Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream Reviews

Eye Cream Review – Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream

Shreya asked me to review Neutrogena Fine Fairness eye cream and with it I also  purchased Neutrogena body lotion a month ago.I am scared of using eye cream because of the various things which I read on the web.  Hypnotized Some people believe that an eye cream is suppose to be wiped  and not kept on the skin  otherwise it can lead to puffy eyes etc etc.

This made me use only patanjali aloe vera gel which soothe my eyes and while applying on my eyes I do apply it on my eyelashes which I think helps in in their growth but I am not sure about it.

Moving on to Neutrogena Fine Fairness eye cream

What Neutrogena product claims:-


Helps reduce dark circles and puffiness for righter and fairer looking eyes.It has

  • Yest Extract -Helps reduces under eye puffiness
  • Natural Minerals – Helps condition and energize skin
  • Mica Visibly brightens appearance of eye areas.


Price Rs 200 for 15gm

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream Review eyecream reviews

My experience with Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream


Initially when I applied it I found it soothing for my skin and continued using it for two weeks.After two weeks I didn’t notice any change under my eye area.I though it might be because I am not regular with it but now one month has passed and  still  there is no visible improvement. SadI hardly have any dark cirlces and if it can not remove slightest of  darkness than I wonder how effective it  will be on those who have heavy dark circles.

This eye cream can even dry out under eye areas if you have extremely dry skin then it might be of no use for you.

Neutrogena Fine Farness Eye cream reviews+neutrogena eye cream

Packaging – I like its plain simple small squeeze tube packaging and thankfully it does not come   in a small tub size packaging which I completely loathe  when it comes to eye creams.

It is water based , is of medium consistency  and gets absorbs with in seconds without leaving any stains behind.

Neutrogena fine fairness cream reviews

What  I liked about Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream:-


  • It gives soothing feeling to my under eye areas
  • It has nice  sweet fragrance which I like
  • It gets absorbed easily
  • Dermatologist tested


What I do not like about Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream


  • The biggest thing is it just didn’t help me in getting rid of any dark circles
  • Expensive

Will  recommend it to others – No Neutral

Wise She Rating - 1.5/5

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  1. pavani reddy says:

    its better to use almond oil than this Thinking

  2. Too bad! An eye cream is worthless if it doesn’t work out.

  3. I have horrible dark circles…but now i know what NOT to use for sure…

  4. i found himalaya one much better at 150…it moisturized my undereyes and i feel these creamy versions are better to treat crows feet etc..aromamagic undereye gel is also good. Smile

  5. nice review…………like the packaging color of the tube………….bright white Smile

  6. nice review…..i never knew aloe vera gel can be applied on under eyes too… Neutral

  7. You saved my money A.. Grin I will stick to aloevera gel and almond oil..

  8. u were planning to buy it Prachi??

  9. does not help dark circles..hain.. Frown

  10. I donno but I feel Neutrogena is a range for oily skin rather than dry skin…

    • anamika says:

      i some where will agree to you because i have used their face wash and face scrub and they r seriously meant for dry skin Smile

  11. is there any eye cream that works Question i have heard garnier under eye roll on doesn’t work, aroma magic under eye cream doesn’t work, and now this one Razz Razz girls should stick to home remedies like cucumber, potato and aloe vera of course…hey anu, me too using baba ramdev’s aloe vera el everyday Grin Grin

  12. thankyou…..anamika…..paise bach gaye…. Yes

  13. now i’ll try wunder eye creame reviewed by mac guru akaa rashmi….she and zara syas it wrks….

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