Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick Review

Illamasqua Lipstick Scandal Review

More I know Illamasqua more enticing it appears to me.Illamasqua lipstick are so high on pigmentation that one can easily crosssss the line…………… Grin.

It is such a blessing for those who have discolored or pigmented lipstick.SmileSmileKiss



Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick Review

Price Rs $20 available in

It has this strong vanilla fragrance which few of you might not like.


Illasmsqua Lipstick Scandal Review

Comes in a simple royal black packaging which I simply adore.Smile.

Illamasqua Makeup for your alter ego Scandal review

Illamasqua Scandal is profoundly  creamy and  because of its creamy texture one does need to exfoliate their lips well .Lipstick stays for long long hours on my lips and even if I have food  and drinks the tint remains.If you like the lipstick which leaves some beautiful tint beside then you might like to know about MAC Something new which leaves amazing natural color tint beside.

Scandal is a smooth matte texture and is a bright pinkish coral lipstick.It is a warm colour and will suit most of the skin tone.Colour is something which will look different on everyone.

Illamasqua Scandal  Reviews

Swatches of Illamasqua  scandal (with flash)

Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick Swatches

Swatches of Scandal Lipstick without Flash

Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick Swatches

I did go overboard with Illasmasuqa lipstick but I loved it too much .If you use it like a tint also it will you that natural looking lovely lips.It glides like a dream and I am so much in love with it that I wish to buy every colour from this range which I don’t think will be possible till Illamasqua opens up in India RazzRazz

Inspite of being massively creamy it is not melting in hot summers of Hyderabad which is a big plus for me as I can slip it into my purse without any fearDanceDance

Look Book - Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick Review & Swatches

What I do not like about Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick:-

1.It is expensive and gets dry easily so might need gloss or lip balm while using it especially if you have dry lips.

2.Not available in India

Will I re-commend it to others– Yes , No doubt i will.It has become my HG lipstick nowadaysSmileSmile

Wise She Rating-

  • Colour 4.5/5
  • Staying power– 4.5/5
  • Price3.5/5
  • Packaging – 4/5
  • Availability-1/5

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  1. Mitra20 says

    Lovely shade…matches with your top too Grin

    And 900 for Illamasqua is same as MAC lipsticks na…

  2. says

    you looking very pretty ana Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss and now what eye makeup ?? and which blush plssss In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love looked awesome and how many times do i have to say you have perfect well shaped lips Kiss Kiss

      • Heena says

        after dat i also told Maha dat it was a joke Grin ..maybe u had gone by then Razz

        Glad 2 know u don’t drink Smile

        Drinking generated eye puffiness Grin

    • anamika says

      Wink Smile i wanted to use the word in the post..but couldn’t think of anything interesting eesha..all i could think was this is scandalizing GrinGrin

  3. Maha says

    You are becoming like one western girl with all those lovely pinks Smug Result – You end up being pretty and we end up getting jealous over those phoren stuff Smug But sacchi mein you looking very pretty Kiss
    And just bcoz you showed the top in this pic, we are not ready to forget the older pics Angel Angel

  4. Maha says

    You look phoren only Smug Maybe you shud taek a pic in the hyd market and put up ROTFL No phoren country can have anything like our markets ROTFL

  5. Maha says

    Ummm.. now I’m thinking why i put it on a forum Neutral Can u pls delete it for me Anamika? I mean i don’t mind telling Heena or any friends out here but feels odd abt anyone else reading it Neutral

  6. says

    i didn’t know about this brand Rolls Eyes of course may b’coz its nt available in India Big Frown but the shade is lovely….i too love coral pinks Yes
    Anu, why don’t u held a giveaway for this lipstick Razz Razz Razz

  7. Mitra20 says

    I comment when no one’s awake and i sleep when the whole world is having fun on your blog Frown

    • anamika says

      awww we will have special chat session this weekend with every one from heena, maha, meenu and many other what say..then we wil talk everything and anything GrinGrin

  8. Zara says

    Wow! This is so pretty…Illamasqua is coming out with soooo many new products with each coming day…Gosh! I wonder y so many of these brands cant come to India soon..

    • anamika says

      This is from their old permanent range Zara..I think they don come to India because they worry too much about Indian husbandsGrinGrin

  9. amy77 says

    hi!! anamika…. Big Smile i love your reviews !! Blowing Kisses
    need help… soon i’l be buying my first make up Blush
    plz let me know where i can buy good branded make up product””’s in new delhi… Cool plz help me!!! Worship

  10. Talita Macedo says

    Hiii, you`re from India?? I love that country. I went to India 2 years ago. The most amazing people in this world!!! Just perfect!!! I`m from Brazil dear. The lipstick is sooo cute, i love it. Have you bought at They send to India? Here in Brazil is impossible to buy there x=(
    You country is sooo amazing! My dream is back to India!! Someday!! kisses!!!

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