Best Hair Oil For Oily Hair

By Shikha,


I am a regular reader of Wise She and have gone through all the hair oil reviews  here.I am now confused which oil to pick for myself because be it olive oil , sesame oil, fab India oil they all have different benefits.If you ladies have oily hair then please suggest me which oil is good for my oily scalp.


Best Hair Oil For Oily Scalp

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  1. i use baby oil and i find it the lightest of all.

  2. anamika says:

    Hi Shikha try forest essential oil they are great for oily scalp infact you can even try fab India sesame does make hair soft and smooth

  3. I love the Fab India’s Sesame Hair Oil. Its very good and light!!

  4. Hey Anu, you are most welcome. By the way which is the sunscreen you are using now??

  5. anamika says:

    one of the reader has shared this recipe..might be helpful for you Smile

    Hey Anamika, nice blog you have here. i have been hooked on to it completely ever since I visited it first.
    I am posting my recipe of the homemade herbal oil which was shared by a close friend who runs a salon. Take 1/2 cup each of olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and almond oil in an iron kadhai. Add 4-5 chopped gooseberries, 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds, 4-5 hibiscus flower petals, handful of curry leaves. You can also add camphor, neem leaves, brahmi, if you are able to procure it easily. Soak all this in the mixed oil potion and keep it overnight. Next day simmer on slow flame till a black residue is left behind. Strain and store in a bottle. Use as desired.

  6. I don’t have very oily hair, but they do get greasy if I don’t wash them on alternate days. I use a 50-50 mixture of olive oil and almond oil, warm it and then apply.. This does soften my hair and the lamond oil gives a lovely fragrance too! Smile

    • anamika says:

      but now i hate using oil in hot weather…Frown being too lazy Frown

      • I dont know it is psychological or what?? whenever I use oil my hairs tend to fall more fast Frown

      • becomes scalp becomes so hot..cant stand any oil on it.. Frown

        • Yeah.. I takecare of myself very much…. but OILING!!!!! too time consuming & I feel laziness

          • I agree ya..I can oil my hair..but m too lazy to wash it all out.. Wink

            • anamika says:

              hehehhe… like going to VLCC and getting deep conditioning done ..their head massage is awesome ..Jump

              • VLCC?? Question

              • Ahhh..Yes..I luv their massage..But the only prob with them is once u go and start the massage they will start telling me wot my hair lacks and wot other treatments they have which will DEFINITELY cure me and if I dont respond they will tell me about the discounts going on…so iiritating..

  7. Hello Anu, am still using Fab India’s Sunscreen SPF 30….(i think this tube will lost in a week or 10 days time).

  8. Anu, donot you think there is more of chemical contents in them….my husband always teases me saying..earlier you never used to buy any you spend lots of time in them…and donot spoil your face by applying too much of chemicals and lose your identity..this joke of his scares me at time.
    Yes, i have heard good reviews on this…and actually this was my next target..but then am holding back feeling there is too much of chemicals in them.

  9. I guess fab India sesame wud be gud..m going to try too..if u like olive oil..try figaro..

  10. don’t use any oil in your hair or scalp……………use hair vitalizers……… can search hair vitalizers in Habib’s range…….remedies for oily hair are present in his range. Smile

  11. hi shikha i have been using sesa hair oil since two years…………and trust me no one can have more oily scalp than mine……i wash ,my hair in morning and by evening……my hair is an oil pan……but this oil has worked wonderds in my case…..i gets absorbed easily……i have never experienced any hair fall wid this shampoo……and i helps to grow hair long fast……

    but only the smell is repulsive… husband has strictly cautioned me not to use it in night and sleep wid him…..he cant take the smell….. Wink
    but otherwise the oil is wonderful….do try it….

  12. anamika….this oil is easily available at any chemist shop……i m not sure about hyderabad……but here in north….this oil is easy to find…..
    i love only two hair oils…..

  13. i have been a regular reader of reviews on wiseshe. i started using Fab india sesame hair oil after reading the product review here and it has worked wonders for me…my straw-like dry hair has become smooth and dark…thanx a zillion for such good product reviews.

    • anamika says:

      Hi Amritha,,, thanks for liking wise she and giving yur feed back .indeed fab india sesame oil is one of the nicest oil for hair i have ever come across

  14. Hi friends ,

    Can anybody suggest me suitable oil . I have oily dandruff and very heavy hair fall.How to prevent this and which oil helps to grow my hair..????

    • dont apply oil to oily hairs. it will increase hair fall. if you wish to apply oil,use plain parachute coconut oil. trust me.

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