Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice For Natural Straight Hair

I have read about coconut milk and how  effective it is to make hair naturally straight or relaxed on numerous forum so  thought of giving it a try.My hair are are wavy from  end and I generally straighten them with a hair dryer when semi wet.Now when I got them coloured I wanted to reduce my usage of the heat machine and thought of opting for a natural method .Anyway, I have a habit of switching back to natural home remedies often Grinuh:

My experience with coconut  milk and lemon juice relaxer.

I have been using this since two weeks and I have  managed to achieved a noticeable difference in my hair .Frizz has reduced to a good level, hair are softer and smoother and with continuous application of this hair pack my hair are getting better day by day .I believe that this pack is going to work amazingly well on those who have slight wavy hair and it’s a good solution for frizzy hair too.

So here goes the recipe .It’s simple but needs an effort Smile

Take a small pack of coconut milk and empty it in a container.I used the market one because the one which is made at home is lighter in consistency and I didn’t want milk pouring on to my face and clothes.I use a smallest pack which is easily available in any super market in India.

Coconut for hair+coconut milk for hair growth+coconut milk in hair

Squeeze in two -three lemon juice in it and keep the mixture in the refrigerator for minimum of four hours.I like to keep the mixture overnight though.

Coconut and lemon juice for hair + coconut milk for hair benefits

After few hours you will find the mixture having a thick layer which looks like curd.Apply the mixture in section and cover your hair including the scalp.As the mixture gets thick when kept overnight it doesn’t pour out much from my hair.

Cover it with a plastic cap and keep  the mixture for minimum of half an hour or  forty- five minutes.If you can give steam of hot towel then it will show more  result but I stopped doing it in between  .Too much of a hassle !!  Razz

Coconut for straight hair+coconut milk hair growth

After keeping the mixture for half an hour shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly and rinse off the mixture.

Pack does add shine to hair, make hair dandruff and frizz free and will make them look straight Smile

I have used this pack twice a week and can’t keep my hands away from my hair Grin.As this is a naturaly straightener therefore it’s not going to make your hair poker straight but  will give them a natural relaxed  look  in the long run.As coconut deeply moisturize my hair and relax it  I now  need just medium heat unlike high before to make my hair look poker straight.

Have you used coconut milk for  your hair ?


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  1. sri says

    Ana……….i use this pack very often i mix hibiscuss leaf paste instead of refrigerating…… that it sticks to hair properly Big Smile

  2. sri says

    no yaar i will take coconutmilk and hibiscuss leaf paste in ratio1:2 so it will be like thick paste only no waiting

    • anamika says

      so it helps in straightening yur hair ?? hibiscuss is great shampoo as u use a shampoo after applying it ?

  3. sri says

    yup Ana….its straightens and even makes it very smooth and shiny, increases volume ,when i use this pack i will wash my hair with plain water and dry it and in the night oil my hair and in next morning i will wash with shampoo Ana Big Smile

  4. Malini says

    Wowee Ana, another one in my hairk mask list!! Grin
    Phew… kya kya karoon… I have biolage, jovees, vit hair pack, mayo hair pack, amla-shikakai hair pack and now this!!! There are only 4 weeks in a month!!!! Eek!

  5. anamika says

    hahahhahha Mals follow one every month na..i keep switching but this one u must try ..a south indian should try coocnut milk at least once na Wink

  6. Malini says

    Actually my mom-in-law makes cocnut oil out of coconut milk… its a lengthy process but she does this for the love of her grandson Grin Grin Grin That oil smells divine and (touchwood) my son has soooooo much hick black hair!! He is only 10 months and so far we’ve cut his hair 4-5 times… it just keeps growing!!!
    In fact for my homemade oil na I used the coconut milk wala oil only Grin Grin

  7. anamika says

    Shilpa..u do get it in big bazaar…in north India i know it will be be only available in selected store here it is easily available.

  8. says

    Good tip..this is what i needed but when i tried to use just lemon for dandruff couple of yrs ago, i faced hairfall pbm. I cant even use lemon for my face, i get skin rashes. so i stopped using lemon for my hair n face. So is thr any replacement for lemon to make hair straight Anu???

  9. aditi says

    nice homemade recipe for hair Smile i am always wary of using the packs and serums available in market..too many chemicals..

  10. says

    I tried using the coconut milk…I think amul one is available these days na….it unfortunately made my hair dry so I didn’t use it again….this seems interesting though and I didn’t know that coconut milk can straighten the hair too!!!

  11. mitali says

    I am blessed with straight, silky-smooth and shiny hair (like my mom)!!! Big Smile Chic
    Although they are not poker straight…but the problem is my hair’s thin… It’s not that they lack volume..but I want them to be thicker.. Struggle
    Want some tips WISESHE!!! Cute

  12. says

    which is more effective coconut milk with lemon or with hibiscus leaves i want to straighten my hair & want to stop hair fall & want volume to my hair pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese say

  13. Gaia says

    Hello! I wanted to ask weather this would work with naturally curly hair? and what happens if there is no foam on the milk?

  14. jacinta says

    anamika thank u so so much 4 this hair mask,it has worked for me and my sis very well it reduce frizzyness and also becomes very soft..thank u so much Smile

  15. rakhi says

    hiii i jus wanted to know is it a permenant tip fr straightng…my hair s very curly an i want them straight permenantly is it possible???

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