The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak Review

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  Foot Soak  Review–  The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak Review

A product which I was looking for long and found it at last Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak, actually I was looking for peppermint foot soak ( doesn’t matter if any other brand too). I was introduced to peppermint foot soak by my spa therapist, every time I go there for facial, first she will soak my feet in peppermint soak, it’s so refreshing and relaxing that I started to look for the foot soak and this I got purchased during TBS sale Smile

The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak Review

  • Product ~ Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak
  •  For Skin Type ~ All
  •  Price ~ SGD  $24.90 OR INR 595 for 200g
  • Product Claim ~ A blissful, revitalising treat for tired feet! The pampering and revitalising soak with natural effervescent salts to cool, cleanse and refresh tired feet.
  •  How to use foot soak~ Sprinkle the cooling soak crystals into a basin of warm water. Place both feet in the basin and sit and relax for as long as required. Rinse feet with clear water and towel dry.


Body Shop Claims ~ Community Trade peppermint oil in used in our peppermint foot care range for it’s cooling, refreshing benefits. Norfolk Essential oils, a co-operative of small-scale farmers, have already been supplying The Body Shop with camomile oil and water since 2001. Our trade has helped give a new life to a local community that was under threat, by providing a vital alternative income, revitalising local businesses, enabling investment in future generations and promoting a method of farming that protects the environment. Supplying The Body Shop with peppermint oil should create sufficient additional business to allow five extra family farms to join the co-operative.

 Main ingredients used are community Trade peppermint oil – To fight odour-causing bacteria, and promote a cooling sensation on the skin to leave feet feeling refreshed.


body shop peppermint foot soak review

This foot soak comes in clear plastic tub with screw on lid, blue colour paper with product details, as I said before in peppermint foot rescue review I really like the cute foot print on the cap.

Peppermint foot soak review The product is in pale purple color with crystals like  which looks like rock salt and dissolves in warm water.  Along with peppermint oil it also has tea tree oil, lemon extract etc, so you can see it’s fully refreshing with that cool effect.   Scent of course goes by the product it’s full of mint smell.

Peppermint foot soak review +foot scrub+foot soaks

To use the product you have to dump 1 tbsp of this foot soak crystals in water warm tub/sink, soak your feet and enjoy the relaxing, cool feeling as long as you want and pat dry feet with towel after you are done.  Trust me guys, it just wonderful, your feet will thank you so much for doing this and you will be totally relaxed.

peppermint foot soak+best foot soak+soothing foot soak

After a long day at work or tiring day after shopping Wink you use this foot soak and you will be fresh and rejuvenated again.   You can soak your feet while watching a movie or tv and get double deal out of your time and the good thing? ….your feet will feel fresh for couple of hours, and if you follow up with the other peppermint foot products it’s more lasting.

As am writing this review my feet are feeling minty, fresh and am actually going into that wonderful feeling Smile If I have to recommend anything from Body Shop, I will recommended you this ….totally worth it and you will love it.

  • It’s addicting!!
  • If you don’t like peppermint smell then it’s not for you.

For me, I adore and L O V E  this product, re-purchase is sure yes.  If you can get this in sale, go grab it …don’t even think twice (provided your like peppermint smell !) …if you are still thinking then do a favour to yourself get a sample and see how you fall in love.


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  1. anamika says

    Priti i love peppermint fragrance ..i so want to try this :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

    • anamika says

      chochweet.i never get these kind of things for my hubby because then he starts attacking my lush products too Smug

        • anamika says

          u know i am worried what will be happening to my body washes and lotion there in Hyderabad and whenever i buy specific lotions for him he is not interested in them.He like a younger siblings enjoys only what i use.Razz

    • says

      Reddy, I see in TBS US site, they always have awesome offers and guess what ….buy over $25 and shipping is free all over US …I say tht is so cool …and best time to shop in US is during thanks giving..which coming soon wait for it ? Smile

  2. Misha says

    What an amazing product…….. i m sure it must b so relaxing, specially after a long day of shopping as u said Smile i get so tired the moment i enter home after shopping Razz

    • anamika says

      hahh yup i too and it would be great to soak our feet in it and checking out our products..Ins’t?

  3. Misha says

    Absolutely Smile I wonder how strange it is..i don’t feel tired while shopping and can do tht for hours and hours but ghar aate hi i m dead tired Razz

  4. Zara says

    I luvv the peppermint fragrance..i used the foot scrub and it was wonderful…

    now i wish id gotten this too!

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