Khadi Cool Gel Haldi Magic Cleanser Review

By Prerana,

Khadi Cool Gel Haldi Magic Cleanser review

What Khadi cleanser claims

An Ayurvedic cleansing gel with extracts of turmeric which removes dirt and pollution from the skin pores. It is also an anti septic pore cleanser.

  • Price –Rs 110/- for 210 ml



Clove oil cleanser review


How to use gel cleanser


Take required quantity and massage on face and neck for 5-6 minutes. Wipe off with cotton and wash with lukewarm water.

About Khadi gel cleanser

There is a gold facial kit available at Khadi which include a cleanser, massage cream and face pack, Khadi cool gel haldi magic is the cleanser included in this gold facial kit. Though the gold massage cream was very costly (10gms for 85/- or something) so I didn’t get it, but that is  too in my wish list…DroolDrool

  • Packaging -The cool gel haldi magic comes in a transparent bottle with a flip open cap.
  • Color – The color of the gel is muddy yellow with orangish suspended particles in it which seems to be raw turmeric.
  • Texture and consistency – It is a gel which is in thick jelly form. Taking out the product is very annoying as I have to store it inverted or jerk it upside down very hard!
  • Smell – It has a mild fragrance of raw turmeric which is not going to annoy sensitive nose. Name says ‘with clove oil’ but smell is not clove dominated.


My experience with Khadi Cleanser cool gel  haldi magic

  • I found it as a nice and gentle gel cleanser which will suit all skin types but nothing great about it or there is nothing “magic” gona happen to your skin over night. This is just a normal mild gel cleanser.


Khadi Cool Gel Haldi Magic (with Clove Oil) Cleanser Review


Flip open cap and the gel with suspended turmeric granules


Khadi Cool Gel Haldi Magic Clove Oil Cleanser Review


What I like about Khadi Cool Gel Haldi Magic (with Clove Oil) Cleanser

Khadi gel cleanser review

  • Transparent plastic bottle with flip open cap, hence travel friendly and you also know when you have to buy a fresh bottle.
  • Decently priced for the given quality and quantity.
  • Just after cleansing my face with this, I see a visible brightness in my skin, may be haldi magic, (but it don’t last me whole day!)
  • It does a decent job of a cleanser, I can feel the squeaky clean skin after using it.
  • Because it is gel based, it doesn’t dry out neither make my oily skin greasy, just make my skin soft.
  • It will suit all skin types.


Khadi haldi celanser

How Khadi cool gel haldi magic cleanser looks like after spreading.


What I do not like about Khadi Cool Gel Haldi Magic (with Clove Oil) Cleanser


  • The gel being very thick in consistency (i.e. jelly like consistency) do not come out of the nozzle easily, you will have to store it inverted or jerk hard with upside down.
  • Earlier I thought the orange suspended particles in the gel base are turmeric granules which when rubber onto skin will blend and will get absorbed in the skin but it didn’t happened so, it remained as it is till I washed off after 5 min of massage! (here I also would like to add that the orangish turmeric granules are soft like sponge, don’t mistaken it as harsh scrubbing granules)
  • The brightness which I get right after cleansing with this haldi magic don’t last whole day.


Will I re-purchase / recommend – ahemmm !!! actually I’m doubtful…it is very gentle cleanser, gives a soothing effect but I think I’m not gona re-purchase this because I didn’t find any magic in haldi magic gel!

I mean this is a nice gentle gel cleanser which will suit all skin types even sensitive skin, but there is nothing “great” or over night magic in it. So if you are a herbal product sucker and have weakness over turmeric qualities then you can try this out as its not expensive…


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    • anamika says:

      don make excuses u have a nice brand near you ..Razz

      • anamika says:

        by the way Prerana does it helped in curing acne as it has clove oil in it??

        • Thinking Thinking i didn’t got any acne since can’t say about its acne removing / preventing properties with experience, but since 10mg of clove oil is present in 100ml, i’m sure it can make difference with regular usage Thinking Thinking

          • anamika says:

            may be u didnt relaise but it could be the reason otherwise u must be usally break your self out in these hot months khikhikhi

  3. Awesome review Prerana..ur gona b my khadi Guru.. Smile Smile This gel is quite thick na? From the swatch, it doesn’t look like the runny sort..

    • anamika says:

      yes good for oily skin .. Good morning Zara Smile

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  4. very nice review Yes Yes …………..turmeric is one of my favourite skincare ingredients

  5. Hey Prerna..just wanted to mention..I like ur bedspread Smile Smile The Parrots luk really cute Wink

  6. pavani reddy says:

    hey prerna..u really are wiseshe khadi queen Clap nice post

  7. I am allergic to turmeric..discovered recently.. Big Frown Big Frown

  8. hi Prerana thanks for the review , hope you will do the gold massage cream review soon(no hurry ).

  9. anamika says:

    hahaha raz u and yur demands from prerana Razz

  10. hmm, i should say she is really sweet to accept my request/demands Rose Rose Rose ,
    i am thankful to her

  11. hi i am sorry i donno how that link/url came, with my message. plz ignore it.

  12. Poornima says:

    I love their kesar gel scrub…like u said..nothing magical..but a nice cool cleanser for face..

  13. looks very much like the kesar gel scrub..I love that..

    • but not simillar to kesar gel scrub, in kesar scrub the beads are hard which exfoliates but in this the turmeric beads are like sponge, are soft.. Smile
      but me too a member of kesar gel scrub, i loooove its fragrance In Love

  14. where do u guys get all these amazing khadi products? grrrrr… Mad Confused Silly

  15. where u get khadi product in Mumbai

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