8 MAC Lipsticks Swatches For Indian Skin & Dark Lips

Most of us get confused by seeing large number of lipstick in MAC store especially for Indian skin which is medium/tan skin tone.Yesterday I tried emormous amount of lipsticks at MAC and  figured out some eight shades which will suit woman between NC 40 – NC45.Most of these shades hides pigmentation and the lipstick finish and some other points  I will take them individually Smile

  • MAC Brick -O-la - This is not brick shade at all its more of a soft berry shade or a deep rose shade  and if you have insanely dark pigmented lips then it can your MLBB.It has an amplified finish and is very moisturising.
  • MAC Cream Sheen stay in touch – This is a brown shade with pink undertones.It’s a great shade for college going girls or woman working in places where they can not wear too loud lipstick.It will compliment all looks fabulously .
Swatches of MAC Lipstick Brock-O-La & Cream Sheen Stay In Touch
Stay in touch & Brick -O-La

MAC Brick o la swatch  MAC CREAM Sheen stay in touch lipstick swatches


  • MAC Girl About Town Lipstick – If you like bold lips or do not have time to do your eyes then this lipstick can be your savior.It will go well with warm olive skin tone , hides pigmentation , opaque, non drying with its amplified finish and best thing it will leave the tint behind  even if the lipstick gets removed.I have a similar shade from MAC Stylishly yours collection named something new. During the day when you don’t want to wear too bright shades then dabbing some MAC flesh lipglass will tone down this shade and look flattering.
  • MAC Mocha Lisptick - A peachy brown satin texture shade and can be a perfect nude for people between NC 40-NC45.It’s neither too dark or too light just perfect kinds.If you love smokey eyes and wear them on and off then this lippi can be your HG.
  • MAC Brave lipstick- This lippi will go more on paler complexion as I do see blue undertones in it .It was little less moisturising than above mentioned lipstick but then I am not too sure about it.I guess it will be flattering on those who will be around NC 34-35.


Swatches – Brave, Mocha & Girl about town.


MAC girls about town MAC Mocha lipstick MAC Brave lipstick swatches

  • MAC Amorous Lipstick – It’s a plum shade with satin finish .This can be layered up to deepen the colour and if you are fond of these kind of shades then you might like this.I will prefer wearing it as a tint though for every day look.
  • MAC Touch Lipstick – It’s nude brown shade with a gloss like finish.It has luster finish and it can be build up and hides pigmentation easily.Shade looks so mundane in the tube but in reality it can be a nice every day nude shade.Shade will appear different on various skin tone,  some might find it brown with a bit of red some just a bright brown nude.
  • MAC Hug Me  Lipstick – This is a nude mauvish pink which is sheer and has a luster finish.It can be a every day shade for many specially office or college going girls.


Swatches – MAC Amorous, Touch , HUG me 

MAC touch & hug me MAC Amorous MAC Touch lipstick swatches


Swatches – (LtoR) Brave, Mocha, Girl about town, Cream Sheen stay in touch, Brick-o-la


MAC lipstick swatchs MAC Brick O LA, Green sheen , stay in touch, girl about town


Swatches – Hug Me, Touch, Amorous, Brave, Mocha, Girl about town, Cream sheen stay in touch, Brick -O-la


MAC Lipstick swatches MAC Brock o la, Cream cheen stay in touch, Girl about town

Hope this helps and I am going to show you which lipstick I got very soon Smile

Happy Friday Smile

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  1. Awwww… thanks for the post Ana… Kiss Kiss Kiss You are a darrrlingggg Kissing Hug Right :makeup:
    I was planning to ask you to do an article for dark skin!! Yayyyyy…. love love love

  2. wow thanks ans, loving brick o la,brave,mocha, well I like all the colors Wink Lipstick

  3. Brick O Laaaa!!!!!!!!!!
    Mere paas Aaaaa!!!!


    Awesome post A!

  4. i want stay in touch also…lekin first Brick O La..

  5. stay in touch is like a mute brown every day colour ..Smile i loved that too..too much of love is pouring out ..lolz

    • haha! cant help it na…all the shades luk so amazing..its hard t choose one! kudos to u for being abl et choose one from all of these..

  6. I love Mocha and Girl about town! Stunning shades! And like Zara said swatch all your mac lippies.. we are all waiting for that Tap Dance

  7. And the MAC lippies at the store.. Grinance-leftright: hehe

  8. Lovely shades…i love the mocha and Brick o la…. Yes Yes

  9. I bought Brick O La recently on Ikya’s recco…

    But what surprises me every time I see a swatch is Mocha..Somehow I find it more brown on me than pink…Have any of you noticed a difference like that with your lippie..Im confused.

