Zebra French Tip Nail Art Tutorial

Thank you all  for liking my strawberry nail art tutorial here is zebra french tip tutorial for you ladies  todaySmile


Black-and-white-nail-art zebra nail art tutorial

  • Step 1: Apply base coat,paint your nails one coat of a natural color (optional)
  • Step 2: do a white French tip.


french manicure french manicure tip


  • Step 3: Using a double zero painting brush make thin zebra lines with a black nail paint.


zebra nail art tutorial easy nail art tutorial

zebra nails


  •  Step 4: Then with the same painting brush draw a silver line along the French tip. This would hide any imperfections in the French tip .I didn’t have silver nail paint so I used the fevicryl acrylic color in pearl metallic silver.
  •  Step 5: Finish with top coat, and we are done Smile

zebra nail tutorials zebra nail paints zebra nail art tutorials


Wasn’t this simple ?


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  1. wonderful………………….. like it..

  2. Super cute and easy!!! U r soo good with freehand!! M rushing to buy the silver acrylic today..been waiting for someone to paint it on nails to shee its its sheer or not…this looks fine!!!
    Can u please list the colors u used in ur strawberry tut..i wanna know what the pastel pink is?

  3. I love zebra print..i never thought of using fevicryl

  4. I Heart you amisha!!! for posting such fab tutorials!! Tap Dance Tap Dance

  5. hey this is soo cool and doable..Thanx Mish!

  6. very wearable and easy to don….good work girl !

  7. seems so easy to do. cool Smile thanks

  8. its luks lyk a difficult one at 1st bt ur steps made dem so easy..gonna try right away…

  9. very beautiful work amisha….. Yes

  10. Hey Amisha… awesome tute Yes Rose
    Its such a cute idea and look really really nice on your nails…. you make me wanna jump into nail painting.. and am not a nail person at all!!!

  11. so easy peasy….nice one amisha Big Smile

  12. :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: misha i wanna come over there to get my nails done Worship Worship you’re a pro :smoke:

  13. its a fab tutorial Yes

  14. Cool! I’m loving these DIY manicures! Pls keep posting!
    I’m so inspired i messed up with a few nailpaints last night! I’ll surely get it right someday hahaha Grin

  15. this is so nice and innovative……..me gonna try it this weekend..

    • hey Prerana,

      How u doing?

      • fine…but feeling hungry all the time!! so embarrassing to say this! Razz

        • well even when i am not preggi i feel hungry all the time GrinGrin today i opened newspaper and when i saw all those mouth watering recipes i started feeling hungry right in the morningRazz

          • ROTFL that was funny!!
            but still both the hungers are different a bit, yours is taste ki bhukh, u can eat whatever u like or even eat diet food but my hunger demands to raise blood glucose level otherwise i will faint Razz and abhi to, i cook everything myself only for hygiene purpose, kept my maid only for jhadu-pocha and bartan!! so i spend more time in kitchen now a days!! Struggle Struggle

  16. am so glad you all liked it Smile thank you everyone Tap Dance

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