Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow Palette 07 Review and Swatches

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Hi beauties Smile

Today I’m back with a review of another Miss Claire product, i.e. its professional eyeshadow palette. I have two palettes from this range; the one I’m reviewing is no.07 which has 5 eyeshadows in greens. All the greens vary and are quite good pigmented, not chalky, stay put, and inexpensive. So let’s see how this palette looks like:-


Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow Palette 07 Review



The eye shadow palette is enclosed in a cardboard carton, and the palette comes in a black plastic sturdy body. Both the carton and the palette body have its initial information such as its no., ingredients, net weight. The palette has a wide mirror inside which I like the most.

  • Price: INR 200/-
  • Weight: +/-0.46oz / 13gms


Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow Palette 07 Review

The palette is very handy. Smile


Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow Palette 07 Swatches


Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow Palette 07 review & swatches

(All are single swipes in natural light)

Description about the colors:-

1. The first shade (l-r) is a lemon green shade with a gold duo-chrome. All the eyeshadows have a satin finish and they glide on easily.

2. The second shade is a light forest green color with green and silver shimmer, although the shimmer is not overpowering (you can see the swatch).

3. The third shade is an olive green color, and I find this one extremely versatile, it also has a brown-gold duo-chrome.

4. The fourth shade, when compared to the 2nd shade is frostier with more of silver tone.

5. The last shade is a dark forest green color, with dark green shimmer particles.


My experience with Miss Claire Professional Eyeshadow palette


I have used this palette many times, and you’d be seeing its result in one of the upcoming tutorials too. All the eye shadows are very much pigmented, they are not chalky, and they have no fragrance, easy to use and glide on. These one don’t crease for many hours (although creasing depends on the type of eyelids one has). The packaging is good, has mirror and is very easy to carry around. They haven’t irritated my sensitive eyes. Since they are so good and easily affordable, I would suggest you to hunt it and get a palette asap Smile, although availability is an issue.

Will I recommend? Yes, I will Smile

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  1. says

    pretty colours!! and the price is OMG!! whats the other palette you got? as in what shades? I am on a make up revamp spreee and am making a list.. looking for everyday use shades (pinks browns)

    • Upasana says

      Lashes yes kejal they’re pretty cheap with good qualities, i had hard time finding this palette, and i don’t know whether miss claire has got matte shades for everyday use or not, i will soon review the other palette too Giggle it has got gorgeous variants of blues Chic

  2. aditi says

    nice review Upasana..looking at the brand name i thought it must be a very costly one..but its not Smile
    by the way, where did u get it from ?

  3. says

    Nice review Yes Yes
    ….inexpensive and pigmented too…I have miss Claire’s eye pencil and it’s good too….I’ll search for this pallete for sure.

  4. mitali says

    I am going to search for this tomorrow itself!! Laugh
    I am low on palettes,shadows..and now I really wanna try more.. I had taken the miss claire eye pencils and cake eyeliner from that shop! Lets see if it has eye shadows!! Giggle

    And then I’ll tell you guys about that place too!! Big Smile Heh

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