  10. lovely swatches anu ….. brick o la alll the way Grin Grin very pretty color it is

  11. thanks Rashmi SmileSmile which do u own in these ?

  12. only girl about town

  13. Brick-o-la, Stay in touch and Mocha..in that order Smile i really liked the way Brick-o-la renders…

  14. This is such an amazing post. I often have difficulties when trying to find a mac lipstick and this post definitely helped! keep up the great work Smile

  15. I’m loving Stay in Touch! I have been thinking of getting a mac lippie since some time. I just keep getting confused which one to get. I used to have Capricious & Viva Glam Cyndi.. any reccos?

  16. Tanz looking at yur choice of colour i guess Amorous will suit your beautifully and i would love to see stay in touch on you .

  17. Oh Mac!!! I won’t rest in peace until I possess you! Cool

  18. Hug me is my fav.

  19. very helpful post for make up newbie like me. thansk anamika Yes

  20. and you zara?

  21. i wanted all these lippies ..especially the first four..i was swatching and thinking of buying each one of them all the time GrinGrin

  22. Mocha and stay-in-touch would be my pick…pretty similar yet lust-worthy!

  23. So how many Mac lippies do u own dear ?
    loved hug me and touch

  24. pretty!!!

  25. Now this is one very helpful post!! Thank you WiseSHE Smile

  26. all 8 are supeb ana……………… Kiss Kiss Kiss ………………… lovely…

  27. Love this post!!! I have amorous Grinance-leftright: and gathering funds for Touch!!! i have this friend in office who wears touch..and its sooo nice!!! In Love

  28. Girl About Town is amazing, so vibrant and bright. I want it Grin

  29. mac brick o la luks gud also girl about town looks hawt.. Yes Yes
    nice post ana bt if u tempt me like tis tn i would be left bankrupt(technically my dad woould be)lol

  30. heheh same is the case here..but its my hubby here GrinGrin

  31. WOW!!!

    thanks for this much-needed post!

    I loved Brick-o-la and stay-in-touch the most! (nice colours +they seemed the most moisturizing!)

    After that I think I would go for mocha and amorous! (If I have any money left!)

    great post!

  32. Mayuri Majumdar says:

    Thanks for this anamika….i think i will step into the MAC store soon….and @Anamika and Zara, I finally received the products from Nonpareil…i liked their service….you guys can try it out….i ordered NYX lipsticks and matte lip cream…and also an eyeshadow base…awesome stuff…me very happy Grin

    • wow! thanks so much for letting us know….how long did it take for the parcel to reach u ??

      • Mayuri Majumdar says:

        arey they shipped the items some 8 days back and i received yesterday….i had ordered on 31st August…they would have sent me before but one of the items were not available but they had given me a choice if i would like to order something else/wait for that product or refund the money…i chose to wait….i really liked their service…they kept on mailing me about the status et al…

  33. Mocha and stay in touch… also brick O la…. la ..lala la Tap Dance
    I was in Mac today, Oooh for the first time in my life, and I’m glad I din’t buy anything, I’ll try these 3 shades the next time and then choose Smile

  34. hug me and mocha Yes

  35. Nice review Ana..I own Hug Me and its a lovely color.. I recently bought gel liner in black track and eye kohl in smolder.. i will be soooooo happy whenver i bring MAC home !! Tap Dance LOVE YOU MAC Lipstick

    • hahah so we both share few products of MAC now and i love MAC equally ShilpaSmile

      • Absolutely Ana… I own few lipsticks from MAC thought of sharing them, Hug me, lollipop loving, Pervette, Freckletone, Hue,Speed dial, Most Popular (limited addn) , . .. And few glosses..
        I can never be satisfied .. I want more more more…. Wink Al these days i was a lippie person now am more into eye stuffs.. Actually i have lot to learn from you regarding eye make up. I loved your recent Katrina Kaif inspired look. That was awesome Ana.. You are damn good .. :clap-n-jump:

  36. Pleasure is all mine Ana …. At present we are staying in B’lore… Hey i wanted to ask u something about hair treatment. You know i have bit frizzy hair but all i want is obviously straight, Am scared of chemical straightening, I wanted to know about deep conditioning in Saloon, what do they do if we ask for deep conditioning and what will be the after effect does it helps in lessening frizz? I am doing possibly i could do anything for lessening frizz and i dont want to use the straightener often!!! So am really u know have no clue what to do!! Grinuh: Pls can u give me some input on this… Sorry for the lengthy one. And i greatly appreciate your suggestion.. Thanx :help:

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