Best foot cream cracked heels – Readers Query

By Shreya,

I have severe dry feet problem .Even in summer they make me feel worse and cracks up all the time FrownFrown   .Please recommend me a decently priced cream or a home remedy to get rid of the problem.

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  1. I use Krack cream and it works for me with some scrubbing Razz

  2. anamika says:

    Hi Shreya,

    few things which you can do are as follows:-
    Put your feet under luke warm water and then wscrub them .You can use any lotus scrub they work great on feet too GrinGrin

    and for cream i have not tried many just Fab India foot cream it works well on my skin ..
    reviewed here

    you can even use body shop olive body scrub it is good for feet too and using pumice stone helps .

  3. Hi Shreya..I;m having the same prob with cracked heels..After last weeks advice on Patanjali, I went and got their foot cream this weekend. At home, gave my feet a soak and a scrub and hav started using this cream..

    Its too early to comment on the efectiveness of this cream, but it definitely keeps my heels moisturized..and after getting up the next morning ul find ur heels really soft..And dont forget the soak n scrub really does wonders!

  4. anamika says:

    how much does it cost Zara??

    • M not sure, Will have to check once i get home since we got alotta other drugstore stuff along with it..But I dont think it was more than 40-50bucks for 50g of product..

  5. anamika says:

    yup generally there products are of this range only..have u tried their multani mitti soap..??

    • No re..Again..M allergic to Multani Mitti Frown I get white wale daane when i use it..I wanted to get their rose water which u suggested, but it ws out of stock. I’ll try getting that the next time I go there..

      • anamika says:

        most of their products r out of stock only Frown
        Frown how can one be allergic to multani mitti ShockShock ..u remind of that plant who id u touch with enclosed its leaves..whats that plant name…?? any body ??

        • anamika…
          us plant ka naam hai CHUEE MUEE…..
          HELLO chuee mui zara…… Razz same pinch…me too allergic to multani mitti

          • anamika says:

            yaa chueee mueee ..u tooo ROTFL
            there is going to be a nursery now ROTFL

            • @ A: Haan yaar..God knows y m allergic to so many natural thing..Even during my pre wedding haldi function, everyone was applying haldi with a finger and dotting it on me..even then, my skin went red where the haldi had touched it.. Cry Cry

              @ Shilpa: Thank God! I have another Chuee Muee with me!! High Five! High Five!

              • anamika says:

                hahahaha..i am laughing on the chuee muhee group GrinGrin

                • Nooooo! Dont laugh on Chuee Muee Wee Shy Shy Shy Instead u cud give us all ur stuf which we aint allergic to.. Doc n I wud luv that…Right Doc?

                  • anamika says:

                    first u get that lucky tooth out..then we will think about it GrinGrin

                    • But then I’ll become toothless AND unlucky..U wudnt want that for poor li’l chuee muee Me na?? Bunny Bunny Bunny

                    • anamika says:

                      who said unlucky yur lucky charm yur hubby is with u na Smile chalo speak to the makeup holic doc..while she will take it out u can discuss about makeup too GrinGrin

                    • Haha! If she’s ripping my poor tooth out, u think m gona b thinking about makeup??? Ill b crying in sher agony! Dazed Dazed Dazed

                    • anamika says:

                      don worry we get MUFE and MAC for u ..u will phorget all the paainee :Grin

                    • Well, since u put it like that….hmmm… Grin Grin Grin Throw in some Nyx and we hav a deal! Doc! Gimme an appointment!! And both of u start collecting all the stuff ur gonna get me Smile Chat extraction, pat makeup Razz Razz

                    • anamika says:

                      GrinGrinGrin ahemmm i am worried about yur pain Zara GrinGrin

              • wow glad to read all the comments…..tum dono ne mujhse apponitment bhi le li… ne apna extraction karwane ka plan bhi kar liya…and namika ji ne to mac and nyx shopping bhi plan kar li….aur mujhe pata bhi nahi chala…..
                great…….waisae i dont mind all this…..but u two have to come to noida fr all thi venture na….. Wink Wink
                but tell u ,u guys have wild imagination….enjoyed the conversation…thouroughly… Grin Grin

  6. Hello Shreya,
    I can suggest you one home remedy which i do for my cracked heels (copied from my mom)…After washing your feet, just massage the lemon rind on to your feet and allow them to dry naturally. continue this for a week and you will really notice the difference. This remedy does not only heal your cracked foot but also removes the tan.
    Another remedy is mix a tbspn of turmeric with castor oil and apply on your feet. this is little messy and takes little longer to heal. Do it only if your heels are very painful and oozing blood.
    Hope this helps!!

