Best Facial Kit & Skin Care Products At Reasonable Price

Pushpa asks,

I am going out of delhi to my village and there is not good skin poducts are available. Pls u all help me out and tell me some good skin care products and a good facial kit. Pls help. i m 28 and i have oily to combination skin. pls pls help me

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  1. says

    It all depends on your skin type and what kind of products you need Pushpa. If you are only going for a short period of time you can try out travel packs from VLCC and Biotique.
    My personal fav cream is Revlon’s Touch and Glow (I have oil/combination skin) and sunscreen is Lotus Matte 3 in 1 sunscreen. But like I said it depends on your skin type, so let us know what it is!

  2. raz says

    Invest on a mild cleanser like Neutrogena (if you have oily skin) Cetaphil(if you have oily to combi/sensitive skin) Its important to exfoliate skin on a regular basis since you have combi skin don’t over do it, and don’t forget to massage your skin with a nourishing cream after using a scrub. Shanaz hussain and biotique have good range of scrubs and massage creams. I heard good reviews about Fab india creams.

  3. raz says

    Anamika i am a tbs member, i got a message from them about the offer they have. And I personally can’t avail the offer for some reasons. The thing is, do you have any idea if it’s ok to send somebody else (like a friend or something) with my membership card to avail the offer?

    • anamika says

      Raz i don have the TBS membership but if u send some one with the card i think they should let u avail the offer Smile

      what u trying to get by the way?

  4. raz says

    Hmm,probably some scrubs but definately not from their vit c range,
    Anamika suggest me some scrub both facial and body.
    And also tell me where i can get fab india products in Hyd?
    Also have you bought any Iraya products?

  5. Mitra20 says

    You are travelling so carry as less products as you can…i suggest something like Neutrogena Cleanser and Mask…you just need the same product for cleansing or if you want to use it as a mask let it stay for 10 mins and you are sorted.

    You need to carry cleansers and face creams based on the place you’l be travelling to. And DONOT forget to take sunscreen since you will be travelling a lot (i guess)

    Happy Journey Pushpa !!

  6. says

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