Deborah Milano Blush 24 Rame Review

Deborah Blush 24 Rame Review

Many of you asked me about the blush which I was wearing yesterday with L’oreal color riche lipstick so I thought of reviewing it today.Deborah is a fantastic brand but problem is it is not available in most part of our country.I got it from my last trip to Delhi but I didn’t review it thinking many of you must not be aware of the brand .

Price Rs 575


Deborah Milan Blush 24 Rame Review

There were some 9-10 blushes shade available in various colours and most of them were appealing .I picked up 24 rame which is a beautiful coral pink colour with a sheer tone  shimmer in it.

Blush looks like baked to me but it isn’t .It is Hypoallergenic which doesn’t irritate the skin and most of the blushes were natural looking.


Deborah Blush 24 Rame review


Deborah blush can easily compete with high end brands as the staying power of the blush and the natural glow which it gives is fantastic.It stays easily on my oily skin for 4  hours and the shade suits me during day as well as night.


Deborah Milano Blush Review

Blush is light weight and gives soft glow to my cheeks.


Deborah 24 rame coral shimmer blush

It has this brush behind it which I never used as it hardly have much of bristles in it Razz.Albeit it is nicely packed so when in emergency one can always do the touch ups with it.


Deborah blush coral

Swatches of Deborah Milano Blush 24 Rame


I swiped the blush twice on my hand and you can see how good the pigmentation is.

Swatches of deborah 24 rame coral blush

What I do not like about Deborah Milano blush

  • It is a expensive blush and still there is no inbuilt mirror in it.
  • As i told you before the availability of the product s not easy in India
  • Blush applicator is not be that useful


Will I recommend it to others – Yes for sure.You can try  Deborah eyes shadows too they have good pigmentation and staying power.

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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      • anamika says

        i want to live like harry potter for a while soooo GrinGrinGrin Devil

        don u like my new look ..clear skin and makeup in specks GrinGrin

        • Zara says

          This look is so becoming.. Wink Hey!u shud do some sort of a look inspired by magic! that wud look so awesome.!!

            • Zara says

              something very fantasy like..using tiny stars at the corner of the eyes…doing an elfin sorta look with purple n pink and daarrkkk liner..wud luk amazing…try it na A.. Heh Heh

                • K.A says

                  Hahahahaha Anamika I was just kidding but just for fun do it Laugh …. and if u dont like dobby then u can choose anyone from Twilight series

                • Zara says

                  Hey A..Sent u some pics..check them out..i dunno how do-able they r..but i really liked the looks.. Smile

                    • Zara says

                      Hehe..I wud love to see these luks on u..Even though some of them aren’t exactly wearable outside, I love the fantasy wala luk they give..sigh..I wish we lived in Fairy land..then all such make up be acceptable.. Smile Smile

                    • anamika says

                      aaare wow !!! a fairy land …and eery day with some thing new..we will fly to different planets and talk about them like in those serials…wow..subah subah am dreamingRazz

                    • Zara says

                      Smile I love dreaming about such stuff…ever since my Enid BLyton days..hehe..I used to wish I cud fly and have those translucent wings..and look like Wendy.. hihi..

                    • anamika says

                      hahahah…since Enid Blyton i use to think of tin tin ROTFL and some time billu and i those Nancy books Razz

                    • Zara says

                      Ah Yes..Nancy Drew…Hardy Boys, archies..I still love reading Archies and Tinkle.. Smile Big Smile Bada Mazaa aata hai..And I recall this craze I had of Sweet Valley..I used to crazy after them!

                    • anamika says

                      aare i pick them when i am traveling..and i still have all my hardy boys Razz
                      saved them for my kids Razz

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