  7. During shower, gently scrub your heels with a foot scrub or pumice stone..and later apply a little bit of coconut oil. Do not scrub daily, maybe every 2-3 days but you can apply few drops of coconut oil everyday after shower.

    At night, Soak feet in lukewarm water and while feet are still moist, apply coconut oil. I use parachute coconut oil and wear thin cotton socks. This works for me even in the worst winters. hope it helps..

  8. Hi Anamika, can i call you Anu…am doing gud, thank you….hey the look of wiseshe website has been changed and i am loving it. May be you should have an option of chatting online there ….if there is some doubt other than the query on the particular topic, we can catch you there

    • anamika says:

      Dhanu if i create a chat option then i will keep on chatiing only ..seriously i can chat for 12 hrs at a stretch GrinGrin how then am i going to do post for u girls??

      how is yur daughter doing..u can call me Anu Smile or A or anam or ana ..all that matter is love Smile

  9. try the scholl heel repair cream. costs a 100/- bucks or so. just dab it generously on feet , put on socks and wake up for smiling ,shiny feet Grin Grin

    am in a advertising frame of mind today,nowww Evil Grin Evil Grin Jump

  10. Mitra20 says:

    My best foot cream is Patanjali foot cream…second comes boroline..sasta tikaav Grin

    • anamika says:

      sasta taikaao Mitra GrinGrin i need to buy patanajli foot cream come every one has it and I don..Smug

      • Mitra20 says:

        Yea yea…i’m a southie by heart Smug Smug

        • anamika says:

          seriously today i went to my neighbour for asking whether their maid has come..she said she has not come cutttee heheehhe

        • anamika says:

          seriously today i went to my neighbor for asking whether their maid has come..she said she has not come cutttee heheehhe

  11. Mitra20 says:

    Maybe cause you are busy buying their entire stock of ALoe Vera Silly

  12. anamika says:

    Devil Devil Devil Devil
    i use aloe vera in summers only Mitra ..i will mail yur boyfriend about yur shopping expenses if u tease me like this Teeth Teeth

  13. Mitra20 says:

    No no…he will ban my going out to any place which sells anything starting with M, S, E, B altogether !!!

  14. Hey Anu, my daughter is doing good….very naughty and adamant Smile…poor inlaws…they r hving tough time with her he he he Smile

  15. ha haha am enjoying her each and every Chic naughty nakaras she does Heart

  16. Use MOISTUREX cream available in small tub. Just apply it on cleaned heel. You will see drastic change. I am using it for past 5 yrs and there will be no need for pedicure too.

  17. i use the good old BOROLOINE…..always wrks fr me…

  18. Moisturex is available in Medical shops. Its tooooooo good. I have such a horrible skin on my feet and it moisturizes it so well.

  19. hey shreya….
    soak ur feets in lukewarm water… add 1 tablespoon of soda in it.. after that scrub ur feet.

    its best to do this at night before sleeping… then apply vaseline on ur heels.. and wear socks and go to sleepy sleepy! Sleepy

    do this one a week.. and ur heels will be baby soft Grin

  20. hi soak your feet in lukewarm water(to which add epsom salt, some liquid soap, lime juice, few drops of essential oil) for 10 minutes than apply scrub all over your feet(concentrating more on heels)and scrub it with a foot scraper or
    pumice stone or foot brush(some people use cloth washing brush but i think its really harsh on skin). work it for 5- 10 minutes then dry your feet finally massage it with a good moisturizer.
    This is meant for once in a week but daily i recommend you to apply some soap on your feet and scrub with a scraper for 1-2 minutes then moisturize as usual.

  21. hey try scholl..

  22. Madhura says:

    I use Himalaya Foot Care Cream and found it better than krack.
    i scrub my feet when dry with Dr scholls foot file then wash and apply the cream.
    i don’t use any cream for my foot during the day still i find it really working.
    As claimed by the company results r visible within 3 days.

    • anamika says:

      Madhura thanks for the tip I shall try it out Smile

      • Madhura says:

        Hi Anamika

        I’ve used pumice stone and metal scrub.Those r meant to be used on wet feet.
        But the footfile on dry feet gives that smooth feet instantly and all the dead white skin will be gone.
        My uncle would use dr scholls foot cream and he did not find it working. so i never tried that cream

  23. Hey Shreya, Oriflame Feet up cream is very good…. try it

  24. im using amway foot cream since a month .results r quite good.i wont say my cracked feet has been completely turned out soft but saw a much difference.

  25. but cost is too much,sorry i forgot to say.

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