Lotus Herbals Clay White Skin Whitening Face Pack Review

Lotus Herbals skin whitening range has never worked for me and on top of it most of their products do not have complete list of ingredients mentioned on them which is disappointing.

My experience with most of their stuff has just been average and nothing exceptional this is exactly  what happened with Lotus herbals clay white black clay skin whitening mask.

It is a clay mask but surprisingly meant for all skin types.Question

What Lotus Claims -Very rich in minerals ans silica, helps brightens facial complexion.

Berberry extract rich in Arbutin helps lighten complexion.

Liquorice extract – Lighten facial complexion

Price  185 INR  for 120 gm


Lotus ClayWhite Black  Clay skin whitening face pack review

How to apply clay masks -

Wash your face with mild soap and blot dry.Apply a generous amount of clay white on face and neck leaving eyes.Relax till completely dry.Rinse with fresh water and follow with lotus herbal fair gel.


Lotus clay white black clay face pack

My experience with Lotus Herbals Black Clay Mask


Main claims of the product was to brighten skin so I initially tried to use it  just before going in a party to get the glow but sadly it never gave me any so called brightening effect.Moreover it is so difficult to remove this mask it always leave this greyish tint which many times my husband and my friends pointed out asking me  ” did you use any mask today??” Pain

Only good point of this mask is that it keeps my skin oil free in summers and soothe it rest all the claims of skin lightening and brightening just don’t work.

Mask is of grey colour which is thick in consistency.One needs a good amount of it to apply it on your face so one tube lasts for around 10-11 washes.Clay dries out really fast so I apply it quickly and wash it off with cold water  after keeping the mask for 10-15 minutes.As it is difficult to remove the left behind tint of this mask I needed to use good amount of face wash on my face which obviously reduced the effect of the mask.

Lotus Clay Pack review

It comes in a squeeze tube packaging which I liked but product never motivated me to slip it into my bag while traveling.It also  has this strong clay smell which might be irritating for some.


Lotus Herbals clay whte black clay skin whitening face pack review


My dislikes about Lotus clay Mask-

  • It makes my skin feel stretchy in winter months
  • It doesn’t lighten or brighten skin
  • Difficult to remove off
  • Complete list of ingredients are not mentioned on the product

Will I recommend it to others - No, Instead you can try Lakme Sun expert cucumber and lemon grass after sun skin lightening face mask it will give much better result than this one.

Wise She Rating

Effectiveness - 2/5

Packaging -3/5

Price -3/5

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  1. I agree Lotus masks and skin whitening range has never worked for me too..I used to get so happy seeing them and used to buy them in hope that my depigmentation cud be cured…but Alas! LOTUS is BOGUS!! Wink

    • anamika says:

      heheeh i think the same …atleast brightening to de deta yaar…i want my 185 Rs nowSmug

      • Frown Frown Lets sue them.. Smile

        • Not only Lotus…Not a single whitening product worked for me…. I found Fair & lovely bit effective

          • I know..None of my frineds ever find any fairness cream effective..I keep hunting for something to use on my arms…A few yrs back, i had a severe case of sun burn..after that, certain parts of my amrs like the front of my wirsts or the inner part of the arms, have these dark patches that have never quite gone away…so i keep wanting something to remove this discoloration..ot atleast lighten it.. Frown Frown

            • anamika says:

              well same here..high five Razz

              my arms are way too dark..scrubbing regular did help but nothing worked..i even took VLCC treatment but it is all BOGUS Neutral

            • Zara if u still want some tip of lightning then do use mixture of lemon glycerin (in equal amount) & rose water & apply it dail but avoid it in sun exposure

              • anamika says:

                Kinza i have been using the same for years..

                you can check this post http://www.wiseshe.com/2010/03/herbal-homemade-moisturizing-lotion-to.html
                lotion does help up to a point but after that it stops working Frown

                • Yar Anamika as far as I think all the remedies work till some point after wards they stop working… What do u say Smile

                • Thanks guys…but here again theres another prob…m allergic to glycerin..hehe..

