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I have done many many post on aloe vera and the reason is I find  it as a wonder plant.It is the cheapest soothing solution one can ever find.I have applied it on sunburns, rashes and itching and it has worked for me most of the time.It ease the pain and inflammation and if you drink aloevera and gooseberry juice  during summer it will detoxify the body and bring back the skin radiance.

The pack which I am sharing today is a de tan face pack which will help detanning the itchy sunburn and sooth them too.It is an easy remedy which doesn’t require much of preparation .

So lets start with the aloevera anti tan  pack recipe Smile

how to use aloe vera for pimples

Pluck 2-3 leaves of aloe vera plant .I have an aloe vera plant at home which refuses to die no matter how badly I behave with it GrinGrin Aloe Vera require least maintenance so it is a good friend of a  lazy girls like me.

Take out the gel from the leaves.You can learn how to extract gel from aloevera plant here.I just grated the gel and tried to make it as smooth as possible.If  not mashed properly it can irritate any one as it keeps falling down from the  face.

Now squeeze out one small lemon in it.You can increase or decrease the quantity of the lemon as per your choice.Moreover as lemon is acidic in nature which might not suit some of you so do a test patch before.Mix both the ingredients and apply it on  the tanned affected area.

How to detan

Let the mixture stay for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with luke warm water.You will  experience  the soothing effect instantly and continuous use will remove off the tan.

You can use the  above remedy when you have a fresh zit albeit lemon juice does stings a bit so be careful about that or the most simple remedy for the zit will be to apply the fresh piece of aloevera gel and wait for it to dry and wash it off with warm water.

Vitamin E Capsules uses

Coming back to the tan you can also mix aloe vera juice if you don’t have the plant with one vitamin e capsule.Mix both of them and apply  on the affected area.I use patanjali aloevera juice as I find it the most pure one.


Patanjali product  aloe vera review


Do you use aloevera? If yes then  do share your aloevera miracle home beauty tip Smile

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  1. gud home remedy!! and i just love aloe vera… but m afraid if i use it daily… there will be nothing left in the plant Frown

  2. anamika says:

    yes for dry skin mixing it with a moisturizer is a must u use plant one or u have got it from the market Prachi?

  3. so agreee….I love vitamin E capsules… Yes

  4. anamika says:

    how do use them Bhumika?

  5. I am yet to use aloe vera ..should buy the plant ….that juice seems to be gud …

  6. i ll go n buy the aloe vera juice…… Dance

  7. I luv DIY stuff, but M allergic to aloe vera..I break out instantly.. Frown So no detanning for me Frown Frown

  8. anamika says:

    ohhh sorry it means u need more expensive and high end brands… Drunken Razz Drunken Razz Drunken Razz

  9. anamika says:

    GrinGrinGrin now Rashmi is travelling and i wonder what all she is going to shop PainPaini hopeshe doesnt get much goodies to makeu us jealous GrinGrin

    • Haha!! I hope she gets lots of things so then she’ll hav t get rid of her old stuff…So we’ll be ready in waiting..right?? Cowboy Cowboy

      • anamika says:

        do u think she will …nah she wont..Razz she loves her stash too much …today she was asking me shall i buy the MAC dark diversion Neutral when she is filled with so many of them Neutral

        • Haha! u neva know…she just may give away alllllll her old suff to us gareeb ppl…Rash!! r u reading thisss???

          Tday morning, she was all about MUFE…now evening me MAC??? Boy O Boy!! This weekend is gona b dhamakedaar for Rash…

  10. Hoyeeeeeeeeee Hoyeeeeeeeeeeeee \ Grin /

    I Louuuuuuuuuuu u Aloe Vera Blush Blush Shy

  11. Handcuffs

    Police here 2 take u 2 jail 4 buyin so much of make-up stuff n forcing women 2 loot deir parents/hubbies 4 buyin d same items Zombie Killer

  12. Kya like Smug

    u ruin our peace..snob snob Cry Big Frown

  13. *Puts on Oxygen Mask*

    I feel better Smile Silly

  14. @Zara

    Yech.. Very Innovative Idea Grin

    Miss Anamika.. Plz do consider it Smile

    • anamika says:

      HAHAH i am sure then whole web space will fall short of it if we all start writing what we eat every day ROTFL

  15. Then one day will come where there would be yummy snacks Giveaway! Razz

  16. + Choco Chip Cookies + Toblerone chocolates + Gems + Cheetos + Diet Pepsi Cans + Flavoured candies n many more Razz Razz Grin Drool

  17. Don’t lie Mad

    I went 2 fridge 2 get my chocolates which weren’t dere.. n I saw MAC pot dere wid ANAMIKA engraved on it..dat’s proof Smug

  18. Me out now

    Gn anamika n Prachi

    say my Hey to Devil Grin

    Stay Blessed!Smile

    • anamika says:

      bye bye and when r yur exams ending by the way?? and how r they going.?? i forgot to ask in between the fightsGrinGrin

  19. lol.. ‘ll end by 10 june Grin

    mere eggjams toh bhagwan bharose rehte hai Grin

    n btw, my sis got job in Hyderabad nly..

    o yeah! Shock

    Do u know any gud PG in gacchi boli area Question

    • anamika says:

      me don know but can help u out …just let me know where is her company ..
      and give my best wishes to yur sis Smile

      10 th june ShockShock so u must be getting to many gaps in between yur exams ..Razz

  20. gn heena.. Moon

  21. eggjams Shock Starving Starving yummie.. but dono cheeze alag alag pweej!!

    best of luck @ heena Smile

  22. chalo..bye bye also going to bed..I am Yawn Yawn Sleepy Sleepy

  23. anamika says:

    bye bye sleep tight happy weekend Kiss

  24. hey anamika ji can i use ptanjali aloevera gel(tube) for dettaning………….??????????????????????

  25. I want this made and couriered to me Smug Smug I can’t do any DIY anymore Big Frown

  26. I use aloe vera by mixing it into my rose water…… it really makes my skin baby soft Smile

  27. wah! this is great! mujhe b aloe vera ka ped lana padega… Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

  28. Hey plz tel me dat can we use regularly vit-e oil??? Plz

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