How To Hide Facial Hair With Makeup

Sakshi asks,

I have light facial hair on my cheeks and near my eyes too.I don’t bleach so is there any product or a trick which can help in hiding them.A good pocket friendly cover up will be appreciated pleaseSmile

How To Hide Facial Hair With Makeup

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  1. Hey Sakshi, I’ve noticed that using a Tinted moisturizer( or tinted sunscreen by Lotus) and topping it off with loose powder totally lightens the facial hair and till its on your face, noone will notice any hair, definitely works for me! Hope you find it useful too Smile

  2. U can use gud concealers! that helps a lot!
    one more thing which i saw once in a video was using brow wax! then applying foundation and lose powder
    hope it works for u! Smile

    • I too face the same problem .as i have facial hair mainly on my cheeks i apply blush which helps me in hiding them Smile

      • me too…my cheek hair is so irritating Frown

        • haan yaar..i have tried facial waxing and many other things to have that glowing clean skin but things never work.and face waxing just made me skin go thru a lot Cry

          • i kno…when i wax on my face i get a humongous break out..the same thing happens if i do threading..and the rashes fade away by the time new hair comes…pointless!

  3. if you don’t bleach then you can apply concealer followed by a blush, but its not going give full coverage. i f you can tolerate little pain then you can buy a thingy called “Epicare hair removal tool” its like a string very handy, inexpensive. Once you get used to it you won’t feel a thing/pain.

  4. no not personally, but i heard the contrary, that it hurts very little especially for the first few times.
    No pain no gain Laugh , some people even wax their face. anyways its not very expensive so even if we don’t like it , we can toss it away.

  5. I have got this exfoliating hair removal pads…not sure if one can use it on face..but it doesnot pain at all..

  6. Mmm..maybe i have something that can be reviewed Grin

  7. I will send you the review tomorrow…dheeraj dharo baalike…

  8. has anyone tried this katori wax for face?

  9. KAtori wax kya hai?

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