                  • anamika says:

                    ShockShock but then every moisturiser has it Razz

                    • Haan..but its there in a very tiny amount na…ye nuska involves glycerin in concentrated amounts Frown Frown My skin will become even more bekaar..

                    • anamika says:

                      baap re..i think u have got a peculiar skin and u can send your self in a lab for testing..may be it can be a new discovery Wink

                    • Haan..I iwsh..then they wud give me sooooo many cosmetics to try out….for Science sake u kno.. Razz

                    • anamika says:

                      not cosmetics Smug something else Thinking

                    • Nooooo..only cosmetics, more n more cosmetics Smile and then thru research they will find out that I can only tolerate products from MUFE, Benefit, MAC, and other such phoren wale brands…So I can pataofy hubby.. Smile Smile

                    • anamika says:

                      no no this wont happen..through research they will find out that there exist a skin which craves for too many product which t actually need Wink

                    • Frown Frown Naahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Ye nahi ho saktaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! (sound of breaking bangles in the background)…Hindi flim ishtyle.. hihi Wink

                    • anamika says:

                      hahahahah i found my true match now ut unfortunately i am married and u r a girl ROTFL

                    • anamika says:

                      na zara na….honi ko kaun taal sakta tha..chalo ab cosmetics ka balidaan karo or saare MUFE jo ayega usko anamika ko courier karo..jaa dhano ja Evil Grin

                    • Hi, hi..haan..don’t worry…next life hain na…I dont do karva chauth also…so we hav a chance Wink Wink

                    • anamika says:

                      hahahha but i do na..that too with lot of devotion Razz

                    • Nahi Basanti nahi…aise mat karo..Is umar me, yehi MUFe aur Deborah hi to mere sahare hain..kya is pyaasi (cosmetic-lover) ko tum paani(cosmetics) bhi naseeb nahi karogi??

                    • anamika says:

                      ok i have a better idea …u start giving hr training to employees and start asking for free MUFE gifts from all of them..kaam ke saath cosmetics muft muft muft Razz

                    • Koi na..u do Karwa Chauth..main to nahi karti..so next life me K banke aa jaungi..phir line maarungi.. Wink Wink

                      Hihi..lekin i dont think my office ppl even know what MUFE is.. Wink

                    • anamika says:

                      hehehe…phir K ka kya hoga actually i love him too Sad

        • anamika says:

          lolz GrinGrin

          how is the cosmetic experience Zara??

          • Not a gud one ya…It just feels like M putting goop on my face and then washing it off..does nothing for me Frown Frown

  2. Even me faced the same problem, it leaves a greyish tint, which makes you look a shade dark, actually its Blackening Face pack and no whitening.. lolzz.. I have used it just thrice and now its just resting in the cupboard.

  3. Hehehe..

  4. oh i think someone else had also mentioned that it is hard to wash off. great review!

  5. and one more thing sweety, can you please, please tell me how do i change my display pic here. Big Smile

    • anamika says:

      u can go to gravatar.com there you can upload your pic Smile that will change yur pic in all other website as wellSmile

  6. i have this one…and i totally agree with u anu…no skin lightning Frown

  7. thanks a ton Zara!Smile

  8. nice review… heard this pack is not good.. but some products of lotus works for me Big Smile

  9. greyish tint Shock Shock
    me stay awayyy…thanks for the review ana..

  10. i have used this pack………………..this is actually a skin clarifier pack…………in this case the pack clears skin very well…………..by the way no pack whiten skin………..this promise is always false Mad Razz

  11. Worst face pack!!

  12. best is multaani mitti with rose water!

  13. isheeta says:

    Rubbing juicy tomato slices has helped my tan and pigmentation issues. Infact, a punch of turmeric to it and some of the ruddier hyperpigmented areas of my arms saw a huge change. Tomato can be a bit drying, but I think that’s because of the harsh boring-well water of Jaipur. I follow up with Garnier Body Cocoon.

  14. isheeta says:

    In the luxury of having Time, yogurt and honey does wonders.

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