Nail Art Design In Red (My Lucky Leaf Nail Art )

By Vertika,

Hello Girls!

Today I tried a new nail art, well I think I always try something new, sometimes I come to a very attractive nail art and sometimes it comes to a disaster. ; )

Okay….. few things I used are -

  • Red nail paint

  • Green nail paint

  • Light pink nail paint

  • Transparent nail paint

  • A Toothpick

So Let’s start..

Paint your nails with red , for more prominent color two coats should be applied.I am using street wear nail colour in red here.

Street wear red nail paint


Take tooth pick , you can use ball pen or hair pin also

Nail art design with tooth pick

Now take green nail paint with the broader side of  toothpick and put four drops on the center of your nail.I have used OPI Nail paint here.

Nail art with OPI Nail paints


Now with the help of tip of toothpick try joining all the four drops by sliding the tip of toothpick to the center of four drops,this will make a Lucky Leaf or the four-leaf clover.Smile


Nail art inspiration

Then take light pink nail paint with the help of toothpick put three drops of nail paint in triangle.


Flower nail art design in red


Repeat the 4th step and make it on above and below of the Lucky Leaf.

Simple flower nail art design on red nail polish

So,what Say ??

I am gonna try some more nail arts and am hoping for the best of best.SmileSmile


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  1. It’s b’ful Vertika!Smile

    • Hi Heena! Smile How u doing tday??

      Hav u tried doing nail art?

      • Heya.. ‘m gud.. wt bout u ? Smile

        My nails don’t gv me dat privlige..

        currently, ‘m using a nail booster 4 growin my nails coz ‘m getting tempted wid all dese nail arts n wanna try one In Love

        • Me doing day closer to weekend Wink Wink

          Hey, which nail booster r u using? Does it really work? I saw one at a store and wondered whether they really work..I use lime..usually, after squeezing lime while cooking, i keep the lemon slice aside..then at night, i just tuck my fingers into the slice and rotate like u wud with a juicer..i keep them waise hi for about 5mins and then rise off..try it , it really works..i had very stubby nails which were yellowing..this really helped..

          Me too wana give it a try after reading so many wonderful how-to’s on Wiseshe..last weekend i got 3 nail art pens so i cud try out something..And this look makes me wanna try it out Smile Smile

      • manisha says:

        awesum.i lov it. Yes

  2. beautiful Clover Clover

  3. Really pretty Vertika! Love the Clove design..very creative and arty! Smile

  4. You ve done an amazing job Vertika…..Very beautiful…..very neat Smile

  5. So cute …love it

  6. lucky leaf Clover inspired nail art Cool Cool and u have soooo many pastel color nail paints Shock in the 3rd pic

  7. Wow this nail art is so pretty

  8. beautiful & easy

  9. its fabulously done, you have beautiful nails (are they real or acrylic?)
    anyways i like the red shade (what shade is it–number).

  10. anamika says:

    i simple loved the nail art Vertiiiikkka u r awesomeSmile

  11. Hello Vertika…its very awesome…i loved it very much and will try them…..teh red is so tempting for me!!

  12. pavani reddy says:

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

  13. vertika says:

    Thanq Ladies…for the appreciation Heart
    Raz my nails are real like me.
    I have used street wear red nail paint(Fiery Femme 18)

  14. vertika says:

    Laugh Grin its the only way to sure raz that its real…hehehe…

  15. great work vertika

  16. vertika says:

    thanx ishika di..

  17. vertika says:

    hey Ana you can also use red nail paint, why don’t you ask all wise she galz,why don’t you post query here about this with pics(hands)?? Big Smile Cute

  18. it’s beautiful…

  19. awesome nail art vertika…. Clover

  20. super awesome vertu Grin Grin loved the color of nail paint and the design is to die for In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love

  21. d color combo looks so nice…

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