Mary Kay cheek Glaze Pomegranate Review & Swatches

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Although I am a die hard blush lover, there are lots of times when I feel lazy to apply it and just want something I can scoop out and dab quickly and run out the door without the complexity of blending and harsh lines and what not. This cheek glaze from Mary Kay is the answer to my prayers.

The best way to sum up how I feel about this product is, “This is like a lip balm…but for the cheeks.”


Mary Kay cheek Glaze  Pomegranate Review blush review Makeup blog

Product Claim:

A light, gel-based blush formulated with soybean oil (rich in omegas 3 and 6) and watermelon seed oil (high in omegas 6 and 9), which help to preserve skin’s moisture levels, and tocopherol (Vitamin E).


Product Features


  • Cheek glaze
  • Applies sheer
  • Moisturizes


  • Price: $20
  • Quantity: 8g
  • Shades: They have 2 shades as part of this range: Pomegranate & Tangerine.


Mary Kay cheek Glaze  Pomegranate




Mary Kay cheek Glaze Ingredients

My take on Mary Kay Cheek Glaze


  • Packaging:This blush comes in a transparent pot form made of plastic with a screw top lid. This doesn’t come with a mirror or a brush which I don’t mind because this products is so easy to use that I need neither to apply this Smile
  • Pigmentation: This is very very sheer and its soooo hard to go wrong with this. I am not joking. For all those of you who are scared of over-doing blush, this is perfect. I don’t find it too build-able, yet its not quite required. When I use this, its gives my cheek that perfect dewy wash of color and makes my look fresh and lively. Heck! I even FEEL fresh n lively after using this!
  • Range of shades: This is part of a limited edition from Mary Kay and is not available in India. Cheek Glazes have been released in 2 shades: Pomegranate and Tangerine. Where Pomegranate is more of a Watermelony shade, Tangerine has a gorgeous orange coral hue which is again another winner. I really do wish this would come to India or atleast be absorbed into the permanent line.
  • Texture: This being a gel based blush is extremely soft and light to the touch.  It’s so easy to apply and blend. It doesn’t get streaky or patchy and feels very light as if you’ve used nothing at all. When I wear this, even my Hubs can’t tell that I’ve worn blush. He just thinks I’ve had a good nights sleep and hence I’m looking all rosey and bright! Wink


Mary Kay cheek Glaze Pomegranate swatches


  • Staying Power: If I had to complain about any aspect at all, it would be the staying power. This blush doesn’t stay for more than 3-4hrs on my cheeks. It fades evenly though which is a blessing.


  • Application: I always use a q-tip or a stippling brush for cream blushes but I don’t find it convenient with this product. I like using my fingers and find this waaaay more convenient. I do ensure that I have sanitized my hands before doing this so I do my bit for hygiene but I really can;t seem to find any other way of using this. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for me.So I basically just dip into this pot and dab the gel on my cheeks and dab it across towards my hairline. Don’t rub or else more often than not, you’ll end up rubbing off the color. I usually need to 2 dips into the pot to get the right amount onto my cheeks for the rosey, alive glow.  This is so easy to use that I can apply this without luking into a mirror. I find it hard to go wrong with this.

cheek glaze blush Mary Kay pomeganate blush

  • Cost & Availability: These blushes are definitely more on the pricier side but we DO get 8gms of product which will last a loooooong time. What more can we ask for! And for a blush buff like me, its a must. This range is not available in India yet and I got this from the most trusted Ebay for INR 990 including shipping. Not bad right?


cheek Glaze Pomegranate swatches Mary Kay cheek Glaze  - Pomegranate Review


  • Versatility: I love that this product can also be used a lip tint. Yes girls, this works really well as a lip tint as well and reminds me of NYX tinted lip Spa’s. Its just as smooth and moisturizes very well thanks to the  Vit E content. It gives my lips a nice bitten look …Yep, I can give tough competition to Edward Cullen with this baby! Wink Wink


Swatches of Mary Kay Cheek Glaze


Pomegranate blush swatches Mary Kay cheek Glaze  Pomegranate Swatches


What I liked about  Mary Kay cheek Glaze 




  • I love, love, love this bright watermelon shade.
  • Easy to blend and I absolutely don’t need a mirror to apply this.
  • Huge quantity and I wonder if I’ll ever finish this.
  • Its very very difficult to over do this and look like a clown. Its a very safe shade in fact.
  • The packaging is super sturdy and easy to carry around.
  • The pot is transparent which makes it easier to identify the shade if one has lots of blushes.
  • Since its gel based, it may be good for those with oily skin as well.
  • Can be used as a lip tint as well.
  • Doesn’t make my face oily. Infact, my face looks all dewy and fresh after using this…SCORE!!!


What I do not like about Mary Kay Cheek Glaze


  • Availability is an issue. This is not available in India
  • Its pretty pricey
  • Staying power is pretty bad.
  • Doesn’t come with a mirror or brush which would have been pretty handy.

 Ratings – 4.5/5 (-.5 for the staying power)


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  1. Malini says

    Nice post Zara… sooo good that I actually opened e-bay to check the pdt Grin Grin
    Competition to edward cullen.. too much Shock Smug Smug I louwe him i say Razz
    Hey Zee… where are the picks girl… i thought this was a cheek glaze…. what with just the swatch on the hands Evil Grin Pissed Off Cheating Cheatin!!
    Anaaaa… bolo na

    • Zara says

      Hey Nidhi..Mary Kay is available in India and they have representatives here..but unfortunately their focus here is on skin care only..they hav realeased very few make up items..the range abroad is so much better nids..

  2. says

    Zara..when i saw the first pic, i thought it was a tinted lip balm….we dont want only hand swatches….full face pics only accepted… Beauty Beauty Beauty

    You wearing mehendi on your hands…?

    • Zara says

      yeps mokp..had put mehendi for Hartalika Smile

      haha! it makes a gr8 TB too..lends the perfect color..agar strawberry fragrance hota to i kno u wud have pounced and bought it! Smile Smile

  3. shilpa says

    hello zara…so this was the thing u were talking about…seems amazing…..b ut its not available with indian mary kay reps………sad no……i m still huntiong for a marykay pune rep number……

  4. Pradnyaa says

    Such pretty shade zee In Love
    Do you use this on bare skin or how?
    Hey but I really thought I could see your pinky cheeks today and scrolled down pic after pic but no use Dazed Money Mouth Shut Mouth

    • Zara says

      Thanx Paddy..

      u can use it on bare isnt drying coz its gel based…moreover i have dry cheeks so no chance of oiliness seeping in..but i use it after my moisturizing/TM routine…

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