Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream Review

Fairness cream for women- Lakme perfect radiance fairness day cream

I loved lakme perfect radiance range and did recommend it to many of my friends especially Lakme perfect radiance foundation and Lakme perfect radiance compact. I have finished them already and was planning to buy them again.Impressed by the  range efficacy I picked up a small cute light lilac colour bottle of fairness cream known as Lakme Perfect radiance fairness day cream but sadly it didn’t worked for me at allFrown

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream What Lakme fairness cream claims:-

Designed to give you truly fair radiant skin, Lakme perfect radiance with white lily and sacred lotus acts on all six signs of skin darkening.

1.Fades away spots

2.Lightens skin color

3.Helps even out skin tone

4.Reduces oiliness

5Fades away dullness

6.Controls tanning.

Smooth on every morning and evening on cleansed skin to discover skin that’s not only truly fair but glows from within.For external use only.

Price of Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream is Rs 99 for 15gm

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream Price

It comes in a cute bottle packaging which is travel friendly and looks attractive too Razz

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream

It is a thick cream therefore 15 gm of product will lasts for about 20 days maximum if used twice a day.


Lakme  Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Range Review


My experience with Lakme Perfect Radiance

I was able to use this cream just five times not only  because of the quantity but because it just doesn’t suit me.It makes my skin so dry that it felt stretchy right after applying it.I have oily skin which is super oily in summer and still it made me feel severely dry and stretchy.Sad

It neither glides easily and when applied does makes me look one tone fair for a while but some how the dryness made me not to use it again .

I just don’t know whether it helps in fading away blemishes, lighten skin color, or fading away dullness because I was hardly able to use it.

It is just not motivating enough to use the cream.It leaves those white patches also which made me really uncomfortableFrown It might the case of bad product  which I don’t think because it was recently manufactured only.

I now use it on my hand  with some moisturiser as it does make them look little”fair” GrinGrin but that is just a way to finish it off Frown

Will I recommend it to others- Nopes, not at all.This was the only product from Lakme perfect radiance range which dissapointed me to the core Frown

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  1. ohhhhh this bottle is so cute…..but alas its not for me…. Frown

  2. I have suoer dry skin , i think i will empty the jar in 2 days i guess. Wink

  3. thank God the cost is not too much and u didn’t wasted much of your money Anu Thinking

  4. Nice Review Anamika….and thank god i did not pick this one yesterday!!

  5. Hi…I totally agree with you that this product is very drying and seems to suck out all the moisture from the face..The one thing i notices about this cream is that when I used it, it made me look fairer instantly without the usage of a compact and all..hehe..I have also stopped using this cream, but I guess maybe people with oily skin may find this pretty good..

    • anamika says:

      nanan i am a oily and it did nothing to is so drying but yes does give this fairness thing..SmileSmile

  6. Seeing the bottle even i bought. Then came to know appearance can be deceptive. It totally made my skin dry and fairness it imparted looked very artificial Frown.I stopped using after 3 days.

  7. Do fairness creams even work? Shock

  8. i swear…… Wink

  9. Proof do Smirk

  10. I thot u’ll say come over 4 dinner n ask my mom Big Frown

  11. yes surely i ll ask u for dinner….but u r in hurry to knw the truth…. Evil Grin

  12. Fairness cream! These companies know very well abt our mentalities Grin Adn when they sell abroad, they sell with anti-aging claims Grin So chaalu these companies are!

  13. Hawww.. u said bad tings abt this.. though it looks so cute…. Thinking Thinking

  14. Pain Pain That beatup was for teh company reply Big Frown For this one the reply is- Ask for that body lotion Grin

  15. have used it .. n i completely agree with each word of this review … this cream is super drying

  16. Thanks friends,
    after using one time I am trying to purchase u but after getting your review I will never think to purchase it

  17. Tap Dance Lipstick the bottle is really cute :wallbash: :birthday-dance: Sweat Dance

  18. ultimate…………..

  19. i want to know about this this cream works .if so within how many days wil i get results? Confused

  20. i want to know about this this cream works .if so within how many days wil i get results?

  21. thanks guys……………………….. Tap Dance

  22. I also want to know about this this cream works .if so within how many days wil i get results? I really want to look myself pretty & fair looking. Pls reply me….

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