Lush Love Lettuce Mask Review

I had heard of Lush lettuce salad but Lush Love lettuce Mask is no where near to the salad Wink  it is a mask which exfoliates skin and suits normal to oily skin beautifully.


Lush Lettuce Face Mask Review

What Lush Product claims :-


An effective, exfoliating face mask which gives normal to oily skin a softened, smoothed and radiant glow. Polishing almond shell is balanced by the skin softening qualities of almond oil and seaweed gel. With soothing lavender essential oil and the cleansing, tightening action of Fullers Earth, you’ll feel fresh in no time. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water massaging gently. Keep chilled.

Price Rs 520(aorund $11) for 100gm & Rs 1040 for 200gm




Lush Mask Lettuce review


  • Ingredients :-Agar Agar Decoction, Kaolin, Honey, Fuller earth, Glycerine, Almond oil, ground almond shells, Lavender oil


My experience with Lush Love Lettuce Mask


Lush Lettuce has big visible ground almond shell which are harsh and therefore this mask can not be used more than twice a week.I personally like to use Lush products every day like Lush herbalismWink but it is kind of impossible to use this one which little disheartened me.

Mask has a shelf life of one month and one can use 8-9 mask from one pot.Mask is very mosturizing and doesn’t takes off the natural oil or makes my feel stretchy after exfoliation.Infact it makes my skin smooth , soft and clean.As the mask stays in the fridge all the time it makes my skin feel fresh and that cooling sensation makes me use it more.

It has fuller earth and lavender fragrance which I don’t find strong as I have used much stronger product in Lush  than this one Razz


 LUSH Love Lettuce Mask reviews

How I use the mask :-

I take out ball size of  amount of the product and slather on my face .let the mask stay for 10 -15 minutes and gently massage the mask in circular motion.Wash it off with light strokes.


Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask Review


What I like about Lush Love Lettuce Mask

  • It helps in removing dull skin and removes tan
  • Makes skin smooth and refreshing
  • Gently exfoliate skin.
  • It keeps my skin oil free for whole day


What I do not like in Lush Love Lettuce Mask

  • Shelf life of the mask is quite less as compared to the price
  • Sensitive skin might find it little harsh
  • I wish it could be milder so that it can be used more often as the effectiveness of the mask remains for one or two days only.


Will I recommend it to others - Yes, If you have oily skin then do try it out.It will exfoliate skin nicely, keep it fresh and make it smooth whenever you use it .It is like giving yourself a mini facial mask.

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  1. Thank u, thank u for reviewing this..i hav been wanting to get this since so long…but kept hesitating coz its has fullers earth which m allergic to if present in concentrate form…now since uv mentioned that its not the dominating component, i can go ahead and get it Clap Clap Clap Blowing Kisses

    • anamika says:

      ohh Zara i am not sure how sensitive yur skin is..i mean may be this much quantity to make u allergic..not sure and the price is not something which one might just buy just to experiment na.

      • hmm…ur that ill ask for a sample when i gt stuff next..will try and then decide whether to buy or not..wot say?

        • anamika says:

          lush has stopped giving smaples naaaa?? or do they give u as special customer Smug

          • Well, m not sure whether they dont give them at stores…but since i dont have a lush store in pune, i order online..and i mention what sample i want in the remarks section and they always send it.. In Love In Love

            • anamika says:

              OMG !!!! I AM GOING TO ORDER EVERYTHING ONLINE NOW..U r a serious Online shopping diva
              OSD GrinGrin

              • haha..its very convenient for me since i either dont have alotta stores near me or i dont have an outlet in pune…the only prob with lush is that its hard to order face is it they hav a short life and after ordering i get them in about a week…so eefectively i have 3 weeks to finish such a huge amount..

  2. wah..sounds niceee…

  3. it looks yummy..something all LUSH products do!

  4. pavani reddy says:

    1 month to complete whole product??n ya it luks gud… Smile

  5. i love this face mask, is one of my favorites from lush.

    • anamika says:

      i like it but not one of my fav Shivani Smile

      • GM A! How u doin? Which is ur fav face mask from lush? In Love

        • anamika says:

          Good morning Zara…I havent tried many mask from them..i have used their cleanser, conditioner, shampoo bars , bath bombs and 2-3 soaps..that is it Dazed
          my one must have product from them is Lush jungle conditioner..

          acha tell me one thing does lush give offer of returning 4-5 containers and get a new product??

          • Yep, they have this offer here also..I have 4 empty containers as of now…need to finish 1 more ..Wink Wink

            • anamika says:

              alright alright..i have just 2 as if now Frown i will soon buy and finish them target s seaweed Jump

              • Hihi…my next target is this luv lettuce only..and more seaweed and AOBS…my AOBS finally finished last night and seaweed will finish tmoro Frown Frown

  6. nice review…………….like this product… are going to be a lush girl gradually Grin Grin

  7. good morning anamika and zara Sun …………….going to university…see you in the evening Big Smile Big Smile

  8. 520/- ka product, to be finished within 1 month…it hurts Pain Pain

  9. I tried to convince my Hubby for Lush products, he checked out their prices and looked at me with a strange expression Frown (which obviously I understood).
    He said next month Cry …so no lush for me as if now….

    • anamika says:

      Shri one is suppose to buy lush in hubb’s absence Wink

      • I agree with A..Lush is not a Hubby friendly brand…such things shud be bought on the sly…and then when he notices the change and asks, ‘Shri! u luk prettier than ever! wot have u done to urself??’ thats when u divulge the secret…Then for the rest of ur life, no rok-tok for Lush.. Wink

        • anamika says:

          exactly….i have not got a single product with my hubby ….GrinGrin

          • Aqalmand khwateen Big Smile

            • Exactly…hubbies r always boggled by y we need so much…I recall my hubs asking me y i had so many eyeliners..when i told him they were diff shades his response was, ” but y do u need so many diff shades of green? on the eye its anyways gona look green…” I cudnt make him understand and i guess we can naver succeed in that..hihi Quiet Quiet

              • anamika says:

                i know man only know black white red and blue GrinGrin if u say persian blue there database server will crassssshhhh GrinGrin

                • haha! very true..When m applying blush, he keeps asking me y have so many shades of pink…he seems to think they all luk the same on my face… Sigh…is ladke ka main kya karu… Thinking Thinking Thinking

        • shrilata says:

          Thanks Zara.but till date haven’t done anything to me only homemade remedies..but now really trying to do something with some Lush.. Grin …hope Hubby will understand…waise I am on mission to convince him Zombie Killer

      • shrilata says:

        I agree with you Anu….I am feeling very fool of myself asking him for lush Frown ..but good news is that my cousin coming here from U.S after a long time and she will take me to shop some items..and I have convinced her to buy Lush products for me.. Dance Clap

  10. this mask seems too harsh Pain fr my oversensitiv skin…..

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