Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Frenzy Review & FOTD

I consider myself lucky to get this shade of Illamasqua lipgloss.People have been crazy about it and swear by Illamasqya intense lip glosses now.

Illamasqua intense lipgloss frenzy review

Price - $20 (Got it from Sephora)

Very very pigmented and contain  fruity fragrance which lasts for a while.Staying power is about 3-4 hours and one tube is going to last for long as just 2-3 drop of the lip gloss is more than enough to cover entire lips.

I personally didn’t like its squeeze tube packaging because if I squeeze the tube too hard most of the time excess products comes out and I want to save every drop of itRazz

Illamasqua intense lipgloss swatches

Frenzy is a beautiful hot pink glossy shade which is intense and will make your lips look like a petal of rose.Though called as a lip gloss it is more of a highly pigmented lipstick and one doesn’t need any concealing or  lipstick underneath it.Lip gloss will cover the heaviest of pigmentation and will suit medium dark skin or fairer skin beautifully.

Illamasqua intense lipgloss swatches


Swatches of Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Frenzy

Lipgloss is much thicker than what ideally lipgloss is suppose to be  and it is non sticky and glides smoothly.

Illmasqua intense lipgloss frenzy swatches


After 3- 4 hours shine of the lip gloss starts fading but the tint stays which I always love about red hot or hot pink lipsticks.They refuses to fade Kiss

One does need to scrub their lips before applying it otherwise lipgloss settles down into the fine lines of the lips .

Illamasqua frenzy lipgloss on my lips

I did a bronze makeup look today and wore Illamasqua lipgloss whole day.


Makeup with red hot pink

This is the gold bronzy eye makeup which I paired with Illamasqua Intense lipgloss frenzy.


Neutral and gold  eyemakeup picture


Will I recommend it to others- Yes, this is one the finest lipgloss I have ever come across.Will suit most of the skin tone and is completely opaque.Just fab !!!

Wise She Rating 4/5(1 mark deducted  for the squeeze tube packaging )

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  1. Loved this shade! Grin

    Me gonna buy it Cute

    u got it from Inorbit mall Question

  2. Oh read it!

    U got frm sephora Razz

  3. lovely

  4. Mama mia…looking hot..Loved the shade on you Ana..really pretty…

    Frown mine is sadly transparent

  5. nice eye look
    In Love

  6. Lovely! This shade suits u really well..And it goes with the look too..Looking pretty in pink! Smile Very boooootiphoooll!! Beauty Beauty Beauty

    • anamika says:

      dannnnnkk uuuu zara g..this shade is going to look amazing on u as well…SmileSmile seriously trust me Smile

      • Lashes Lashes I do wish this brand were available here in india..wud hae loved to check out their stuff Smile

        The swatch luks so guud..creamy and moisturizing..

        • anamika says:

          i am mad about this lip gloss and i cant just live on all Illasmqua lipglosses all my life GrinGrin

          • yaar mac to purana ho gaya…mac doesnot come up with such beautiful shades….
            mufe illamasqua….nars……uuuhhuuu..evergrowing list…

            • anamika says:

              i swear…i have few MAC lip glosses and this is like awesome Drool

            • I swear..i hope this comes here soon..waise bhi m allergic to alot of lippy finishes of MAC..i wonder if this wud work…

              • anamika says:

                and why r u allergic to MAC finishes Neutral

                • M allergic to some of their finishes like the frost finish and the creamy lipglosses..even i dunno exactly y…within 2 hrs of application, my lips start peeling..literally, no jokes..luks m part of some sci-fi thriller.. Chic Chic

                  • anamika says:

                    this happens once with me when i got vichy lip gloss was suppose to remove pigmentation but i thought it will remove upper layer of my lips only Grin

                    • I kno..and its so disappointing right? At times I’m like…of all brands, my lips found MAC to get allergic to??? hehe..Weird..I have 2 of their marbelized lip glosses and my reaction to them is the worst..

                    • anamika says:

                      yaa yur wallet must be happy GrinGrin

                    • No re…MAC nahi to kuch aur hi sahi…but Pocket always empty!! Wink Wink

                    • anamika says:

                      YesYes same here..some how i always land up with a hole in my pocket GrinGrin

                    • Hehe..Hole choddo..Now its gona be one huge gaddha!! Wink Wink But its so much fun…and so worth it..I luv the satisfies feeling i get when i see wot i got…such a blissful feeling Smile Smile

                    • lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shade……………..stylish packaging

                    • anamika says:

                      thanks ANI …Lovely packaging Smile

  7. anamika says:

    Sonia i asked my friend to get it from US from Sephora Smile

  8. Wow this looks beautiful ….love it and you looks so pretty …

  9. u look absolutely smashing!!! Smile

  10. anamika says:

    Thanks Anks i thought this one didnt look that good GrinGrin

  11. its looking pretty on u…..i love ur eyes…..they look so innocent Big Smile
    i didnt get the ebook… Frown

  12. only eyes……zyada taarif sunne ki aadat ho gai h kya???? ROTFL

  13. anamika says:

    CryCry ok Neutral

  14. ohhhh pls dnt cry otherwise ur hubby will sue me…… Pissed Off Sweat Bomb

  15. Very pretty Anamika, both lips and eyes Smile

  16. anamika , u have beautiful eyes….

  17. OMG..this is one of the best hot pinks shades I have seen…Just the lipstick can glamorize your whole totally rocking it..

  18. anamika says:

    MAC something new and this one ..are my fav pinks just doesnt need anything else to put on face..just put them and one is set to go Smile

  19. too love such pinks..i Tried to swatch my EA lippy..but the colour does’nt show properly at night..will do swatch in natural light.. Kiss

  20. That is so pretty! I wish they wld launch in India soon Smile

  21. such a pretty shade !! n loved ur makeup toooo Big Smile

  22. pavani reddy says:

    prettyhot shaden and u look fab as always… Blush

  23. whoa! girlie u look stunning! the lipgloss is to die for! amazing shade!!!!

  24. looking nice on you

  25. hey..the lip gloss is quite opaque ha Big Smile Big Smile Yes

  26. Mitra20 says:

    They all are lying…doesnot suit you….send it to me..

  27. Mitra20 says:

    Smug Smug Smug

  28. deepika says:

    looking cute….nice opaque color…glamorous…

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