte Look Daily SunBlock’.
    It’s not at all oily n works well!Smile

    For more info, others can advice u well!Smile

  17. I tried using foundation upon it.. but My face got a lil sweaty.. so I was again back to applying Aloe Vera gel underneath my foundation.. it’s best Grin

    Btw, please check ur mail..’ve sent a query Smile

  18. Why do aliens need body lotions Question

  19. Anamika knows aliens so well! Smile

  20. So aliens too are beauty conscious Shock Shock

  21. Y not?

    Don’t aliens ‘ve a life of deir own? Smug

  22. Hi Beauties

    my hands are dry and i need to try it. pls tell me how to buy

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